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Mrs. John A. Logan, Reminiscences of a Soldier's Wife: An Autobiography, Chapter 13: (search)
who were foremost in the work of rebuilding Chicago. On the corner of Twenty-second Street and Calumet Avenue lived Mr. Daniel Jones and his interesting family. Mr. Jones was one of the pioneers of Chicago — a short, sturdy, active man, who took paMr. Jones was one of the pioneers of Chicago — a short, sturdy, active man, who took part in everything that contributed to the prosperity of his beloved city, and by his will many charitable institutions were greatly benefited. Mr. L. Z. Leiter, the famous merchant, and his family lived directly opposite us. Their children, like the measures that had been advocated and the policies adopted by his party. Rumors of the great wealth of Stewart and Jones of Nevada, had been heralded before they made their appearance in the Senate, and it was not long before they demonstratetory of the life of Mrs. Sartoris, the death of her husband, her return to her native land, and her recent marriage to Mr. Jones of Chicago — a man of high standing and character — is well known. Of her three children, her son and one daughter re
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 42: Red River expedition.--continued. (search)
r, Geo. P. Peck; Acting-Master, D. W. Glenny; Acting-Ensigns, Wm. Ferguson and E. P. Nellis; Acting-Master s Mates, H. E. Church, M. C. Pickering and John Cronin; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, James L. Smith; Acting-Second-Assistant, G. W. Shields; Acting-Third-Assistants, Robert Russell and James H. Hume. Steamer Exchange. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, J. S. Hurd; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, G. E. Francis; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Gardner; Acting-Ensigns, C. L. Manly and Daniel Jones; Acting-Master s Mates, R. W. Brown, H. M. Scott and G. T. Miller; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, A. G. Perkins; Acting-Second-Assistant, C. C. Streepey; Acting-Third-Assistant, B. T. Graham. Steamer Brown. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, J. A. French; Acting-Ensign, Jacob Shinn; Acting-Master's Mates, Martin Kelly and H. A. Thoburn; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Rensler Cutter; Acting-Second-Assistant, N F. Johnson; Acting-Third-Assistant, A. N. French. Hospital steamer
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., chapter 48 (search)
Barton; Boatswain, John Burrows; Acting-Gunner, John Russell. Sloop-of-war St. Louis. Commander, George H. Preble; Lieutenant Wm. F. Stewart; Surgeon, A. L. Gihon ; Assistant-Surgeon, F. B. A. Lewis; Paymaster, J. S. Post; First-Lieutenant-of-Marines, W. J. Squires; Acting-Masters, J. N. Rowe, Geo. Cables and Allan Hoxie; Acting-Ensign, Hazard Marsh; Acting-Master's Mates, P. W. Fagan, F. L. Bryan and J. H. Langley: Acting-Boatswain. George Brown; Gunner, G. P. Cushman; Carpenter, Daniel Jones; Sailmaker, I. E. Crowell. Ship Onward. Acting-Masters, Wm. H. Clarke; T. G. Groove and William Collins; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, David Watson; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. S. Allen; Acting-Ensigns, G. J. Conklin and Win. Rogers; Acting-Master's Mates, F. A. Gording, A. F. Ulmer and J. S. Newbegin. Steamer Iroquois. Commander, C. R. P. Rodgers; Lieutenants, S. Dana Greene and A. H. McCormick; Acting-Master Thomas Hanrahan; Surgeon, J. Corbin; Assistant-Paymaster, J. A. Bate
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
