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T J Stevenson, J S Ross. Company C. Lieut W T Norris commanding.--Killed: Sergt W Wilburn. Wounded: Privates J A Little john, Drury Scruggs, R H Smith, A C Lindsey. Missing: Privates J D McVeigh, and Jas Capos. Company D. Capt J T Douglass.--Killed: Corp Gen Dukes; privates F M Cator, John Bishop, H Barnett, Thos Johnsompany E, Lieut Saunders commanding.--Killed: Privates T C Crocker, James Saunders. Wounded: Lieuts J D McConnel and Wm Crosby, Sergt J T McKnight, Corporals M S Lindsey and F H Mullinux, privates W A Allen, J T Burris, W Brown, J A Brannon, W Carter, J T Collins, A Coln, J M Grant, A J Hood, J D Humphries, G W Hancock, W N HardinCurtis Parrot, Joseph Murphy. Company H, Capt J B Stedman.--Killed: Lt E J McKissick, privates John Mayes, John H Gailman, John Reaves. Wounded: Serg'ts J E Lindsey, R N Dunlop Corp'l G Puckett, R Foster, R T Harmon, S Mosely, privates J C Davis, W H Gautt, J Gregory, S Gregory, L McDaniel Jos Millwood, R J Vaughan, J C Vinso
la; Capt G C Whatley, 10th Ala; W C Broadaway, 5th Alabama battalion; B P Seruggs, 4th Alabama; N Stallworth, 4th Ala; B B Little, 5th Ala bat'n; T J Gilbert, 5th Ala bat'n; T Bradshaw, 5th Ala bat'n; J W Holloway, 5th Ala bat'n; Noah Little, W J King, 5th Ala; S E Andrews, W J King, 15th Ala; B Titus, H P Barkaloo, 8th Ala; Sergt F P Miller, 8th Ala; John Closett, do; A P Mansell, 15th Ala; G W Sinton, do; W D Farmer, do; E F B Broughton, do; J C Hendrick, 10th Ala; M L Brooks, 15th Ala; W Lindsey, do; A M Downing, do; J M Dadkins, 4th Ala; Sergt Wm Hammell, 11th Ala; S H Rawis, do; J O Duncan, do; T A Lowry, do; J N Gay, 8th Ala; P Herran, 5th Ala; W H Nix, do; Ira Howell, 1st S C; Sergt S L Garrett, 6th Ala; J H Franklin, 4th Ala; J W Taylor, do; J D Adrian, do; J T Smith, 8th Ala; D N Wheeler, 26th Ala; T K Cathey, 11th Ala; L C Meyers, 6th Ala; W H Ware, 4th Ala; J W Wier, 11th Ala; Corp'l S W Chadwick, 5th Ala; W H Dunklin, 3d Ala; C W Goll, do; J H Brownlee, 10th Ala; Corp'l W
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
Missing: Privates Cohn, Dreyfox. Company G, (Sharpshooters.)--Willed: None — Wounded: N M Cowling, J Stubbs, P Giduce, A Sodler. Company H. Cownder Beanregards.--Killed: Sgt. Reese, Sgt. Shelby; Brivittes Myley. Wounded. Corpl Dunklin; Privates J Stanley. S Farris, Sharp, Sharp, Stone, W Stanley, W H Turner. Missing privates Pierce, W H Alexander, W Alexander, B H Dudley, Lerer, Broadiway, Scofield. Co. I, (Wetumpka Light Guards.)--Killed: Color Sgt W M Due, Privates W E Lindsey. H C Tommy. Wounded: Lt L H Hill; Privates J E Carter, C K McMorris, B J Goss, W A Bensoo, L A Calla. Way, J R King, G A Jones, W Jefter, W M Teague, J. Skinner. D Price, G A Ready, Sgt J A Davis.--Missing: Privates Ben Bross, J O Banksion, J A Dison, Wm Loyd, John Lynch, Chas Law, J N Norwood, H J Norris. N A Rawis, J J Stoker. Co. K, (Mobile Rifles.)--Killed: Corp'l Wm. Lieut. Wounded: Sgt. Traylor, Corp'l McGuire, Privates Buford, Jones. Keeler, Closeby ), Moseby 69, Innerarity
pposition, and says if the North would take the initiative and sail with the current which it cannot stem, neutral States might be saved the disagreeable necessity of discharging a most disagreeable duty. The London Daily News points out what would be the feelings of England if situated like the North, and argues that secession will be crushed out at all hazards. The proceedings of Parliament have been unimportant. Mr. Foster, in the House of Commons, gave notice that when Mr. Lindsey's motion for the recognition of the South comes up, he will move an amendment, pledging the House to sustain the Government in the policy of non-intervention. There was increasing distress in the manufacturing districts of England, and had attracted the attention of Parliament. The latest Markets. London, July 17 --P. M.--Consols closed at 93a93½ for money and account. The market for American stocks is quiet and steady, and unchanged quotations. Liverpool, July 1
