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epulsed. Grant resolved to reciprocate the enemy's attentions; so, having quietly transferred the 2d corps from his extreme left to his extreme right, across the James, at Deep Bottom, July 26-7. he directed Hancock to turn the enemy's advance position, while Foster should amuse him by a feint in front; and this order was so admirably obeyed that the Rebel outpost was successfully flanked and carried by Miles's brigade Consisting of the 183d Pa., 28th Mass., and 26th Mich., under Col. J. C. Lynch. of Barlow's division, capturing 4 guns. The enemy fell back behind Bailey's creek; still holding firmly his strong defensive work at Chapin's bluff, opposite Fort Darling. Sheridan. with his cavalry, attempted to flank this work, and gained some high ground from which he hoped to get into its rear; but night came on before he was ready; and, so imminent seemed the danger on this flank, that Lee drew July 27-29. five of his eight remaining divisions across the James to avert it,
n many a battle-field has excited the astonishment and admiration of his troops, met with a narrow escape while on the other side of the river. A rebel bullet pierced his trowsers, burying itself in his saddle, without, however, inflicting a wound. Above the flag of his division is a white silk streamer, presented to him by members of his command, bearing the words: My God, my country, and General Hayes. The inscription is indorsed by the boys, among whom he is a great favorite. Captain J. C. Lynch, Acting Inspector-General of the division, had the top of his hat blown away by a shell during the engagement. General Kilpatrick, accompanied by battery C, Third artillery, Lieutenant Kelly, left camp at seven o'clock A. M. on Saturday morning, and, after several feints, crossed at Culpeper Mine Ford, where six rebel pickets belonging to Hampton's Legion were found posted. On crossing, detachments were sent out to scour the country in every direction. Colonel Alger, commanding t
J. C. Lynch Col. 183d Penn. InfantryJuly 29, 1864, to Oct. 6, 1864. 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Second Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
William Swinton, Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac, chapter 12 (search)
position on his immediate front, and had already made one or two unsuccessful sallies to dislodge him. Hancock determined, next morning, to disengage this force by a turning movement by the right, while Foster threatened it in front. The operation was successfully accomplished, and the skirmish line of Miles' brigade, of Barlow's division, The skirmish line was composed of the One Hundred and Eighty-third Pennsylvania, Twenty-eighth Massachusetts, and Twenty-sixth Michigan, under Colonel J. C. Lynch. by a well-executed manoeuvre, captured four guns. The enemy held this front weakly; and, when thus assailed, retired a short distance to another line of works, behind Bailey's Creek, where he effectually barred Hancock's approach to Chapin's Bluff. This position seemed so formidable that Hancock preferred to flank it. The cavalry, meanwhile, moved to the right, and, by one or two spirited charges, gained possession of some high, open ground, which it was hoped might enable it to ge
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
Sergeant W. J. Waller, Private E. Ballard, J. H. Jones, J. S. Kendrick, C. A. Sealey, J. C. Strickland, Private J. M. Smith, Aaron Stewart, W. S. Scott, J. W. Wellaby, E. T. Watson. Co. I. 1st Sergeant J. M. McClelland, Private J. B. Grant, Wm. Hooten, Private W. J. Masters, W. J. Smith. Co. K. 1st Sergeant Jno. D. Copeland, 2d Sergeant W. H. Stovall, 3d Sergeant J. D. Smith, 4th Sergeant W. H. Christopher Corporal R. P. Walker, Mus'n J. T. Hailes, Private J. C. Lynch, G. W. Nickelson, R. H. Greenwood, W. V. Bowles. [73] Twenty-first Georgia Regiment. Co. A. Musician B. F. Jones. Co. B. Sergeant J. E. Hall, J. E. Mullin, Mus'n T. J. McKown, Private C. H. Pyle. Co. C. Private A. E. Hamby, J. C. Benedict, Private William Sweat. Co. D. Sergeant L. B. Davis, Private C. B. Cambron, L. B. Dilender, Thomas Hackney, Private J. H. Jordan, J. K. Morton, J. M. Poole, C. I. Logan. Co. E Sergeant George Wofford, Pri