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ves a copy of these resolutions. "Resolved, As a further mark of respect to the memory of the deceased, that the Senate adjourn." After some eulogistic remarks, delivered of Messrs. Caperton, of Va., Johnson, of and Maxwell, of Fla, the Senate adjourned. The House was opened at 12 o'clock on Saturday with prayer by Rev. Dr. Duncan. The Speaker announced the appointment of Messrs. Perkins, of La., and Hartridge, of Ga., on the Committee of Ways and Means, in place of Messrs. Kenner and Holt. The Chair laid before the House the Senate bill to authorize the appointment of a Third Auditor of the Treasury, which was appropriately referred. Mr. Foster, of Ala., offered a resolution that the Judiciary Committee inquire into the expediency of amending the act authorizing the appointment of military courts, and to provide for the appointment of a court for the district of North Carolina. Mr. Hilton, of Fla., presented some resolutions adopted by the Legislat
sent incumbent of the office of Commanding General. Messrs. Sparrow and Semmes, of La., and Mr. Houry, of Tenn., advocated the bill and defended Gen. Bragg. Mr. Burnett, of Ky., favored the bill, though he did not admire Gen. Bragg. The further consideration of the bill was postponed till to day, and the Senate then resolved into secret session. House of Representatives--Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Jeter, of the Baptist Church. Mr. Baylor, member elect from Texas, and Messrs. Kenner and Hodges, members elect from from Louisiana, appeared and took the oath to support the Constitution of the Confederate States. A communication was received from the President, in response to a resolution of the House, concerning the distribution of the mails in the city of Richmond, which was referred to the Committee on Post-Offices and Post heads. Mr. Russell, of Virginia, called up his resolution, laid on the table some days age, rescinding the resolution for an adjournme
to be printed and made a continuing special order. Mr. Russell moved to go into secret session. Mr. Orr said, to test the matter, he would call the yeas and nays, which were ordered, and resulted as follows: Yeas--Messrs. Anderson, Atkins, Baylor, Blandford, Bradley, Branch, Bridgers, E. M. Bruce, H. W. Bruce, Chambers, Chilton, Clark, Cluskey, Colyar, Conrow, Darden, Dejarnette, Dickinson, Dupre, Ewing, Foote, Gholson, Hartridge, Hatcher, Herbert, Holliday, Johnston, Keeble, Kenner, Lyon, Machen, McCallum, McMullen, Montague, Norton, Perkins, Read, Rives, Russell, Sexton, Triplett, Vest, Welsh, Wilkes, Mr. Speaker--45. Nays--Messrs. Akin, Ayer, Baldwin, Bell, Boyee, Clopton, Farrow, Foster, Fuller, Gaither, Garland, Gilmer, Hanly, Hilton, Holder, Lamkin, J. M. Leach, Lester, Logan, Marshall, Miles, Murray, Orr, Ramsay, Simpson, J. M. Smith, W. E. Smith, Smith of Alabama, Smith of North Carolina, Staples, Turner, Villere, Wickham, Witherspoon--34. This was con
House of Representatives. The House was opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Burrows. The Speaker announced the following special committees: The committee of one from each State to prepare a memorial, to be addressed to the several State Legislatures, under a resolution of Mr. Staples, of Virginia.--Messrs. Rives, of Virginia; W. E. Smith, of Georgia, Marshall, of Kentucky; Rogers, of Florida; Kenner, of Louisiana; Keeble, of Tennessee; Gilmer, of North Carolina; Clark, of Missouri; Batson, of Arkansas; Sexton, of Texas; Chilton, of Alabama; Orr, of Mississippi. [Mr. Staples desired not to be appointed on the committee.] Committee of investigation, under the resolution of Mr. Welsh, of Mississippi, to inquire into the condition of the Stuart Hospital.--Messrs. Welsh, of Mississippi; Blandford, of Georgia; Turner, of North Carolina; Herbert, of Texas. Committee on the claims of the States, under the resolution of Mr. Smith, of North Carolina. --Messrs. Smith, o
be waged between a people possessing the uncontrolled command of the sea, and another, which, though debarred from all intercourse with the world, or the possibility of efficient help, yet retains a considerable territory, and will doubtless continue to show, in defending it, the obstinacy which has been witnessed during the last four years. Confederate affairs. A Paris letter of March 2d, in the London Telegraph, says: Mr. Mason leaves here for London tomorrow (Thursday). Mr. Kenner, a distinguished Confederate, has just arrived, and brings what the Southerners evidently consider good news. Another celebrity reached here to-day, by the Shannon--Dr. Gwin, formerly United States Senator for California, and who was supposed to be about to become Viceroy of the reported ceded Mexican provinces.--As Dr. Gwin is stated to be ultra French in his sympathies, his arrival here has created some excitement. I believe he is skilled in mines and mining, and was appointed more of
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