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beaten army on the 25th of September, at Brown's Gap, where Lomax and Fitz-Lee had arrived the day before. Rosser's brigade y, Sept. 27. Early also admits the arrival of Fitz-Lee and Lomax's cavalry. He states in his Memoir that Rosser's brigade division numbered 2,700; he gives no estimate of Fitz-Lee or Lomax's strength, and says not a word of Breckenridge or the reseee1,706 effective. Aug. 31Kershaw3,445 effective. Sept. 10Lomax3,568 effective. Breckenridge succeeded late in September tvalry, that it is impossible for ours to compete with his. Lomax's command is and has been demoralized all the time. It wou was sent to the national right, to occupy the cavalry, and Lomax (who had been pushed down the Luray Valley) was ordered to left of the line, to protect the road to Winchester, which Lomax had not seized; and a general retreat was ordered. The conmpelled to send Fitz-Lee's two brigades to General Lee, and Lomax's cavalry was brought from across the Blue Ridge, where the
ults and fire of the enemy, some of the men had been without meat for three days, and all were suffering from reduced rations and scant clothing. Colonel Cole, chief commissary, reports that he has not a pound of meat at his disposal. If some change is not made, and the commissary department reorganized, I apprehend dire results. The physical strength of the men, if their courage survives, must fail under this treatment. Our cavalry has to be dispersed for want of forage. Fitz Lee's and Lomax's divisions are scattered because supplies cannot be transported where their services are required. I had to bring Fitz Lee's division sixty miles Sunday night, to get them in position. Taking these facts in connection with the paucity of our numbers, you must not be surprised if calamity befalls us. At this juncture the rebels made another attempt to avert the blow which they felt was about to fall. They had already, a month before, dispatched the second civil officer of their Confed
a division, and one to Fitz Lee's division, under Wickham, Lomax will be able, I hope, to bring out the rest. The men are awn brigade and the two brigades of Fitz Lee's division, and Lomax with two brigades of his own cavalry, were ordered to pursuon what is called Back road, which is west of the pike; but Lomax's command, which was on the pike, came back to this place iavalry, that it is impossible for ours to compete with his. Lomax's cavalry is armed entirely with rifles, and has no sabres,and, on the 18th, I moved Gordon's division, with a part of Lomax's cavalry, to Martinsburg, to thwart efforts that were reposer was sent to the left to occupy the enemy's cavalry, and Lomax, who had been sent down the Luray valley, was ordered to pacountry being perfectly open, and having on that flank only Lomax's old brigade, numbering about 300 men, it became necessaryt I did not deem it prudent to press further, especially as Lomax had not come up. I determined, therefore, to content myself
eox's Div4321253143095,88334544540615393976,8726,7691792,591921,78011,4116,822 Total11910445203123110986514,087121170343130632104118916,70017,88968211,0064536,10736,13717,872 Lt.-Gen. R. H. Anderson, Johnson's Division125118715364316,505172642149015595287,3187,8462103,343521,19112,642 Lt.-General J. A. Early commanding. Staff111422111111616222018 Wharton's Div13143112681,11217012264239991,4851,5841943,3061041,5476,7351,528 Long's Artillery114113120368111432334244572584731001,432743 Lomax Cav. Div223451211541,38364571561091971,5931,7901923,6311001,4377,1501,988 Total147516115711232432,86371262046312503453,5023,8474137,7842093,08415,3374,277 Maj.-Gen. W. H. F. Lee's Division13433311331853,93518323125895562454,9035,1481303,377455999,2995,107 Maj.-Gen. Fitz Lee's Division1222631232961,8256163123518141462,3532,4992715,348351,2939,4462,519 Br.-Gen. J. A Walker, Defences R. & D. R. R.111311111041,41451184382541251,6241,749371,4833,269 Unattached Commands42504285251104665069618