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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Harvard Memorial Biographies, 1848. (search)
on the left was driven in, and soon after a heavy attack was made on the right also. Between these cross-fires the Excelsior Brigade lay, taking the brunt of the battle till after four o'clock, when the opportune arrival and gallant advance of Kearney's division allowed General Hooker to withdraw his troops, exhausted by the long day's fight. It had been a gallant struggle against superior numbers, protracted through rain and mud and hunger, until ammunition was nearly exhausted. They had sm the hospital, was toiling with a wounded leg after his regiment, also hotly engaged. Coming up to the scene of action, this boy gathered a couple of hundred stragglers, planted them by a battery, and defended it in the teeth of the enemy till Kearney and succor arrived. Again the regiment was engaged at Fair Oaks, and through the seven days battles, till the close of the campaign at Malvern Hill. The Major had long since won the love and respect of his men; and his conduct in the campaig
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Harvard Memorial Biographies, 1863. (search)
nant-Colonel Wells of the First Massachusetts, to whom Stevens offered his little force, and hurried for new supplies of cartridges. The little band was saved by Kearney's force, at half past 4 P. M.; and in the reaction he was first sensible of his exhaustion and wounds, and was then carried to the hospital. Such was the scene itroops were new; this was their first battle to most of them, and for a little while it looked as badly as could be for our side. No reinforcements were at hand; Kearney's division was coming, but not yet near enough to do any good. The Rebels seemed bent on pushing their advantage to the utmost; they came on yelling and shoutingave here till this artillery is safe. Nor did he. A fierce fight followed, but they succeeded in checking the enemy and saved both the artillery and the day; for Kearney came up at last, and who could stand before the onearmed Jerseyman, as he called himself on that occasion, and Joe Hooker, at once? . . . . If I remember rig
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Harvard Memorial Biographies, 1864. (search)
ny of us, myself among the number. Colonel David B. Birney having become Brigadier-General, Lieutenant Birney wrote, I hope soon to be brother's Aid. August 1, 1862, he was commissioned as Assistant Adjutant-General of the second brigade, of Kearney's division, with the rank of Captain. He added to the duties of this position those of Aid in the field. His delivery of orders under fire was clear, concise, and correct. In the second battle of Bull Run, Captain Birney's collarbone was brne on the piles of the dead and dying. May 14. Although the General is my brother, I must praise him. I have tried to do my duty for his sake. Saturday night, after we had made the night attack in which Stonewall Jackson was killed and Kearney avenged, he had no blankets. I got him one, and we lay down together and slept. It was pleasant for us both to be there unharmed. The next day I was sitting by his side on horseback, when a shell exploded close to us. A piece passing under my
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