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re were wounded, and the enemy having repulsed the attacking party are in possession of the dead. The casualties in the 23d North Carolina, as far as heard from, are as follows Killed.--A F Scarborough, Captain, B. J. Redfern, co., & left on the field. Wounded — Frank Bannett, co. A, slight Corp'l Young Allen, co. A; Berry Tallon, co A, severely — left on the field; Thos Talton, co. A, slightly; T. J. Cash, co., E, slightly, Corp'l W. D. Echard. co. F. slightly. Corp'l J F Killian, co K. slightly. W Seagle, co B, severely — left on the field, heard from through a prisoner; doing well, Million Remsey, co. B, slightly. The following is a list of the casualties in the 7th Virginia regiment as far as heard form. Adjutant Starke wounded dangerously through the body. Company A.-- B. Bowich in hand; John Reguolde, slightly in leg. Company B.--H. T. Porter, in leg. Wm Porter, slightly in hand; Geo. Hardey, slightly in arm; John Dorlin, in thigh, Edw H. o<
The Daily Dispatch: May 21, 1863., [Electronic resource], Casualties in the late battle near Fredericksburg. (search)
es J Ayres, David C Adams. N H Burket, T M Bell, Jacob W Fridley, Henry L Hamrick, James; W Huff, M R Hanger, Joshua Field, O M Lam cert, Andrew J Maley, Samuel H Propps, Martin L Shiplett William H Tutwiler. Missing: Corp'l Robert A Bryan. Co D — Wounded: Lieut S M Carson, Sergt's J B EcJutchan, T M Smiley, Corp'l C C Cockran privates J T Beard, S B Hile, Runkle, M M Smith, G Lotts, R Wiserman, James McMameny. H L Wilerman, J N Willtock, Joseph M Block. Co B — Wounded: Lieut G H Killian, Corp'l James Kennedy, privates John Portorfield., W B Tayley, M Murry, W Phillips, E Bezel, G E , Jacob Hoots. Co E — Killed: Private E J Biskely. Wounded: Corp'l W B Trotter, privates W G Abney, J H Bradley, E J Campbell, T J Campbell, J W Cash, J H Davis, W N Harris, Jno H Howard, J Owens, A C Rubush, P M D Hatfield. Co F — Killed: Private F Carroll. Wounded: Lt C H Calhoun, died since; Sgt W H Wayland, Corp'l G A Bailey, Privates J A Atkins, W D Belley, J W Hodges, E Johns, A
New military prison. --The Columbia (South Carolina) Guardian thinks the announcement that Killian's mills, ten miles above Columbia, has been selected for the site of the new Confederate States military prison may be premature. The Guardian adds: "The officers and engineer charged with this duty have been examining several places in this neighborhood — Nassau island, near Geiger's mills, a tongue of land still higher up, at or above the junction of the Broad and Salude rivers and Lightwood knot Springs, on the Charlotte railroad. We have not heard of a decision, though it may have been made, as stated by the Bulletin."
The Daily Dispatch: December 9, 1865., [Electronic resource], Fredericksburg and Gordonsville Railroad. (search)
Fenianism — rejoicing in New York. New York, December 6. --The Fenian Senate have commenced an extra session. The Fenians are rejoicing over the news of the escape of the Irish Head Centre (Stephens) from the Dublin jail. Their headquarters are illuminated to-night, and speeches are being made by Mahoney, Killian, Mullen, and others.
The Kentucky Fenians. Louisville, December 21. --At a general meeting of all the Circles of the Fenian Brotherhood, last evening, resolutions denouncing, in the strongest terms, O' Mahoney and Killian were unanimously adopted. The meeting heartily endorsed the election of President Roberts. A general convention of State delegates will be held at Covington on the 27th instant.