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on tie line of the great highway from Alexandria to Winchester, down which Stuart had pushed so far as Upperville; whence he was repelled by a charge of Kilpatrick's brigade, and forced back into Ashby's Gap, after a spirited brush, with determined charges on either side. Kilpatrick was once taken prisoner, but rescued by a countercharge directly. Buford and Gregg were active this day; as was W. H. F. Lee on the side of the Rebels, who lost 2 guns, and perhaps 150 men in all, including Col. M. Lewis, 9th Virginia, killed. Our loss did not exceed 100. Meantime, Gen. Jenkins and his brigade of Rebel cavalry had raided across the Potomac and Maryland up to Chambersburg, Pa., which they entered, unopposed, at 11 P. M. June 15. They took horses, cattle, &c., destroyed the railroad, and swept off into Slavery some 50 negroes — all they could catch — but did no wanton injury. Jenkins paid liberally for drugs — in Confederate scrip — and, some of his horses having vanished, threate
Cambridge History of American Literature: volume 3 (ed. Trent, William Peterfield, 1862-1939., Erskine, John, 1879-1951., Sherman, Stuart Pratt, 1881-1926., Van Doren, Carl, 1885-1950.), Index (search)
0 Letters on slavery, 344 Letters to Adam Seybert on the bank, 432 Letter to American teachers of history, a, 199 Letter to the California pioneers, 155 Letter to the citizens of Pennsylvania, a, 431 Letter to the common people of the colony of Rhode Island, a, 427 Letter to the publishers of Harper's magazine, 308 Lever, 308 Le Vieux Salomon, 593, 594 Lewars, Elsie Singmaster, 585 Lewes, 230 Lewis, Charles Bertrand, 21, 26 Lewis, Charlton Thomas, 461, 463 Lewis, M., 58 Lewis, M. G., 542 Lewis, Richard, 445 Lewis, S., 409 Lexicon (Pickering), 461 Leyh, Edward, 581 L'Hermite du Niagara, 593 Libbey, William, 159 Liberator, 333 Liberty and slavery, 339 Libin, Z., 600, 601, 604-5, 607 n., 609 Library of the late Reverend and Learned Mr. Samuel Lee, the, 533 Liddell, 461 Lidia, 595 Lieber, Francis, 342, 347, 348, 461, 581, 585, 586 Life (comic paper), 22 Life, adventures and travels in California, 138 Life
Lafaver, A. M. McIntosh, S. L. Morgan, J. M. Jackson, James P. Clement, R. M. Sheppard, E. Davis, L. H. Johnson and S. H. McNeill; total, 33. Capt. L. M. Ramsauer's company, Augusta Guards: Killed, 5—Third Lieut. J. S. Chambers, Ord.-Sergt. R. E. Alexander, Fourth Sergt. J. J. McKenzie, J. C. Chenault and F. Jones. Wounded, 14—Capt. L. M. Ramsauer, Corp. B. F. Bland, Ensign G. W. Cagle, J. H. Hart, R. S. Eppes, O. P. Ray, Henry Hudson, William Page, Wm. M. Owen, S. Gallion, W. H. Horton, M. Lewis, S. Huddleston and E. T. Strong; total, 19. Captain Lasuel's company: Killed, 3—Corp. T. J. McCarley, B. B. Harkrider and Francis M. Oliver. Wounded, 13—Thomas J. Markham, John T. O. Kelley, W. C. Hogan, Robert Craven, Leonard Sutton, Abraham Fryer, W. P. Nealey, Richard Beason, Henry White, John J. Graves, John H. Burtram, W. W. Carter and A. W. Copelind; total, 16. Capt. J. L. Porter's company, Desha cavalry: Killed, 4—Charles Noble, Vivian Stokes, William Williams. Captain Por
ound, and not more than 50 pounds to any one purchaser. If any person who is obliged to take offensive medicines would first take a bit of alum into the mouth, they could take the medicine with as much ease as though it were so much sugar. A religious revival has been progressing in Lynchburg for several weeks, under the ministration of the Rev. John E. Edwards, during which many citizens have professed conversion. The Bowling Green correspondent of the Nashville Union says Mr. M. Lewis, a nephew of Gen. Sam. Houston, has received information to the effect that his uncle is dead. Col. Wm. Hurst, of Washington county, Ga., had his barn burnt one day last week, containing his wheat and rye crop, about twelve hundred bushels of corn, forage, &c., all of which were destroyed. Hon. Jared I. Whitaker, one of the proprietors of the Atlanta Intelligencer, has been appointed Commissary General of the State of Georgia, with the rank of Lieut. Colonel. G. W. Weeks, o