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Proceedings in the Courts. Hustings Court, Friday, October 24th --Present: Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge.--Richard Duff was put on trial for the murder of Patrick Kelley, an artilleryman, on the 9th of last May, on 7th street, in front of a house of ill fame. The prisoner, Duff, was charged jointly with a man named Daniel Broderick with the commission of the murder, which was effected with deliberation and in the absence of any provocation on the part of the unfortunate victim, who, the testimony showed, was passing along the street peaceably when set upon by ruffians and deprived of his life. Broderick, with 14 others, escaped from the city jail some months since, and was not present to undergo the ordeal of a trial. Duff was without counsel. The testimony adduced threw so much doubt and mystery around the affair that the jury were unwilling to enter a verdict of guilty against Duff as a principal in the bloody deed, and he was acquitted. He is yet held for trial on the charge
ged daily in perfecting. He was voted in as a member of the chain-gang for ninety days. Warren Dubois was brought up on the charge of unlawfully taking possession of forty-two boxes of manufactured tobacco, the property of Aug. R. Brummel, worth $500. The case was continued, and Mr. Dubois admitted to ball in the sum of $500 for his appearance, with Alex B. Wells as surety. The parties concerned were formerly partners in business. Hustings Court, Tuesday, Nov. 4. --Present: Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge.--There being no case on the docket ready for trial, no jury was summoned to attend Court to-day. Frederick J. Miller, heretofore found guilty of stealing a horse from John B Davis, was sentenced to one year's imprisoment in the Penitentiary. The finding of the jury in this case was accompanied by a recommendation to Executive clemency. James Slater, convicted of the murder of Wm. Clarke, in Butchertown, by shooting him with a pistol, was sentenced to ten years imprisonm
ff the rogues. The Mayor sent him before the Provost Marshal. Habeas Corpus Case.--On the 2d of November Mrs. Mary Ann Piggott and her children, prisoners in Castle Thunder, were, on their petition, awarded a writ of habeas corpus by Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge of the Hustings Court, returnable on the 3d instant, when the parties were produced in Court, and the case was continued until 10 ½ o'clock P. M. yesterday, when the parties were again brought into Court. The return of Gen. Winder tilitary service of the Confederate States, herewith produces in Court the bodies of Mary Ann Piggott. Nathaniel D. Piggott, Mary Ellen Piggott, Eugenie Piggott, and Isabella Piggott, and for return to the writ of habeas corpus awarded by the Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge of the Hustings Court of Richmond, to the parties a foresaid saith: That the five prisoners aforesaid are detained in custody by Gen. G. W. Smith, the Military Commandant of this District, upon charges preferred against them by Gen
ms, James Alfred Jones Wm. G. Paine, William Gray, John Caskie, Ro. H. Maury, Robert Richardson. Wm. F. Butler, Wm. Ira Smith, Wm. K. Watts, John P. Ballard. Hugh W. Fry, John D. Harvey, Alfred Moses, T. W. Reisinger, P. Henry Aylett, A K. Parker, A. L. Ellett, D. T. Williams, Wm. F. Gray, James H. Grant, John Dooley, John Purcell, Jaquelin P. Taylor, Joel B. Watkins, E. H. Gill. R. H. Dibrell, Arthur A. Horson. Meet at Tobacco Exchange at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning. Monroe Ward--Judge Wm. H. Lyons, Chairman; Henry K. Eliyson, Wm, G. Dandridge, A. P Fox, Geo A Herring E. H. Skinker, John O Chiles, Thomas D. Quarles, Wm. H. Haxall, Dr. C. G. Barney, Samuel J. Harrison, Ro, A. Lancaster, A. P Harvey, John Enders. Wm. Barrett, Thos W. McCance, Benjamin Davis, T. H. Ellett, James Purcell, Andrew Pizzini, Logan Waller, Abram Warwick, John A Bowen, Oscar Cranz, Ro. W. Powers, Geo E. Bidgood F. W. Hannerwinkle Meet at Arlington House Tuesday morning, at 9 A. M. Fourth Ward--Gen J.
