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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 33: (search)
ghest encomiums for the assistance they rendered him in the battle and otherwise. They were as follows: Commander C. R. P. Rodgers, Fleet Captain; Lieutenant S. W. Preston, Flag Lieutenant; Lieutenant A. S. Mackenzie, Ordnance Officer; Ensign M. L. Johnson, Aide and Signal Officer. All these gentlemen are mentioned with that warmth of feeling which distinguished Dupont in cases where officers under him performed their duty faithfully. On the 7th of April the vessels moved to the attack, ant Surgeons, Henry F. McSherry and Theoron Woolverton; Paymaster, John S. Cunningham; Chaplain, George W. Dorrance; Acting-Master, Townsend Stiles; Marine Officers: Captain, James Lewis; First-Lieutenant, H. B. Lowry; Ensigns, James Wallace, M. L. Johnson, Philip W. Lowry, La Rue P. Adams and Frederick Pearson; Acting-Master's Mates, Wm. A. Duer, W. F. Horton and Joel R. Hinman; Engineers: Chief, Robert W. McCleery, Acting-Second-Assistant, J. B. Hathaway; Third-Assistants, J. S. Green, Thomas
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
have it in my power to report that the officers and crew of this ship behaved with their usual gallantry. I have to commend to your notice, especially, Lieutenant M. L. Johnson, who, in the midst of a heavy fire from the enemy, with a boat's crew of volunteers, carried a hawser from this ship to the New Ironsides, in order to ennder the command of Commodore J. K. Mitchell, consisted of the iron-clad Virginia (4 Brooke rifles), Captain Dunnington; iron-clad Richmond (4 Brooke rifles), Captain Johnson; iron-clad Fredericksburg (4 Brooke rifles), Captain Wilson; Nansemond, wooden (2 guns), Captain Butt; Roanoke, wooden (1 gun), Captain Wyatt, and Torpedo, woed with a * were engaged in the capture of Fort Fisher. *Colorado--first-rate. Commodore, Henry K. Thatcher; Lieutenants, George Dewey, H. B. Robeson and M. L. Johnson; Surgeon, James McClelland; Assistant-Surgeons, Robert Willard and B. H. Kidder; Paymaster, Wm. A. Ingersoll; Marines, Captain. L. L. Dawson; First-Lieutenant
the navy a share in the good work; and on the eleventh, the most important day, two rifled guns in battery Sigel, one of the nearest and most exposed batteries, and consequently one of the posts of honor, were assigned to the men of the Wabash. We occupied it at daybreak, and kept up a steady and well-directed fire until the Fort hauled down its flag, at two o'clock P. M. The officers and men behaved well. I beg leave to commend to you Lieut. Irwin, Acting Master Robertson, and Midshipmen M. L. Johnson and F. H. Pearson, Lewis Boun, captain of the forecastle, and George H. Wood, quartermaster. When the enemy hoisted the white flag, Gen. Benham most courteously invited me to detail a naval officer to accompany the officers sent by him to arrange the terms of the surrender, and I sent Lieut. Irwin upon that honorable duty. I spent the first day of the bombardment in the trenches with Gen. Hunter, and in visiting the different batteries, which I caused to be visited by several of
m which hailed his victory. There was no occurrence during the war, says Admiral Porter, more grateful to the Northern people. . . . Winslow became the hero of the hour, for he had not only disposed of a most troublesome enemy, but he had demonstrated the superiority of a United States ship, crew and guns over an English built, English armed and English manned vessel of equal if not superior force. Porter, p. 655. In the attack on Fort Pulaski, and again in that on Charleston, Ensign M. L. Johnson was commended in orders. In the latter attack Lieut.-Com. W. D. Whiting commanded the gunboat Ottawa. Acting Master's Mate E. Boomer commanded the Granite in the Burnside expedition against Roanoke Island, Acting Master Peter Hayes the Morse, and Acting Master's Mate G. W. Graves the Lockwood. The latter also took part in the reduction of New Berne. All these were Massachusetts officers. In the daring though ineffectual boat attack on Fort Sumter, Sept. 8, 1863, one of the five
