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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 5. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Report of Colonel Gibson of operations of Adams' brigade. (search)
towards which we were marching, and then to advance in line of battle towards the woods; and having my horse disabled by a wound in riding back, I dispatched Captain Lipscomb to give the same order to Major Zacharie, commanding the Sixteenth Louisiana volunteers, already under the bank. I moved rapidly forward the right regiment and soon engaged the enemy, under heavy ire. I presumed that the Sixteenth was moving under the river bank on our left, in accordance with the order sent by Captain Lipscomb. The woods were full of troops apparently in great confusion. Many of these formed on our line, and we advanced, driving the enemy before us beyond a ravih Louisiana volunteers, Major Charles Guillet, of whose conduct I cannot speak in terms too high. The regiment behaved throughout like veterans. Captains Ryan, Lipscomb, King, Bishop, and McGrath, and Lieut. Levy displayed distinguished steadiness and courage. The loss of this regiment was, in two short actions, lasting both to
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Roster of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
20, sin.; farmer, Hamilton, O. 28 Apl 63; missing 20 Feb 64 Olustee, Fla.; supposed died pris. $325. Jones, Samuel A. 19, sin.; laborer; Pittsfield. 17 Dec 63; 20 Aug 65. $325. 95 Beaver st, Pittsfield Lee, John 35, —— laborer, Harrisburg, Pa. 16 Dec 63; 12 Jly 65 Charleston, S. C; dis. $325. Lee, William 23, sin.; farmer; Columbus, O. 28 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Lewis, Lorenzo T. 19, sin.; woodman; Dearborn, Mich. 23 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. Wounded 30 Nov 64 Honey Hill, S. C. $50. Lipscomb, George Sergt. 23, sin.; boatman; Cincinnati, O. 28 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Reported dead. Lyons, Robert Corpl. 21, sin.; farmer; Mercersburg, Pa. 29 Apl 63; missing 18 Jly 63 Ft Wagner; supposed died pris. $50. Madrey, George 19, sin.; farmer; Hamilton, O. 28 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Rochester, Ill. Mayho, Varnale W. 29, mar.; laborer; Columbus, O. 28 Apl 63; 13 May 64 Davids Id, N. Y.; dis. Wounded 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner. $50. McNally, James 21 —— —— Brattleboro, Vt. 26 Dec
tremendous outburst of gunnery that the West had yet known, the Thirteenth consolidated, Major Guillet, and the Sixteenth consolidated, Major Zacharie, were the front of Gibson's line. They advanced close to the river and drove the enemy beyond a ravine, where the Thirteenth held its position under heavy fire for some time. Of the 28 officers of the regiment who went into the fight, 14 were wounded, some mortally. The regiment behaved throughout like veterans, said Gibson, Captains Ryan, Lipscomb, King, Bishop and McGrath and Lieut. D. C Ryan displayed distinguished steadiness and courage. The loss of this regiment in two short actions (31st and 2d), lasting both together not more than an hour, was 19 officers and 332 men killed, wounded and missing, losing as many as some brigades. Major Zacharie, through a mistake in orders, crossed the river in this movement of the 2d. Once there, Zacharie plucked a brilliant diversion out of the error which had led him there. The Stone rive
of artillery, lightly armed with pistols and knives, carrying material for spiking cannon, burning and destroying buildings, gun carriages, etc., were placed under command of Lieutenant Hallonquist, acting ordnance officer. Lieutenant Nelms, adjutant Fifth Georgia regiment, was attached to this command. The medical officers who accompanied the expedition were: Dr. Micks of the Louisiana infantry; Dr. Tompkins of the Fifth Georgia regiment; Dr. Gholson of the Ninth Mississippi regiment; Dr. Lipscomb of the Tenth Mississippi regiment, and Dr. Gamble of the First Florida regiment, and a detail of 20 men was made to attend on and assist them. Arriving at Pensacola at about 10 o'clock p. m. the transfer of the troops to the steamer Ewing and the barges and flats which had been provided was pushed on as rapidly as possible, but not without some unavoidable delay. It was found absolutely necessary to employ the Neaffie to assist in towing, and at length, all preparations having been
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.13 (search)
ocean, perhaps I should say) the entire day, which was Christmas, 1864. By pushing our line close to his we escaped much injury from the ships' guns, their shells passing over our heads. We had the help of Sutherland's Battery of artillery and Lipscomb's South Carolina cavalry. During the night the troops began to come in from our division. But a reconnoissance the next morning showed that General Butler had taken advantage of the darkness, re-embarked his army, and abandoned his expedition.Carolina) was detached to the south side of the river to assist Fort Caswell. During the action Colquitt was sent too late to reinforce the garrison of Fort Fisher, leaving Hoke the two brigades of Kirkland and Clingman, with some artillery and Lipscomb's Cavalry regiment, which were confronted by Paine's Division of colored troops and Abbott's white brigade behind intrenchments and protected by the great Federal fleet to rake the intervening space with shot and shell, grape and canister, while
