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A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Commissioned and Warrant officers of the Navy of the Cofederate States January 1, 1864. (search)
ing Confederate steamer Tuskaluza. CommanderA. B. FairfaxVirginiaVirginia June 10, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Special service. CommanderRichard L. PageVirginiaVirginia June 10, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Commanding naval station, Charlotte, N. C. CommanderFrederick ChatardMarylandMaryland June 15, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Naval battery, Drewry's Bluff. CommanderArthur SinclairVirginiaVirginia June 10, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Special service. CommanderC. H. KennedyVirginiaNorth Carolina June 25, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Recruiting service, Macon, Georgia. CommanderThomas W. BrentD. C.Florida June 26, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Naval squadron, Mobile. CommanderJohn K. MitchellNorth CarolinaFlorida Nov. 11, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Office of Orders and Detail. CommanderMatthew F. MauryVirginiaVirginia June 10, 1861.Oct. 23, 1862.March 26, 1861.Special service. CommanderJohn R. TuckerD. C.Virginia June 10, 1861.June 6, 186
te the brotherly love. Gen. Scott is in his second childhood — has to be fed and carried about like an infant. Correct list of Naval resignations, 1861. Commodores.--L. Rossean, F. Forrest, J. Tatnall. Captains.--V. M. Randolph, F. Buchanan, D. J. Ingraham, J. S. Nichols, G. A. Magruder, L. M. Powell, Sam Baum, W. F. Lynch. Commanders.--S. S. Lee, W. C. Whittle, C. C. Turner, R. G. Robb, E. Fanand, C. H. McBlair, A. B. Fairfax, Wm. McBlair, R. L. Page, A. Sinclair, C. H. Kennedy, T. W. Brent, M. F., Maury, R. Semnes, John R. Tucker, T. R. Roots, E. M. Yard, H. J. Hartstene, T. T. Hunter, C. F. McIntosh. Lieutenants.--C. F. Spotswood, F. B. Renhaw, J. H. North, R. B. Pegram, G. T. Sinclair, H. Lewis, G. W. Harrison, J. N. Moffitt, Washington Gwathmy, T. B. Huger, John Rutledge, C. R. Jones, J. Wilkinson, C. M. Morris, C. M. Fauntleroy, N. B. Fitzgerald, A. Barbot, J. S. Maury, C. W. Hays, R. Fairfax, W. A. Webb, C. C. Semnes, J. W. Bennett, W. H. Parker, J.
tress Monroe. We don't believe it. During the week ending June 8th, there were enlisted at New York for the army 28 men, and for the navy 239. Martin A. Conway, the Abolitionist, has been re-elected to the Washington Congress from Kansas without opposition. It is reported that Billy Wilson's Zouaves are about to leave New York in the Vanderbilt. Destination not stated. Rev. Wm. McK. Ward, of the Virginia (M. E.) Conference, died in Warrenton on the 7th inst. Capt. C. H. Kennedy, of the Navy, in command of the Naval Asylum at Philadelphia, has tendered his resignation. A house in New York on Monday, received a remittance of $1,500 from a debtor in Charleston. The fruit crop in New England; according to accounts from various quarters, will be small this year. It is reported that General Butler has directed John La Mountain to repair to Fortress Monroe with his balloons and apparatus The "Union" gun has been raised from the bottom of the riv