Daniel Ammen, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 7.2, The Atlantic Coast (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 3: strategic Reconnoissances. (search)
ing off great masses of masonry that had been cut loose by the rifles. The four nearest batteries were more than sixteen hundred yards from the fort; four rifled guns in battery Sigel, one of those nearest the fort, had been assigned to the men from the Wabash. The batteries were occupied at daylight, and kept up a steady and well-directed fire until the flag of the fort was hauled down at 2 P. M. Commander Rodgers commended the conduct of Lieutenant Irwin, Master Robertson, and Midshipmen M. L. Johnson and F. H. Pearson, and also of petty officers Lewis Boun and George H. Wood. Before the fort surrendered the barbette guns had been silenced and many of them dismounted. The breach was practicable for storming in two places, and the projectiles were passing through and knocking down the opposite wall, which protected the magazine, so that the garrison was convinced that in an hour or so the magazine must be blown up. Commander Rodgers's report. The heavy Xiii-inch mortars
Daniel Ammen, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 7.2, The Atlantic Coast (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 5: naval attack on Charleston. (search)
n known to him; many of them had served in the squadron before, and were present at the capture of the Port Royal forts; they were men of the highest professional capacity and courage, and fully sustained their reputations, coming up to his requirements. He commended them and their reports, which speak of those under them, to the consideration of the Department. He then names in the highest terms Commander C. R. P. Rodgers, Lieutenant S. W. Preston, Lieutenant A. S. Mackenzie, and Ensign M. L. Johnson, who were on his staff or serving immediately under his personal observation. The result of the attack was mortifying to all of the officers and men engaged in it. Had any loss of life been regarded as likely to render another attempt successful, there would have been few indeed who would not have desired it. The opinion before the attack was general, and was fully shared in by the writer, that whatever might be the loss in men and vessels, blown up by torpedoes or otherwise destro
clamation of, concerning blockade at Charleston, 78 et seq., 82 I. N. Seymour, the, 177 Iosco, the, 218 Iris, the, 156 Iroquois, the, U. S. vessel, 7 Irwin, Lieutenant, 43; commended, 62 Isaac Smith, the, U. S. vessel, 17, 19, 21, 26, 37, 46, 49 et seq., 52, 72 et seq., 130 Ives, Captain T. P., 179 J. Jacksonville, Fla., 60 et seq. James Adger, the, 84 Jeffers, Lieutenant-Commanding William N., 177, 186 John Adams, the, U. S. sloop, 7 Johnson, Ensign M. L., conduct commended, 62; again commended, 102 Johnson, Neils, 69 Jones, Ensign, 200, 211 Jordan, Thomas, 78 Josselyn, of the Commodore Hull, 210 Judah, the, Confederate privateer, 69 Juniata, the, 156, 222, 228 K. Kansas, the, 210, 228 Kempff, Acting Master, 43 Keokuk, the, 90 et seq., 99 et seq., 116 Keystone State, the, U. S. vessel, 75, 80 et seq. Kitchen, Paymaster, 58 L. Lamb, Colonel, William, 226, 237, et seq., 240 Lamson, Lieu
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
zz=Co. K. [174] John A. Jones, Adj't. April 10th, 1865. J. W. Arnold, Maj. Commanding Regiment. Eleventh Georgia Regiment. Q. M. Sergeant W. F. Baher. 2d Sergeant W. C. Johnson,Co. A. 1st Corporal A. F. Gaudeloch,Zzz=Co. A. Musician J. L. Merch,Zzz=Co. A. Private G. R. Barrett,Zzz=Co. A. S. J. Boone,Zzz=Co. A. Dan Coursey,Zzz=Co. A. E. G. R. Forbes,Zzz=Co. A. D. C. Fowler,Zzz=Co. A. T. E. Gaudeloch,Zzz=Co. A. W. S. Gray,Zzz=Co. A. Charles Hochenhull,Zzz=Co. A. M. L. Johnson,Zzz=Co. A. J. C. Johnson,Zzz=Co. A. J. A. Jordan,Zzz=Co. A. G. W. Latherum,Zzz=Co. A. J. N. Merritt,Zzz=Co. A. Thos. McGinnis,Zzz=Co. A. J. R. Saye,Zzz=Co. A. W. V. Warren,Zzz=Co. A. 3d Sergeant C. L. Burns,Co. G. 1st Corporal J. W. Love,Zzz=Co. G. Priv'te James T. Benton,Zzz=Co. G. W. S. Dobson, Zzz=Co. G. G. W. Gentry,Zzz=Co. G. Wm. R. Guthrie, Zzz=Co. G. J. B. Huggins, Zzz=Co. G. Jas. V. Little, Zzz=Co. G. Jordan Reed, Zzz=Co. G. R. J. Richardson,Zzz=Co. G. Benja.