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Hanover Grays. (search)
. Harwood, John W. (detailed). Haw, Edwin (dead). Haw, John H. (sergeant). Haw, Richardson W. (twice wounded; dead). Haw, William (wounded). Hazelgrove, Andrew (died in prison). Hogan, William (dead). Home, Robert R. (died in prison). Home, Ralph R. Hott, William (wounded). Hughes, P. H. (wounded; dead). Johnson, P. L. Jones, Washington (killed). Jones, William Wingfield (wounded and dead) Kelley, James S. (dead). Kent, George W. (wounded). Lipscomb, Henry (wounded). Lorgan, Benjamin (dead). Mantlo, William (twice wounded). Mantlo, Cornelius (wounded). Mills, John T. (detailed; dead). Mosby, John S. (dead). Norment, William E. (dead). Nunnally, L. M. (dead). Otey, Thomas (wounded). Otey, William (wounded and dead). Pate, John W. (transferred and dead). Pate, William B. (dead). Richardson, Bowling (dead). Richardson, John (wounded). Richardson, Henry (dead). Richardson, Peter (dead). Shor
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 36. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.44 (search)
as H. Derring, James Dunlop, James R. Folks, Joseph Farley, George W. Farley, Peter F. Farley, Thomas A. Gibson, Jeb Gregory, Thomas B. Grigg, W. E. Guess, Nelson Harrison, R. H. Hobbs, Robert H. Hobbs, Samuel B. Hofman, C. H. Jelks, William A. Jameson, W. A. Johnson, R. H. Jones, R. E. Jordan, Orris F. Kenney, Robert Kevan, William C. Kinsey, Levi A. Kull, Mark E. Lacy, William P. Lee, E. B. Lilly, William E. Lipscomb, Hersey Lufsy, H. Lewis Lyon, Daniel Robertson, J. T. R. Roberts, John P. Ruffin, Theo. B. Sandford, Paul W. Simmons, N. B. Smith, Joseph A. Smith, W. C. Smith, Robert L. Snead, John W. Summerville, J. B. Spottswood, Jos. E. Steel, Alexander Stone, Jordan Stywalt, Hiram Styles, Waverly R. Tally, George A. Talley, Peyton Taliaferro, J. B. Taylor, George A. Tatum, L. Tomlin, C. B. Topham, J. H. Totty, William G. V
W Kirby W Kernelp J W Krepp J Kennedy J T Kearney J Kenney J Keelty T K Love W L Lintz W F Lucke W H Lorentz W Lacy W D Lutz W G Lee W C Lacey J A Laughrige Col J T Locke J J Lee Col J H Long J Ligon J L Lipscomb J T Landrom J D Lipscomb V T Littington Col T Lucas Robt G Lewis D Lawler P Lee C C Landrum C D Lotirzo M Lambert A Lazell A E Lincer G Lee, Johnson & Co. Mitchell J Mezelvoy J A Moore J H Morrisey J Michaels Lipscomb V T Littington Col T Lucas Robt G Lewis D Lawler P Lee C C Landrum C D Lotirzo M Lambert A Lazell A E Lincer G Lee, Johnson & Co. Mitchell J Mezelvoy J A Moore J H Morrisey J Michaels J C Marshall & Co. J Myers J H Mitchell Jno Jr Mulholland J Manning J Milbourn W Morris W Merrett H Mander H Moody G E Mortemer G Manning H Marion T Marshall S H Morton T S Murphy C Mantley D Mauck D T Morris E Moore mast F D Moffatt L Morris Col N D Maldown B R Miller A R Maddox A Miller A B Martin L R Mortimore L Mason S T Miles F A Moore E Morgan L Murphy P Malanory J McDonald Jas McGrager J F McGovern P McGurgan P
city from the South, which find egress to market, both by the South-Side, and Orange and Alexandria Railroads, The largest and the most unheard of shipments of goods, from New York to New Orleans, have passed through here, in charge of Adams' Express, during the past week.--It is said that these unusual shipments are made in such haste in order to reach New Orleans before the 4th of March, and thus get rid of paying duties, which will be imposed by the Southern Confederacy. A man named Lipscomb was arrested here on Saturday last and lodged in jail, who is said to be a fugitive from justice from your city. I may be pardoned, in closing, for stating that the course of the Dispatch during our national troubles is most highly appreciated and commended by our citizens, of all classes. Better evidence need not be adduced than the large and unprecedented increase in circulation which it has now attained, which now reaches, as I have reliable authority for stating, over 400 copies p
Providential escape. --Dr. O. A. Crenshaw, on Thursday night, walked, by inadvertence through an open door located in the third story of the building occupied by Alvey & Lipscomb, on 13th street. but received, providentially, no very serious injury, though much bruised about the shoulders. -- The room in question is that formerly used by the Young Guard as a drill room, and is over forty feet from the ground. The door is a large one, and located over Eagle Alley. Dr. Crenshaw, who is an officer of the Governor's Mounted Guard, had been to attend a meeting of his Company. It was a lucky escape.
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