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res of American policy which, of all others, the United States had cherished most carefully and jealously from the foundation of the Government. Until the era of Lincoln, the American Government would as soon have consented to give up the right of calling out its volunteer forces on land, as that of employing its privateers on theand war was the consequence.--Other causes conspired to inflame the mutual animosity, such as the paper blockades of Pitt and Napoleon, which are now immolated by Lincoln on our Southern coast; but the leading and moving cause of the war were these searches of American vessels and these violent seizures of men on board. The Ame search of a neutral vessel for ambassadorial functionaries and papers, was in violation even of the very law which concedes the right of search. The act of Lincoln's commodore was not only a base betrayal of American interests and abnegation of American doctrines on the subject of search; but it was in violation also of the
thing about the nature of the war, they had enlisted for the pay! We are informed that at an early hour this morning there passed through our city a regiment, a number of whom were negroes — rough, uncouth, ignorant negroes--marshalled into Lincoln's service for the subjugation of the South! Do the "unconditional Union men," the advocates of Lincoln's Government, endorse this hiring of Hessians and negroes to war upon their brethren of the South? Will they still plead for a Union with suthe South! Do the "unconditional Union men," the advocates of Lincoln's Government, endorse this hiring of Hessians and negroes to war upon their brethren of the South? Will they still plead for a Union with such masters and such materials? If such an exhibition as this will not arouse the slumbering patriotism and self-respect of the people, then are they only fit to be the slaves of the tyrants who are forging their chains and associates of the negroes who are called upon to subdue them.
e in a flashy uniform, which had been sent to him, he said, by his Mass Bill Carter, the notorious traitor, now in Kentucky. I believe that Captain Darkey is considered a "contraband," and has been sent off to be sold. A man by the name of Stover, a son-in-law of Andy Johnson, is Colonel of a regiment in Carter county. Johnson has another son-in-law, who bears the title of "Judge." who is not, like Cæsar's wife, above suspicion. It is said that the Carterites are very indignant that Lincoln failed in his part of the drama, and left them exposed to ridicule and danger; but, from appearances, I judge they will pull trigger for the "old vag." But they are in a bad situation, hemmed in on all sides by Confederate soldiers and exasperated Southern citizens. They might well exclaim--"Whithersoever we would fly, there is death." East Tennessee has won an unenviable name in this contest. It is too just; but the patriot citizens bear it with writhing and horror. Let it be remem
An Egyptian doing good service. --Capt. Bradshaw, the daring Southern Illinois Guerilla Chief, is performing deeds of valor, and rendering essential aid to our cause in Southern Kentucky. Capt. B. has an independent command of about 40 mounted men, and is engaged in scouting expeditions. On the 12th he delivered over to Gen. Tilghman, at Hopkinsville, 36 rifled muskets, with their bayonets, cartridge boxes, &c. These Lincoln guns belonged to one Capt. Carper, and ware found secrated in the woods near Flat Lick, in Christian county. They were immediately placed in the hands of Texans, who will doubtless receipt to Old Abe for the same.--Louisville Courier 15th.
than the Southern States have to gain by the dissolution of the Union. The interests involved in its preservation are so vast that the Secretary of State of the Federal Government speaks of it, in an official document issued so recently as the 21st ult., from the Department of State at Washington, as "the chief hope of humanity in all countries and for all ages." Exaggerated as this sentiment is, the source from which it emanates gives it sigificance. It proves that the Government of President Lincoln feel and know that the preservation of the Union is a question of overwhelming importance to the Northern States--that it is worth fighting for — worth maintaining, or trying to maintain, at almost any sacrifice of blood and treasure, even with the knowledge that every sacrifice will be futile, and that the chasm which now separates the Northern from the Southern States has grown so deep and wide that it will never more be spanned by the magnificent bridge of the old Federal Union.
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Novel method of Conducting elections. We have received one of the printed notices served upon every Southern man in Washington city previous to the election, which reads as follows: "God and the Union! Headquarters of the Union Vigilance Committee, Washington, D. C.--Sir: As a person favoring traitors to the Union, you are notified that your name is recorded on the secret list of this Association, your movements being strictly watched; and that unless you openly declare your adherence to the Union, you will be dealt with as a traitor! By order 33, Secretary." This interesting document is embellished with the Federal flag, which is now, like the seal of the inquisition, a symbol of infamy. The devil finds his match in Lincoln and his partizans, but the latter will have to succumb in the end.