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Va. His troops advanced in three directions from Point Pleasant. The centre column surprised Jenkins's cavalry, five hundred strong, before the other columns arrived, drove the rebels out of their camp, and captured and destroyed all their camp equipage, killing seven, and capturing nine. They pursued them about one and a half miles, when they were reenforced by two regiments of infantry and three pieces of artillery. The National force then fell back without the loss of a man. Major John J. Key was dismissed from the service of the United States for having replied to the question propounded to him--Why was not the rebel army bagged immediately after the battle near Sharpsburgh? --that it was not the game; that we should tire the rebels out and ourselves; that that was the only way the Union could be preserved, we come together fraternally, and slavery be saved. Augusta, Ky., was captured by a force of rebel guerrillas, under Captain Basil Duke. The home guard, under the
increase of $4,611,399 in deposits, and $1,861,758 in loans. Everybody is buying gold in order to insure against the depreciation of the currency. If a man who is worth $50,000 is afraid that by the depreciation of the paper money now afloat he may find himself only worth in reality $25,000 at the end of the war, he can protect himself by buying $50,000 in gold, taking it to the Sub-Treasury, depositing it at four per cent., and, if he needs the money, borrowing on the Sub-Treasurer's certificate of deposit. This is the secret of the recent enormous purchases of gold. Miscellaneous. Major John J. Key has been dismissed from the United States service for uttering disloyal sentiments. Brigadier-General Quincy A. Gilmore has been assigned to the command in Western Virginia--his headquarters to be at Point Pleasant, Mason co. Austin A. Blair has been nominated by the Republicans of Michigan for Governor. Brigadier General Harney, U. S. A., is in Washington.
Executive Mansion,Washington, Sept. 26, 1862. Major John J. Key.--Sir: I am informed that in answer to th [Endorsed as follows:] Copy delivered to Major Key at 10.23 A. M., September 27, 1862. John Hay. At about 11 o'clock A. M., September 27, 1862, Major Key and Major Turner appeared before me. Major Turner say did not bag them after the battle of Sharpsburg ? Major Key's reply was: That was not the game; that we shouldmination Major Turner says he has frequently heard Major Key converse in regard to the present trouble and neverom the United States, to utter such sentiments as Major Key is within proved to have done. Therefore, let MajMajor John J. Key be forthwith dismissed from the military service of the United States. A. Lincoln. The fmissal at the War Department. At the interview of Major Key and Major Turner with the President, Major Key didMajor Key did not attempt to controvert the statement of Major Turner; but simply insisted, and sought to prove, that he was