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n. Captain Hampton's first lieutenant was John A. Logan, of Jackson County. My father was extremeather and the young officers, especially young Logan, which grew stronger when, years after their ront to do. During my absence at school John A. Logan, mentioned as serving in the same regiment while they were soldiering in Mexico, to give Logan his daughter Mary in marriage when she was oldt infrequently chided by father, mother, and Mr. Logan for being too much inclined to flirtation. nois; the Logan family and a majority of young Logan's friends lived at a great distance from Shawncompanied by Judge Parish, Hon. W. J. Alien, Mr. Logan's law partner, Hon. N. C. Crawford, and my fsboro, Jackson County, Illinois, the home of Mr. Logan's mother. Many of the residents of Murphysbe much entertained during our stay with Mother Logan. Returning to Benton we remained with Judgribed in the foregoing, when she rode with General Logan's brother, William, both of whom were fine[14 more...]
opponent Douglas's strong speech at Clinton Lincoln's illness Mr. Logan's political views modified by Lincoln's Logic a Republican afterence as prosecuting attorney criminal law became a passion with John A. Logan, his practice and fame multiplying continually, until he was prneral John A. McClernand, Hon. Lloyd Posey, Hon. W. J. Alien, Hon. John A. Logan, and Hon. John Doherty. Twice each year spring and fall termrom execution many desperate criminals. On one occasion, when Mr. Logan was defending a young man being tried for murder, a lamb that hadcrowded room, and lay down at the judge's feet. Quick as a flash Mr. Logan paused in his pleading and seized upon the incident to the profitwithstanding his failure of election to the Senate in 1858. John A. Logan was then a young man of thirty-two years. All of his associatiose intellectual giants was a revelation in matters political. Mr. Logan's faith in the doctrines of the Democratic party began to waver.
res firing on Sumter public opinion at home Logan's stand for the union his speech at Marion en C. Robinson; Eighth, P. B. Foulke; Ninth, John A. Logan-forming a galaxy of as strong men as the Sion. As Douglas talked the matter over with Mr. Logan (then a member of the House) great tears stot I could to prepare the people for the step Mr. Logan had decided he must take at an early day or ight rashly commit themselves to secession. Mr. Logan, however, returned to Washington to take parthan I could endure. Time flew rapidly, and Mr. Logan wrote me by every mail (then triweekly) of tnois. Finally the day arrived upon which Mr. Logan was to reach home. J. H. White, later lieuto arrive, and before noon--the hour at which Mr. Logan was due — a surging throng of human beings ftune. I reached Carbondale two hours before Mr. Logan arrived. It was two o'clock A. M. before higy, cheering and shouting their welcome to General Logan; crowding so near to grasp his hand that i[26 more...]
ney North for supplies proves a great success Logan persuades three months men to re-enlist--forwabut I swear I will be back in three days. Colonel Logan replied: What has happened? Sol took out pidly. Five hundred of the 31st Regiment (Colonel Logan's) were ill with measles at one time. Medng number of sick. Deeply sympathetic, Colonel Logan, of the 31st, could not bear to see the mef through the purveyor's office, I assured Colonel Logan that I could get on the train and go to Ca; the provost marshal was Major Kuykendall, of Logan's regiment. At six o'clock P. M. he closed thing, and could not accompany me. I will take Mrs. Logan. They came over and told me of the scheme. let me in? He replied: Yes, you bet I will, Mrs. Logan, but where are you going by yourself these t Captain Looney, of Company A of the 31st, Colonel Logan's regiment, was taken to our rooms in a prity of Cairo. One evening I was sitting in Colonel Logan's tent when a young soldier whom we had kn[15 more...]
ins his command as Brigadier General Shiloh Logan's advice fatally rejected by Halleck join my th. On my arrival at Cairo I learned that Colonel Logan was not killed, but was severely wounded, ued my constant vigil over Colonels Ransom and Logan, as serious complications in both cases set inn was very strong, and found expression in General Logan's heroic action after McPherson fell, July I might have done this, and so he said: Ah, Mrs. Logan, my dear lady, I have great reverence for yog on the deck, I responded. He then called: Mrs. Logan, this is Crutchfield, and I am sober yet. at of undermining and exploding Fort Hill. General Logan's old regiment, the 31st Illinois, waited iers who besieged and captured Vicksburg. General Logan and his command had been in the front fromghed and had arrived at their homes before General Logan. The whole population had been fired withassume command of the Fifteenth Army Corps General Logan spent in making speeches for the local can[63 more...]