Proceedings in the Courts. Hustings Court, Monday, Nov. 10. --The regular monthly tern of the Hustings Court commenced to-day at 11 o'clock, Recorder James K. Caskie presiding. William Willett, of New Orleans, was examined for stealing a pair of shoes from M. C. Gordon & Co., and sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. William E. Jones, of the 6th South Carolina regiment, was examined for shooting and killing H. Snow, a Louisiana soldier, Sunday before last, on Broad street. It was pretty clearly shown by all the witnesses that Snow belonged to a gang of ruffians who had set upon Jones for the purpose of beating him without any provocation, and that he in a fit of desperation had shot him for the purpose of escaping serious and undeserved bodily harm. Jones was acquitted. The Grand Jury assembled and were sworn in, George W. Smith acting as foreman. After retiring to their room and examining a large number of witnesses, they returned into Court with indictment
30, was sent on to be examined before a called Court next week. Hustings Court-- Tuesday, Nov. 18th.--Present: Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge, and Littleton Tazewell, Esq., Commonwealth's Attorney. James Gannon, one of the parties indicted for rgh to take into his custody twenty-five dollars belonging to Maroni. The Court committed the accused for trial before Judge Lyons. Habeas Corpus--William Weeks, a prisoner for the last month in Castle Thunder, yesterday sued out a writ of habeas corpus, and appeared before Judge Lyons for a hearing as to the cause of his arrest and detention. The case was not gone into on its merits, being postponed until Friday next. Weeks was arrested just after the battle of Cedar Run, in Culpeper cremains to be seen. Supreme Court of Appeals.--The Judges of this Court have reversed the decision of the jury in Judge Lyons's Court, condemning James Slater to ten years imprisonment in the Penitentiary for the murder of William Clarke, in Ad
around Richmond. Ann Thomas was examined by the Mayor and acquitted of being an accessory to the murder of J. O. Withmell last Saturday night. She was however, required to give bail in $500 for her appearance this day week, when, as the Mayor said, he "would investigate Ann Thomas." She gave bail. Miller and Hiltzheimer, witnesses at the inquest, were recognized to appear and testify at that time. The girls boarding at her house appeared, but were dismissed. Hustings Court--Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding--Thursday, Nov. 29th.--John Wall was arraigned for trial on the charge of stealing a gold watch from Robert C. Graham. The jury found him guilty and ascertained the term of his imprisonment at three years in the Penitentiary. Mr. Crane appeared for the defendant. John Pendergrast was tried for stealing $74 in C. S. Treasury notes from John McCarthy, and found guilty by the jury, who assessed his time at 18 months in the Penitentiary. Mr. Ratcliffe appeared for the pr
aggled in the place, behaved disorderly, and showed some practice in the "manly art." She was sent to jail in default of $500 bail for her good behavior. Thomas Smith, charged with getting drunk and firing a pistol in the street, was sent to jail in default of a voucher for his good behavior. Patrick Boyle, James Lyons, John Connel, and Patrick Conley, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct in the street, were committed to jail. Hustings Court, Friday, Nov. 28 --Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding.--William Fitzgerald, charged with shooting at Thomas Fitzgerald and hitting Patrick Murphy, found guilty of misdemeanor by a jury Thursday night, and ordered to be put in the city jail for two weeks and fined $10, was today sentenced by the Judge in accordance with the jury of the case. John T. Ellis was put on trial for stealing over $200 from James T. Lane, a soldier, in a house near the corner of 24th and Main streets, a few weeks ago. The jury acquitted the prisoner
g furnished Cyrus, slave of Miles Crenshaw, with a note to draw a sum of money for a cow stolen by Cyrus and sold by him. Wm. Duke and Thomas Hiltzheimer were each bound over in the sum of $500 to appear before the Hustings Court Grand July in February, and answer an indictment for misdemeanor. The other parties arrested in certain gaming houses save those committed for want of surety for their good behavior, were discharged. Hustings Court. Saturday, Nov. 29th --Present--Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge--William Wylett, a youth, was put on trial for grand larceny, in stealing a pair of shoes worth $20, from M. C. Gordon & Co. The shoes were of the description that formerly sold for $4 and the jury having the discretion refused to affix the present rates of valuation. Wylett was found guilty of petty larceny and sent to jail for six months. Jerry Kearney was tried for shooting Michael Reardan, and was found guilty by the jury of unlawful shooting. His term of confinement in t
r rosining about the streets in male attire and stealing a coat from Dr. Lynch. She was brought into Court in the toggery in which she fell into the hands of the watch. It was stated that she had absented herself from her master about six months ago, prior to which time she had often exhibited the symptoms of a crazy mind. She was sent to jail to be called for. Emma, slave of Jno. Wheeler, was tried for stealing two coats, worth $50, from John Cross, and acquitted. Hustings Court, Tuesday, Dec. 16th.--Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding.--Sunday wills were admitted, to probate, and a small amount of civil business done, when the Court proceeded to try a habeas corpus case brought up by Messrs. John H. Gilmer and Samuel Byles, on behalf of Thos. J. Corbia, Asa C. Hasle, and Henry C. Hurdle, patties confined in Castle Lightning as suspicious characters. After the case was partly argued, it was, on motion, continued till Thursday for another hearing. The Court sits again to-day.
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