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ollowing heads for mills and parts of mills: — Bag-clasp.Flour-dressing machine. Bag-holder.Flour-packer. Balance-rynd.Foot-stalk. Barley-mill.Furrow. Bed-stone.Furrowing-hammer. Bolt.Grain-conveyor. Bolt-feeder.Grain-dryer. Bolting-mill.Grain-elevator. Bosom.Grain-gage. Bran-duster.Grain-huller. Bridge-tree.Hand-mill. Bruiser.Hominy-machine. Bruising-mill.Hoop. Brush-wheel.Hopper. Buckwheat-huller.Hopper-boy. Buhr.Huller. Clack.Hulling-machine. Cider-mill.Husk. Clay-mill.Kern. Cock-eye.Kibbling-mill. Cock-head.Lighter-screw. Corn-mill.Mill (varieties, see mill). Cotton-seed mill.Mill-hopper. Damsel.Mill-pick. Debranning-machine.Millstone. Decorticator.Millstone-balance. Dress.Millstone-bridge. Feed-regulator.Millstone-dress. Flax-seed mill.Millstone-dresser. Flour-bolt.Millstone-feed. Flour-cooler.Millstone-furrower. Millstone-hammer.Runner. Millstone-pick.Rynd. Millstone-regulator.Shoe. Millstone-ventilator.Sifting-machine. Pane.Smut-machine.
y, in his patent, gives the following formulas. Parts by weight. Heats to 260°, gradually increases to 300° F. a. Linseed-oil, 2; cotton-seed oil, 1; raw turpentine, 2; sulphur, 2. Time, 1 hour. b. Linseed-oil, 2; castor-oil, 1; liquid coal-tar, 2; petroleum, 1; turpentine, 2; sulphur, 2. Time, 30 minutes or more. c. Linseed-oil, 2; petroleum, 1; crude turpentine, 1/2; sulphur, 4. Time, 35 minutes. Kerite-wire. Wire used in telegraphy, insulated by a covering of kerite. Kern. 1. (Printing.) The part of a letter which overhangs the shank. It occurs more frequently in italic than in Roman: jolly old fag embraces the kerned letters of an italic font. 2. (Milling.) A hand-mill for grain. See Quern. Ker′sey. (Fabric.) A probable corruption of Jersey, whence it came. A coarse ribbed cloth made from wool of long staple. Ker-sey-mere′. (Fabric.) A light woolen twilled goods with an oil finish, for men's wear. Named from Kersey, in York
ha plate. Caret.Gutter. Carriage.Gutter-snipe. Case.Hair-line. Ceramic printing.Hat-tip press. Chase.Head-stick. Chromatic printing.Horn-book. Clay-process.Horse. Color-printing.Imposing. Column-rule.Imposing-stone. Composing-frame.Inferior letter. Composing-machine.Ink-cylinder. Composing-stand.Ink-fountain. Composing stick.Inking-trough. Condensed letter.Ink-roller. Copper-faced type.Ink-slice. Copperplate press.Inner form. Copy-holder.Inset. Crochet-type.Italic. Crotchet.Kern. Cutting-line.Lead. Cylinder printing-press.Lead-cutter. Dabber.Leader. Damping-machine.Lean face. Dead matter.Letter. Descending letter.Letter-board. Diamond.Letter-case. Dipping-pan.Letterpress-printing. Dip-roller.Ligature. Distributing-machine.Lithographic press. Distributing-roller.Live matter. Double-cylinder press.Logotype. Double letter.Long primer. Drum.Lower case. Mailing-machine.Printing-telegraph. Manifold writing-book.Printing-wheel. Matrix.Printing-yarn. Mat