rst-Assistant, P. L. Fry; Acting-Second-Assistant, A. B. Kinney; Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. Brown, Joseph Smith, J. B. Wilbur and C. A. Blake; Acting-Gunner, D. L. Briggs. Mendota--Third-rate. Commander, Edward T. Nichols; Acting-Masters, Lathrop Wight, Maurice Digard and Thomas Smith, Acting-Ensigns, W. B. Barnes, R. B. Pray, Isaac Thayer and R. E. Peck; Acting-Master's Mates, E. S. McDonald and P. A. Cleary; Engineers: First-Assistant, A. V. Frazer; Second-Assistants, B. Bunce and D. Jones; Acting-Third-Assistants, D. R. McElroy, H. S. Ross and L. L. Poole; Acting-Gunner, James Como. *Iosco--Third-rate. Commander, John Guest; Lieutenant, C. L. Franklin; Acting-Ensigns, William Jameson, Ulric Feilberg, Henry Baker and Paul Ware, Jr.: Acting-Assistant Surgeon, K. H. Bancroft; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, L. L. Scovel; Acting-Master's Mates, T. A. Comstock, Halsted Hemans and Charles A. Peacock; Engineers: First-Assistant, Z. Talbot; Second-Assistant, Elijah Laws; Acting-Th
is brigade of about 3,000 men made the best of the situation. The officers and men got up horse-races. The young officers were entertained by the pretty girls—daughters of Colonel Cannon, Dr. Brown, Dr. Walker, and Mrs. Stuart, at Columbus, and of Dr. Jett, Major Witter, and Mr. Britton, at Washington. Many notables and notables-to-be resided there—Senator Charles B. Mitchell, John R. Eaken, chancellor and supreme judge, Senator James K. Jones, then a private under General Forrest, Col. Daniel Jones, afterward governor; and sojourning there were Judges David Walker, Geo. C. Watkins and Albert Pike, for it was the temporary capital of Arkansas. Governor Flanagan, who resided at Arkadelphia, was near there at the head of State troops; but ex-Governor Rector was at Columbus, a member of the Home Guard. Thus passed six or eight weeks, while the men and horses were recuperating for the season when the Federals should advance in force. Meanwhile the usual scouts and skirmishes conti
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
2d N. C. George C. Goodman, Co. A, 20th N. C. Joseph M. Guilford. Co. D, 5th N. C. Robert Greenwood, Co. K, 44th Ga. Private Joseph Griffin, Co. H, 32d N. C. William J. Hinton, Co. G, 23d N. C. Coleman J. Hudson, Co. H, 20th N. C. Hampton B. Hammond, Co. C, 14th N. C. Sumpter A. Hoover, Co. C, 4th N. C. Robert Q. Holmes, Co. C, 4th N. C. William Ingold, Co. F, 53d N. C. James Johnson, Co. A, 4th N. C. Wiley Johnson, Co. A, 5th N. C. Thaddeus Jones, Co. D, 12th Ga. Daniel Jones, Co. B, 5th Ala. William H. Kimble, Co. D, 44th Ga. Benjamin H. Lancaster, Co. F, 4th N. C. Jones E. Logan, Co. D, 21st Ga. Madison M. Long, Co. K, 32d N. C. James McDaniel, Co. D, 53d N. C. James M. Marsh, Co. B, 12th Ga. John M. Martin, Co. C, 24th Ga. James McAlpin, Co. F, 20th N. C. Simon Moore, Co. B, 2d N. C. May M. Massey, Co. D, 30th N. C. John H. Neal, Co. E, 12th N. C. John A. Pitman, Co. H, 12th N. C. Richard G. Proctor, Co. K, 23d N. C. John C. Phillips,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
t'd Brig. Q. M. Department, Private Perry A. Jones, det'd Brig. Q. M. Department. Co. B. Private Alexander O. Quinn, John D. Waters, James G. Watts. Sergeant Samuel T. Strickland, John M. T. Caldwell, Private George W. Golden, Daniel Jones, Co. C Private Robt. W. McCants, Private Mills B. Rodgers. Co. D. Sergeant John W. Wynne, Private Benjamin A. Carter, Hiram J. Geddie, Edward T. Hutchison, William H. McCrary, James L. Boardman, det'd Div'n Com'y Department, hens, J. D. Terry, W. T. Thomas, J. F. Thomas, T. F. Winston. Co. I. 1st Sergeant T. Winchester, 1st Corporal Ingram Rodes, 3d Corporal E. R. Apple, Private H. Cox, H. B. Carter, J. M. Haynes, P. J. Hopkins, J. M. Henderson, D. Jones, Private P. J. Leak, J. Y. McCollum, J. Rogers, J. W. Suits, P. D. Simpson, A. G. Stanly, B. Wall, E. R. Watlington. Co. K. 1st Sergeant J. M. Jones, 2d Sergeant J. W. Justice, 4th Sergeant J. W. S. Guerrant, 2d Corporal T. C.
