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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
Wiley Cormack, Alex. D. Enton, Elbert Doyle, McHenry Echols, Edw'd Humphrey, W. L. Hutton, O. M. Jenkins, Wm. W. Jones, Thos. G. Lanhorn, Robt. M. Marsh, Chas. M. Moore, Saml. S. Moore, Daniel R. Moore, Jno. H. Moore, David C. McCner, Wm. O., Embry, Jno. E., Gallahen, A. J., Hackley, Benj. F., Harris, Wm. P., Holtzclaw, C. Taylor, Jones, Jno. W., Yorrill, Kemper, Peter, Lillard, Jno. W., Lillard, S. M., Lloyd, Columbus A., McCormick, Wm., Brown,Zzz=Co. K. C. T. Cummings,Zzz=Co. K. L. B. Edwards,Zzz=Co. K. J. Epps,Zzz=Co. K. W. T. Griffith,Zzz=Co. K. W. W. Jones,Zzz=Co. K. [139] Ninth Regiment Georgia Volunteers. Q. M. Sergeant A. C. Ray, Musician W. R. Austin, RoH. M. Whitmore, Private J. M. Chumbler, Wm. A. Collins, E. B. Alexander, Private Thompson Davis, F. M. Durham, W. W. Jones, J. N. W. Smith. Elias Jones, T. J. Morgan, P. V. Wilson, C. W. Reid. Co. C. 2d Sergeant W. H. Doyle, 5th
Local Matters. Mayor's C Yesterday--Helming Bolte was arraigned upon the charge of taking carrying away, and selling as his own, a check, the property of Francis Courier, Bolte having got possession of it at the Central depot, in this city, by fraudulently obtaining Mrs. Courier's check for the same. He was remanded to prison and the case will come up hereafter in the Hustings Court. Benjamin, a suite to William W. Jones, charged with being a suspicious character, and with striking one of the watchmen while in the discharge of his duty was ordered thirty lashes. Paulus, a slave to Dr. Davies, charged with being on the streets at night without a pass, and trespassing upon William Tompkins, was discharged. Wesley Adams, a free negro, charged with unlawful huckstering in that he did a few days ago first purchase, and then offer for sale at the Old Market afterwards, a lot of apples, was discharged, it appearing that the apples in question were brought to the city fr
Charge of murder. --Yesterday — morning Wm. W. Jones appeared before the Mayor to answer the charge of cem, are these: On the afternoon of the 21st ult. Wm. W. Jones, Granville Montelle, John L. Curry, and William the game closed, Montelle having won $300 of Curry. Jones prompt settled with Montelle, and Peasley demand paye collar immediately seized Peasley. At this moment Jones joined the party, and, taking hold of Curry, pulled r own difficulties. Curry at once threatened to cut Jones open for touching him, and thrust his hand under his coat as if to draw a knife. At that instant Jones struck him a severe blow in his face with his fist, causing him to fall heavily across the curbstone. Jones struck him once more with his fist, when Peasley interfered, rned the examination till Friday next, and committed Jones to prison till that time. If the evidence before thdence before the Mayor sustains the facts already given by us, the charge against Jones will be manslaughter.
The Daily Dispatch: July 4, 1863., [Electronic resource], The situation in Tennessee--a battle imminent. (search)
Not heard. --William W. Jones was before the Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of inty bearing John L. Curry, on the 21st and the investigation would have proceeded but for the " confusion" in the immediate caused by the movement of troops, on their way to the Yankees. The case was till the 8th of July.
Charge of Murder. --Wm. W. Jones, charged with violently assaulting and beating John L. Carry, on the 21st of June, from the effects of which he died on the 28th, was before the Mayor yesterday for examination; but owing to the absence of material witnesses to the Commonwealth the investigation was postponed till this morning.
his morning session in the examination of William W. Jones, charged with feloniously assaulting and mething to drink. After taking several drinks Jones and Wyatt challenged for a game of cards. Alllf went home, got money, came back, and I beat Jones out of $2,100, all the money he could raise. money;" Curry stepped up and collared Peasley; Jones then caught hold of Curry; just at that time Melle proposed a game of cards. We played, and Jones and myself beat him and Allen out of $1,400 in have hold of Montelle, took hold of Peasley. Jones then took hold of Curry, pulled him away, and wn difficulties. Curry then threatened to cut Jones, when Jones gave him one blow with his fist; sJones gave him one blow with his fist; seeing which, Peasley interfered and separated them. Jones did not kick Curry. Parties then drank together — Jones gave Curry water to wash his face — and, after talking and drinking for some time rst market, to get Montelle's horse, and heard Jones say he had beaten Curry, and would do the same[8 more...]<
Gen. Echols. Brig. Gen. Echols, of Gen. Jones's division, in Western Virginia, has resigned, in consequences of ill health. He has served with usefulness and distinction from the beginning of the war. He accompanied Jackson in his celebrated Valley campaign, and was severely wounded at the battle of Kernstown. By his resignation the service loses an officer, and gentleman both accomplished and popular.
have admitted the charge, and said he had been in the business for a long times. It is also said that important communications between Gens. Ewell and Lee were found on his person. Our whole army is in motion, and the highest hopes are entertained that but a small portion of Gen. Lee's army will escape. Hagerstown, via Frederick, July 6.--It is reported here by officers that on Saturday afternoon our cavalry, under Kilpatrick, intercepted a retreating train of rebel wagons, guarded by Jones's brigade of infantry, cavalry and artillery, near Monterey, on the Hagerstown, and Gettysburg road. He captured 900 prisoners, including 200 wounded officers and two guns. The guns were destroyed. The enemy were completely surprised, and were unable to make any serious resistance. Firing was heard in the direction of the enemy's retreating column yesterday afternoon. It was probably caused by our cavalry and flying batteries pressing them. Harrisburg, July 6.--Gen. Couch has pushe
Killing. --William W. Jones, charged with beating John L. Curry on 21st June, and causing his death, was again before the Mayor yesterday, and bailed in $500 to appear this morning. Alexander Baker, charged with stabbing and killing Eugene Lynch on 21 July, was bailed in $1,000 to appear and answer next Monday.
Not a felonious homicide. --On Saturday morning last the case of Wm. W. Jones, charged with beating John L. Curry on the 21st of June, and causing his death, was finally disposed of by the Mayor. His Honor briefly reviewed the evidence and after alluding to the fact that the Doctors could not say the beating Curry received and none of the witnesses saw more than one blow given, he was bound to dismiss the charge against the prisoner of, felonious homicide. He, however, thought that Jones was guilty of unlawfully assaulting and beating Curry, and required him to give bail in $1,000 to answer an indictment for that offence. The Mayor then gave as a reason for not disposing of the case on Friday, his wish to have prosecuted all the parties engaged in gaming at Anderson's house, on the day of the fight, W. W. Jones, Robert E. Wyatt, and Wm. Pessley, were each held to bail to answer an indictment for gaming on the Sabbath day. Before taking bail for Jones, Mr. Crane, on
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