From Europe.arrival of the Australasian.Important debate in Parliament on intervention.Mr. Lindsay's motion Quashed by Lord Palmerston. The Cunard steamship Australasian, which left Liverpool on the 19th of July, and Queenstown on the 20th, arrived at New York on the morning of the 30th. Her news is three days later than previous advices. Debate in the House of Commons on intervention. In the House of Commons, on the 18th of July, Mr. Clay made an appeal to Mr. Lindsey to postpone his motion with respect to mediation in the civil war in America. At any time it would be a question that should be cautiously dealt with, but especially when there was a rumor of the total defect of the Federal army. Mr. J. Ewart cordially seconded the appeal. Mr. Lindsay said that he had so often postponed his motion that, at this late period of the session, he did not think that he should be doing his duty if he deferred it any longer. He then moved the following resolution:
Latimor S. m. Lee S. (svt.) Lyon S. h. Leftiss w. A. Lacy w. T. Laidley A. Lemly B. F. Lacy w. h. Lewis w. S. Lindrny w. T. Lewis w. h. Leigh w. Lancaster Z. Lawoon J w. Latham Jas. 2 Lowing m. Lamb T. Lindsey J. T. Latham j m. Lancaster Dd. Lowman w. Lang Jno. Localm Jno Latimor it J. R. Lacy Jno A. Loveil opt. Jas. Ladd Jno. Lutplin Dr J. T. Lott J. B. Lea J. V. Lyans J. Lynsman J. M. lottler Jno L. Labew S. C. Levy S. Lumpkin T. D. Lyon T. T. Lipscombe T. Lawa T. A. Lillis Thos. Lyday T. L. Long it T. D. Lyneman H. Lawson H. Levey H. J. Little opt. R. D. 3 Luckey Ro Lafong E. O. Lamb E. Lipke E. Long E. B. Lassers E. Lierh Dr C. T. Langford c. h. Lambert c. Lingle D. w. Lander master Dennis Lawson A. Lenher Mr. Latham Cpt. A. C. Lappington A. M. Lance Major. Lamberth A. T. Labarre M. Lecke M. Lipscomb N. Little W. Lenderman L. j. Leights
To the patriotic. --As numbers of the soldiers of Hays's Louisiana brigade are in the field without blankets, it is hoped that the patriotic will come to their assistance and supply the want. --Blankets sent to the care of the Matron of the 6th Louisiana regiment, at W T Lindsey's feed store, corner Marshall and 5th sts, will be thankfully received and duly forwarded. de 16--6t
Castle Thunder items. --Since our last report, the following commitments have been made to Castle Thunder: J. Crane, Fifth Louisiana, and Thomas Quinn, Fourteenth Louisiana, charged with robbing a paroled soldier. Andrew Redford, Fifteenth Virginia, and Thomas Jordan, a detailed conscript at the navy-yard, charged with attempting to escape to the enemy. A member of the First Michigan cavalry, named Walter Terrell, was committed upon suspicion of being a spy. Also, the following runaway negroes, who were recaptured from the Yankees: Peter, slave of George Timberlake, of Richmond; Charles, slave of C. W. Maupin, of Louisa county, Virginia; Lindsey, slave of Mrs. Bettie Roberts, of Nelson, county, Virginia; Taylor Martin, slave of Daniel Kennedy, of Charlottesville; Jack, slave of John H. Coleman, of Albemarle, and Tom, slave of Charles Boswell, of Fluvanna, Virginia.
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