Homer's J. R. Cox, Ga., or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's H. C. Jones, Ga. or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's J. M. L. Jones, Ga. or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's John Mahoney, 1st Fla., Capt. Cripp's Larkin Nickles, 1st Fla., Capt. Cripp's Benj. F. Parker, 1st Fla., Capt. Baker's; T. Bond, 1st Fla.; R. L. Hale, 1st Fla.;C. F. Hollyman, 1st Fla.; John Jarvis, 1st Fla.; J. J. H. Patterson, 1st Fla.; S. Yager Finley, 1st Fla.; Wm. Mauldin, 10th Miss., Capt.Peake's; H. Destringer, 10th Miss, Capt. McKeever's; Daniel Jones, La. Infy; Frank Passent, La. infy; G. W. Clark, Ga. or Miss. R., severely wounded; Everett, dead; John Godley, Fla. One man dead on the Island — unknown. We have learned that our prisoners all sailed on the 16th, we know not where, but probably for New York or the Tortugas. The wounded and sick in our hospitals are all slowly but gradually improving. The ladies are ceaseless in their efforts to reader endurable their misfortunes by battle and camp. The old dry dock, or ra
. Fry, Henry Ferguson, (dead,) Seventh Alabama Regiment; John Burgess, Fifth Alabama Regiment; Mobile Continentals, Captain Homer; J. R. Cox, H. C. Jones J. M. L. Jones, Georgia and Mississippi Regiments, Capt. Rhodes; John Mahony, Largin Nichols, Benjamin F. Parker, Captain H. H. Baker, S. Yerger Finley T. Bond R. L. Hale, C. F. Hollyman, John Jarvis, Joshua J. H. Patterson, First Florida Regiment, Capt. Cropp; Wm. Mauldin, H. Deshinger, McKeever, Tenth Mississippi Regiment, Capt. Peake; Daniel Jones, Frank Peasant, Louisiana Infantry; G. W. Clark, severely wounded. --Everett, (dead since,) Georgia and Mississippi Regiment; John Godley, Florida Regiment. Letter from a Yankee Colonel. Reference has been made in this paper to a breach of the treaty between Col. McGuirk, of the Seventeenth Mississippi, and Col. Vaughn, of the Federal army, in respect to the burial of the dead, and the apology which was afterwards sent. The following is a copy of the letter. It will be observe
n the enemy's movement in that direction was fully developed, first Jones's and then Hampton's brigades were moved directly toward Brandy. Ted them, with sword and pistol, in their defence. In this conflict Jones's brigade occupied the centre, moving directly upon the hill — Hampand artillery, which moved quickly to his support. One regiment of Jones's brigade charged their flying columns for some distance down the rspace by Dr. Green's entirely back to Beverley's ford. Portions of Jones's and Hampton's brigades were moved to the support of Gen. W. H., 2nd N. C. cavalry; Lieut. Col. Frank Hampton, 2nd S. C., and Capt. Jones, 1st S. C. Col. Butler, 2nd S. C., was so severely wounded as touarters and train had been removed beyond all danger — and that General Jones was not taken by surprise at Beverley's. To the praise of our c batt, Co. A, Richmond; Chas Ellington, 13th Va Co. B, Richmond; Daniel Jones 2d N C, Co. F, Richmond; Robt Swith, 1st N C, Co. R, Richmond; C