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Crowded. --Col. Jones, Chief of the Passport Office, has as much to do as he can well attend to, judging from the crowds who daily besiege the entrance to his office, corner of 9th and Broad streets. The applicants for passports are admitted in by the front door, and let out by the side entrance on 9th street. During office hours the tenement at all times presents a map of busy life, quite instructive to those who may or may not be interested in the result of applications made within.
rules to be so amended that every member who desired to speak might be heard, and that the modest men of the House could have an equal chance. With this view he had presented the resolution. Mr. Foote, of Tenn, returned his thanks to the gentleman from Georgia for his noble vindication of the rights of the modest men on the floor, of which he claimed to be one of the chief. He would support with great pleasure the resolution of his friend, and concluded by calling the question. Mr. Jones, of Tenn., moved the vote be taken by ayes and noes, which was ordered, with the following result — ayes, 40; noes, 35. So the resolution was defeated, it requiring a two-third vote to change a rule of the House. Mr. Garland, of Ark, submitted the report of the joint committee of the two Houses of Congress, for the purpose of fixing upon a compromise on the bill for the pay and mileage of members. The report fixes the pay of members at $2,760--the House receding from its amendment s
r. Yuille, who was wounded in the fight, and from him we received the following particulars: The engagement took place on Saturday last. The enemy's cavalry, who numbered about 500, were within sight of our forces when Gen. Stuart ordered and led the charge upon them. The forces engaged on our side were Capt. Edgar Whitehead's company of Amherst, and Capt. Harris's company of Campbell, under command of Col. Radford, and four companies of the Second Virginia Cavalry, under command of Col. Jones. The number of the enemy's wounded was not ascertained, but it must have been large. There were known to have been killed 40, and captured 100 with their horses, &c., which were brought to Culpeper Court-House, on Saturday. The less on our side is six killed and 180 wounded. But few of the names of those who have been wounded are known. All that we have ascertained are 1st Sergt. Thos. Waller, seriously wounded and supposed killed. In Capt. Harris's company, Geo. T.
uford, Cazeuove, Crockett, Cuslis, Dabney, Robert J. Davis, Evans, Flood, Garrison, Gatewood, Glimer, Grattan, Hunt, Irby, James, Kaufman, Mathews, McLaughlin, Murdaugh, Robert E. Nelson, William G. T. Nelson, Pitman, Robertson, Rutherford, Peter Saunders, jr., Sheffey, Steger, Tate, Taylor, Ward, Williams, Woodhouse, and Wynne.--39. Nays.--Messrs. Bass, Bradford, Burks, Carpenter, Cecil, Clarke, Dice, Edmunds, Eggleston, Ewing, Fleming, Franklin, Friend, George, Green, Hunter, Johnson, Jones, Kyle, Lundy, Lynn, McCamant, A. W. McDonald, Isaac E. McDonald, McKinney. Montague, Newton, Orgain, jr., Prince, Reld, Riddick, Robinson, Shannon, Small, Sherrard, Spady, Staples, Thomas, Thrash, Tyler, Vermillion, West, James L. Wilson, Woolfolk, Wootten, Wright.--40. Not voting--39. The Speaker of the House, Mr. James L. Kemper, was granted leave of absence for the rest of the session, on motion of Mr. Edmunds. At the instance of the same gentleman, a resolution of thanks was un
Hustings Court. --This Court was in session yesterday. James Edwards, Thomas Emory, and Robert Hite were examined and sent on to the Judge's Court on the charge of stealing two trunks and their contents from Miss Mary Johnson. Several negroes were whipped for larceny. Edward, slave of W. Winston Jones, was arraigned for shooting at watchman Fabius Hicks with a pistol; and the Court having heard part of the evidence, adjourned till this morning.