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f that State. No reply has been received, and nothing further has been done. The information collected by Colonel McDonald, on his recent visit to England, will perhaps throw light upon the subject, and enable us to do justice to both States, in any future attempts to ascertain the true line. The second resolution authorized me to appoint a Commissioner to state and settle the accounts of Messrs. Baugh and Black, for their services in running and marking the said line. I accordingly appointed Major Jacob Lynch, of Washington county, such Commissioner, and accompanied his commission with such instructions as I considered necessary, to insure a final settlement of the accounts. His report has been returned, and the balance ascertained by him to be due to each, has been paid. I am confirmed in the opinion expressed in my communication to you on the subject at the last session. This line cannot be accurately run and established until the line [Concluded on Fourth Page.]
Washington — Wm. King Heishell, John N. Hugh Jacob Lynch. Wayne — Joseph J. Mansfield, James Ferguson, Wm. T. Smith. Webster — James A. Baughman, Walter Cook, Ro.McCrary. Westmoreland — Hannibal Chandler, John F. Brockensronah, W. P. McKenney. Wetzel — Friend Cox, John Yarnall, J. Davis Young. Williamsburg — Robt. Saunders, Ro. H. Armis and W. R. C. Douglas. Wirt — Otho Williams, Robert Brown, William Shepherd. Wise — Wm. Richmond, J. H. Hogs, James W. Vermillion. Wheeling — A. J. Pannell, Aaron Kelly, Alice Hughes. Wood — D. R. Neal, B. R. Pennybacker, Ki Stephenson. Wyoming--Wm. Handley, James Shannon, James Bailey. Wythe — Gordon C. Kent, John Sanders, Ch Crockett. York — Henry S. B. Power, Wm. L. Henley, T Tinsley. The eight section of the seventh chapter of the Code, edition 1860, provides that, "The Commissioners appointed by the Governor in each county or corporation, shall appoint three Commissioners for each place t
Major Jacob Lynch, President of the Exchange Bank at Abington, Va., died a few days ago. The "Succession" in Havana had a grand dinner on the 12th of February, to celebrate the inauguration of President Davis.
The Tuscumbia Constitution learns that six of the brave men of the Alabama 4th have already re-enlisted, and that nearly all of the rest will do so. The Rev. Dr. Hawks, who, in consequence of his secession proclivities, fell into great disfavor with his congregation, has resigned his pastoral charge over Calvary church, in New York. Dr. Edward M. Campbell has been elected President of the Exchange Bank, at Abingdon, Va., vice Jacob Lynch, deceased. The stories in East Tennessee are still at their old work of cutting the telegraphic wires. It is stated that the Rev. J. R. Graves, formerly editor of the Tennessee Baptist, proposes to raise a regiment of pikemen for the C. S. service. A Connecticut cavalry man was captured by our pickets some eight miles from New bars, N. C., a few days ago. The Yankees have taken possession of the Progress newspaper office at Newbern, N. C., and started a Semi-Weekly journal. The Georgia State Road has paid into