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Hustings Court --The regular monthly term of It is Court commenced yesterdays. James White, for stealing a check; Patrick Martin and James Organ, for assault and robbery; Richard Duff, for robbery, Mary Smith, for robbery; Samuel P. Drumheiler, for assault and robbery; Mary Johnson, (one of the rioters,) for felony; Virgil Jones, (another rioter) for felony, John Farrell, for theft; James Williamson, for theft, were all sent on for final trial before Judge Lyons. The "rioters" were refused ball Henry Firebaugh, charged with obtaining a pistol under false pretences, was acquitted.
Hustings Court, May 21st, Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding. --The Grand Jury of this Court assembled yesterday pursuant to adjournment, and proceeded to examine witnesses in a number of felony cases brought to their attention. The following parties were indicted: Virgil Jones, one of the 2d of April rioters, for stealing goods from Pollard &Walker; James White, for forging, on the 13th of April, Mary A. Paris's name to a check; Frederick Gansler, for stealing 5 dozen calf skins on the 30th of October, 1862; Mary Johnson, for felony, (rioting and theft) John Jones, for ditto; John W Butler, for stabbing with intent to kill Albert H. Hardle, on the 16th day of April; Patrick Martin and James Organ, for garroting William H. Hardgrove and robbing him of a gold watch; Elias Vanderlip and Philip Colgow, for stealing a seine belonging to John Hitchcock; David Preston and Philip Reynolds, for breaking into the store of D. Epstin &Co., on the 17th of February, and robbing the same; Fendall
stern expedition. We have already published pretty general accounts of the expeditions of Gens. Jones and Imboden in Northwestern Virginia. We have before us a detailed account, written by a sol From the same source we published a letter a short time ago, which brought the operations of Gen. Jones's brigade up to Bridgeport, in Harrison county. In the letter before us the writer says: ad advanced upon the town of Beverly, by the road from Staunton. After a day or two at Weston Gen. Jones's brigade parted company with Gen. Imboden, and marched from Weston towards Parkersburg. Procs of the Post-Office were seized, and some valuable information obtained. In the meantime Gen. Jones had struck the railroad at Cairo and destroyed two bridges. The tunnel, No. 18, which had some 4,000 cords of wood in the arching, was destroyed completely. We rejoined Gen. Jones near Ritchie C H, and from thence we proceeded to "Oil Town, " or "Rathbone City," in Wirt county. Since th
, Wednesday, May 27. --Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding — Patrick Martin was tried for garroting and robbing Wm. H. Hardgrove of a gold watch, in company with another man. He was found guilty and sent to the State's prison for five years. Virgil Jones was arraigned for breaking into the store of Pollard & Walker on the 2d of April and stealing a lot of bacon and other articles. Prisoner's counsel demurred to the indictment, but the Judge overturned the motion. The trial of Jones then procJones then proceeded, and resulted in his being convicted of the crime alleged. He was sent to the State's prison for three years. James White was arraigned for stealing a check for $137,56, payable to M. A Paris, whose name he forged. He presented the check at bank, when he was detected. When called upon to plead to the indictment, White confessed his offence and threw himself upon the mercy of the jury. He was sent to the penitentiary for one year. A jury was sworn to try Ann Murphy for steali