the enemy might not discover the movement, General Logan personally superintended the execution of Corps, who, to a man, would have died for him. Logan never swerved one iota from his loyalty to hisch had followed Grant, Sherman, McPherson, and Logan, who had taken it successfully through its lasme the reasons sometime. When I came out, General Logan was still sitting on the porch and, as thetter with General Sherman, when the friends of Logan and myself were endeavoring to bring them togeatter, I know the Army of the Tennessee wanted Logan and was greatly disappointed when Sherman went news of the appointment of Howard in place of Logan as we were marching from the left to right. Ipublican party that he was anxious to have General Logan's support. Hence, the moment that General that there would be no movement requiring General Logan's presence, Mr. Lincoln requested him to cregret extremely that Lincoln's request to General Logan was mislaid by a historian years ago, and [111 more...]
gagements. This was the situation when General Logan reached Washington, December 3, 1864, en rMemoirs Vol. II, pp. 357-386.: Knowing General Logan to be a prompt, gallant and efficient offiember. I often heard General Grant and General Logan discuss Thomas and his heroism as a soldie Hood promptly. Of course, whether it was General Logan's appeal to Thomas to save himself and fig conflagration ensued. I have often heard General Logan tell, with tears in his eyes, of the horro take charge of the Freedmen's Bureau, and General Logan was reinstated, as he should have been befd their dauntless and idolized leader, General John A. Logan, who sat his steed like a statue. On me added much to our happiness: our son, John A. Logan, Jr., was born July 24, 1865, and was from th war and the assassination of Mr. Lincoln. General Logan talked to me very seriously on the subjecton to do. Mr. Molton was a loyal friend of General Logan's and insisted that he would withdraw in f[53 more...]
on, and drew around him an able staff. General Logan was thrice elected commander-in-chief, andadvised against such a step. At that time General Logan was commander-in-chief of the Grand Army old it be necessary to protect Mr. Stanton. General Logan occupied a cot beside Secretary Stanton inpresented in the House of Representatives. General Logan being chosen one of the managers on the pa of Detroit, Michigan, a devoted friend of General Logan, invited the general and myself to accompahed, and the joint assembly adjourned. General Logan was much excited over what he termed discong hours of his long and faithful career. General Logan's castigation of Butler in as strong terms extending his hand to General Logan, he said: Logan, God bless you; I have come here to thank you ny country. In the House there were Washburn, Logan, Cullom, Judd, Arnold, Singleton, Wentworth, H cause which they thought just and right. General Logan had infinite satisfaction in the thought t[18 more...]
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refurnishing the White House intimacy between Logan and Grant the reconstruction problem public scandals enormous correspondence of General Logan Senator Christiancy's marriage cabinet membershe committees, with such men to choose from as Logan, Garfield, Banks, Schenck, Dawes, Allison, Winavoid criticism and national scandals. General Logan was then a member of the House, and havings by stenography and typewriting. Many of General Logan's correspondents were grossly insulted if So intimate were the relations between General Logan and his constituents and the members of tssion of Congress. I know one thing, that General Logan was so conscientious in regard to his duti President Grant had as much confidence in General Logan in politics as he had in military affairs,rant knew that he could always depend upon General Logan's coming to the rescue, and more than once footman saying: Mrs. Fish's compliments to Madame Logan, and Mrs. Fish will be obliged if Madame Lo[9 more...]
Mrs. John A. Logan, Reminiscences of a Soldier's Wife: An Autobiography, Chapter 11: (search)
army to a peace basis Sherman's hostility to Logan's measure a congressional scandal Logan checLogan checkmates Butler death of General Thomas honors to the memory of General Rawlins General Logan's viGeneral Logan's victorious campaign for the senatorship and my share in it removal to Chicago the great fire chairost of January 6, 1871: The levees which Mrs. Logan is constantly holding in her parlors in the This evening, about supper-time, Oglesby and Mrs. Logan, old acquaintances, met in the hall and afteas you ought. It seems to me obvious that General Logan should have the senatorship. He has not ray of March, 1871. A committee visited General Logan and announced the good news to him, when hence of one of the senators from Illinois. General Logan had bought a house in Chicago sometime bef was obliged to dispose of this home after General Logan's death, and have since had the painful exndown Sunday night and Monday morning. General Logan was more deeply impressed with the horrors[19 more...]
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