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The Daily Dispatch: May 10, 1862., [Electronic resource], Destruction of cotton in the South. (search)
, (Albemarle Rifles, Charlotte--- Wirt, slightly wounded in the David M. Goodman, wounded; Banja- of Covesville, killed. Company C, (Scartsville.)--Two killed and . Company D. (Howardsvilles.)--Capt. Faulk- wounded;--Thomas and killed.--Turner and another . Company E, (Piedmont Rifles, Stony Point) Peyton is said to be wounded, and Company suffered severely. Company F, Montgomery Guard, Char-)--Captain Bennett Taylor, flesh in thigh; Lieut. S G Leitch, slightly in Robert Kirby, H Harden, Allen Wood, John Dee, Daniel Smith, . It is reported that two were killed. Company G, (Ambert.)--Two reported or wounded. Company H, (Amherst.)--Jacob B Drum- killed; Lt Brown, slightly wounded; John Bryant, wounded. Company I, (Nelson.)--M C Wills, Edward wounded. It is reported that one were killed. Company K, (Blue Ridge Rifles, Albemarle)--Some are reported to have been killed some wounded, but nothing definite, The above is an imperfect list. It
Arrested for blockade running. --Dr. Wm. McClure, M. Harris, and Robert Kirby, citizens of this place, were arrested on Friday evening last, on the charge of illegal blockade running, and placed in Castle Thunder to await an examination before a Court Martial. The specific charges against these persons have not yet become fme of the arrest of the doctor, he was driving a wagon in which were two coffins supposed to contain dead bodies; but upon examination it was found that Harris and Kirby were the occupants. The hopeful trio were thereupon taken into custody and brought back to Richmond.--The direction in which the wagon was being driven leaves verction in which the wagon was being driven leaves very little doubt that the destination of these parties was Fortress Monroe. Kirby was formerly a Confederate detective. Many novel ways for making money have come under our observation, but this last method of doing so goes ahead of any other which has yet been brought to light.
To be examined. --Dr. Wm. Maclure and Robert Kirby, arrested a few days since on the Mechanicsville road, while trying to run a man through to the Yankee lines, will be examined before Commissioner Sands to-day at 1 o'clock P. M.
rate deserters to escape. --On Friday of last week Dr. William Maclure, the embalmer, and Robert Kirby, and M. Harris, were arrested a few miles from Richmond by Detectives John Rees and Robert Cr at eight o'clock. I did call. On this occasion I met with a man, who Maclure introduced as "Capt. Kirby, the man who passes us through the lines." I was informed by the Doctor that he expected to must meet him at his office at 12 o'clock the next day. Before leaving he also told me that Captain Kirby required $1,000 for his share, which I paid down. Next day I called at the appointed time, a short distance up the street. Soon after, he came back and remarked that he had heard from Capt. Kirby I was a Government detective, and that "if you are you had better be saying your prayers; fordock and Rees were, and at which we halted. By the defence:--I was to pay $3,000--$1,000 to Kirby, (which I paid,) $1,000 to Dr. Maclure while on the route, and $1,000 more to a ferryman between
Running persons through the lines. --Before Commissioner A. H. Sands, yesterday, the cases against Dr. William Maclure, Robert Kirby, and M. Harris, charged with aiding and abetting persons to reach the Yankee lines, were again taken up. After the examination of witnesses the Commissioner failed to find any evidence convicting the two latter, whereupon Kirby was discharged from custody; but Harris, having a substitute in the service, and being, under a recent act of Congress, liable to milKirby was discharged from custody; but Harris, having a substitute in the service, and being, under a recent act of Congress, liable to military duty, was ordered to be taken to the enrolling officer. On account of the absence of Judge Crump, counsel for Maclure, his examination was not concluded, but was postponed till Saturday next, and the accused required to give bail to answer for three offences, said surely to be in the sum of $4,000 for the first two, and $3,000 for the third one.