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y Department $11,000, the witnesses in whose case were heard on Friday last, was remanded to the Hustings Court on the 15th of the present month. Christopher and Francisco Dominick, claimed by Foster to have been particeps criminis in the affair, was, for the want of other evidence, discharged. Wm. Joseph Walker, a soldier, was sent on to the Hustings Court to answer the charge of stealing one coat, a pair of pants, a hat, and a lady's dress, from Mary Lazzarino. A German, named Wm. Kothe, was fined $20 for giving a servant in his employ an unauthorized pass. The evidence elicited was, that, Lewis, a negro man belonging to P. M. Tabb & Son, who had been a runaway for some time, was captured a day or two since by officer Moore, and on examining him he produced a pass from Kothe, giving him the right to go at large. Kothe denied giving the pass in question to Lewis, but acknowledged having given one of the kind to a negro who was in his employ.--Tabb, however, referred to t
their duties. It was no part of their duty to put themselves out of the way to catch runaway negroes, and in future they shall not be permitted to do so. The following is a summary of the cases which were brought up for a hearing: William Kothe was charged with whipping a negro boy named Allen, slave of James Moore, in such a manner as to cause his death. Messrs. Andrew Jenkins and R. T. Seal testified that having heard late on Saturday evening that a negro boy had been whipped to ntended telling the owner of the boy that if he desired to save the life of his servant, he had better take him away.--, a witness for the defence, stated that the negro died about ten o'clock Friday morning. At nine o'clock he was solicited by Mrs. Kothe to go in to see him; that she believed he had a fit on him, and she was unable to render any assistance. He did so; found him in the stable in an apparently dying state; could not assist him, and left in a few minutes. He knew nothing of the
Indictments by the Grand jury. --The following true bills of indictment against parties whose names are annexed were rendered by the grand jury of the Husting Court yesterday: Maria Wade, for receiving stolen goods, knowing them to have been stolen; Barney Tracey, for committing a violent and brutal assault upon Louis Antonetta; John Henderson, John Straylor, Alfred Myer, Robert James R. Shumaker, charged with larceny; Antonio Amenhiser, receiving goods, knowing them to have been stolen; James F. McGhee, Robert Calivan and William Kothe, for selling ardent spirits to be drank in their houses without obtaining ordinary licenses.
Mayor's Court. --The following embraces a list of the cases before the Mayor yesterday: Delsey, slave of John Cary, was charged with having one dress, a bonnet and a lot of fringe, supposed to be stolen, and going at large. The evidence failed to convict him of the offence, and he was thereupon discharged; but Mr. Cary, his owner, was required to pay a fine for permitting him to go at large. William Kothe, charged with the murder of Allen, a slave, hired by him, and whose case was partially heard on Monday last, was again brought up before his Honor yesterday. Upon hearing the testimony of Dr. Albert Snead, who attended the deceased, the accused was discharged. Dr. Snead stated that the condition of the negro for the past four months was that of a man in the last stages of consumption, and that when he heard of his death it excited no surprise on his part. The bruises which had been alluded to as visible about his head and face were such as he supposed might be pro