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election, the inference is unavoidable that these military detachments, if sent, are expected to exert some control or influence in that election. I am also informed that orders are to be issued from this Military Department, on Monday, presenting certain restrictions or qualifications on the right of suffrage — of what precise character I am not apprised — which the Judges of Election will be expected to observe. From my knowledge of your sentiments on these subjects, as expressed to Hon. R. Johnson, in my presence, on the twenty-second instant, as also disclosed in your letter of instruction to General Schofield, since published, in reference to the Missouri election, I cannot but think that the orders above referred to are without your personal knowledge; and I take the liberty of calling the subject to your attention, and invoking your interposition to countermand them. I cannot but feel that to suffer any military interference in the matter of our election, or to prescribe any
my brought into Missouri with him — a six-pounder brass gun. Major Hunt, with his battalion of Arkansans, were, on account of their knowledge of the country, pushed forward in the advance from Huntsville to Clarksville; this duty was promptly and cheerfully performed by the Major and his gallant command, who drove the enemy from every position, killing and wounding many, and taking prisoners at every charge. To Captain Rabb, Chief of Artillery, and Lieutenant Whicker, Rabb's battery, and Johnson's section of howitzers, I am under obligations for services which mark them as true soldiers. Lieutenant Baubie, Quartermaster of the Eighth Missouri State militia, acted as Chief Quartermaster of the expedition, and gave unqualified satisfaction. Lieutenant Sell, Commissary of the same regiment, acted as Chief Commissary, acquitting himself with great credit. Captain Hopkins, First Arkansas cavalry, joined me at Clarksville with thirty-four men. I had sent him from Buffalo on the thir
ieut.-Col. W. Frierson. The Fourth brigade, Gen. Preston Smith, was detached, but the Thirteenth Tennessee, Colonel Vaughan, appears to have been somewhat engaged. General Hardee's wing comprised the divisions of Patton Anderson and S. B. Buckner. Tennessee was represented in Col. Samuel Powell's brigade of Anderson's division, by Powell's regiment, the Twenty-ninth; by the Second in Cleburne's brigade of Buckner's division; and in the same division by the Tennessee brigade of Bushrod R. Johnson, comprising the Fifth Confederate, Col. J. A. Smith; Seventeenth, Col. A. S. Marks; Twenty-third, Lieut.-Col. R. H. Keeble; Twenty-fifth, Col. John M. Hughs; Twenty-seventh, Col. Moses White; Forty-fourth, Col. John S. Fulton. The Fourth cavalry was with Wharton. Skirmishing began at 10 a. m. of the 8th, and soon Liddell's brigade, of Buckner's division, was hotly engaged, but was withdrawn to our main line. Cheatham was moved from left to right, with Wharton's cavalry on his right, t
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
ster, J. N. Layne, W. F. T. Layne, John Scabrough, W. E. Tench, J. R. Norris, N. C. Wright, R. Wright, Private G. A. Fowler, Thomas Brockwell, E. Tench, Private A. M. Harrison. H. Emory. Co. E. Sergeant Jas. P. Atkinson, J. H. Carr, Corporal R. A. Carter, Private R. W. Adams, Wm. H. Baker, J. A. Carter, S. C. Carter, G. W. Crittenden, J. O. Garthright, J. M. Garthright, Philip Garthright, R. D. Gill, Festus Gill, J. M. Hubbard, Private Wm. D. Horton, R. Johnson, Wm. R. Johnson, M. J. Robinson, A. J. Roper, S. T. Seward, C. Throgmorton, J. N. Tynes, E. H. Warriner, J. L. Warriner, R. S. Warriner, 0. Warriner, Jas. W: Whitlock, J. C. Woodfin. [99] Barton's Brigade. Sergeant-Major R. McDonald, 55th Va. Regiment. Sergeant E. J. Spindle, Co. M, 55th Va. Regiment. J. M. Tolley, Co. E, 1st Va. Batt. Reserves. J. M. Anderson, Q. M. Department 47th Va. Regiment. W. T. Bispham, Commissary Department 47th Va. Regiment. J. N. Co
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