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Discharged. --David S. Chilton, arrested several months ago, in company with Albert L. Riddell, (who lately broke out of jail and escaped from the Commonwealth,) charged with passing counterfeit bank notes, and who was acquitted on one of three indictments pending against him for that offence, on a trial before Judge Wm. H. Lyons, of the Hustings Court, was yesterday brought before the Court, and, the Judge consenting, the Commonwealth's Attorney entered a nolle prosequi in the two remaining indictments, and the prisoner was discharged. His father, a respectable citizen of Liberty, Bedford county, was present, and on the announcement of the happy termination of the affair, shed tears copiously, as did also the prisoner, and sundry sympathizing bystanders. Young Chilton was defended on his first arraignment by Hon. Wm. L. Goggin, Jas. F. Johnson, of the State Senate, and Judge Crump, of this city.
r. John Purcell nominated as Secretaries the following gentlemen, and they were elected: R. Milton Cary, John H. Montague, John Thompson Brown, John H. Claiborne, J. Adair Pleasants. Mr. George W. Randolph offered a resolution, which was adopted, for the appointment of a committee of twenty-five, to prepare and report business for the action of the meeting. the Chairman thereupon appointed the following gentlemen: Geo. W. Randolph, A. L. Holladay, Nathaniel Tyler, Judge Wm. H. Lyons, Judge John Robertson, Samuel. J. Harrison, P. R. Grattan, Wyndham Robertson, R. T. Daniel, R. R. Howison, Jno. H. Gilmer, W. S. Triplett, Robt. Ridgway, Thos. T. Giles, Wm. Old, R. B. Heath, Gen. T. P. August, Wm. G. Paine, John Purcell, Wm. H. McFarland, David J. Burr, Judge John A. Meredith, A. A. Morson, Thos. W. McCance, Bolling W. Haxall, Jno. Randolph Tucker. the Committee retired, and calls were made for T. T. Cropper. at
. J. Burr, Thomas U. Dudley, W. Fleischmanns, H. A. Dudley, Andrew Jenkins, M. Downey, W. W. Snead, Geo. W. Gretter, Thomas L. Johnson, Paulus Powell (of Amherst). This committee will proceed to Manassas in the early train this morning. Committee to Procure Accommodations.--B. W. Haxall, John D. Harvey, James Blair, A. S. Lee, H. Hancock, Thos. W. McCance, Thos. W. Doswell, W. J. Riddick, P. B. Price, Geo. Watt, Emanuel Straus, M. Downey, Edwin A. Smith, John Gibson. Geo. S. Lownes, Wm. H. Lyons, John H. Knowles, Samuel J. Rutherfoord, C. Crew, H. Spotts, Thos. Vaiden, (Manchester,) John Enders, John L. Tate, F. W. Redford. C. Burnett, R. A. Mayo, Thos. G. Bell, C. Bates, Jos. Allen, John Hatcher, (Manchester,) Geo. S. Palmer, Caleb Jacobs, Thomas Jones, R. O. Haskins, L. Libby, M. Milhiser, Lewis H. Frayser, C. R. Barksdale, Chas. Campbell, Thos. C. Epps, E. Norvell Jones, H. T. Pairo, W. Goddin, Chas. Behle, W. F. Taylor. This committee will meet in the office of the Insur
Wm. H. Lyons. foremast of the Atlantic Iron Works in Norfolk, has been arrested on the charge of uttering reasonable language.
The remains of Major W. S. Wood, quartermaster of the Second Regiment S. C. V., were interred with military honors in Columbia on Sunday last. He died in Virginia, of typhoid fever. Large green worms are making sad havoc in the barley and oat fields of Rhode Island. They crawl up and eat the straw through just under the head of grain, which then falls off. The arrest of Wm. H. Lyons, of Norfolk, was on a piece warrant merely. There was nothing in the testimony to impugn his loyalty.
Trial of Murphy --The trial of Charles Murphy, indicted for causing the death of a negro named Albert, the property of Mrs Spindle, of Fredericksburg, commenced yesterday morning before Judge Wm. H. Lyons The following jury was sworn: P. M. Tabb, jr., Charles M. Bosher, Wm. H. Davis, Chas. C. S. Thompson, George A. Pearce, Burwell Jones, Charles R. Darracott, Thomas Jones, Lacien Hill, Wm. A. Rison, Wm. H. Eggleston, and Austin D. Turner. After hearing a portion of the evidence, the Court adjourned over to this morning at 10 o'clock.
Hustings Court --Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding. Edward Barry, who was convicted of grand larceny on Wednesday, moved yesterday in arrest of judgment, which motion was overruled, and the prisoner sentenced to six years in the penitentiary. Thirty days time was allowed to apply for writ of error Barry claimed to have been a member of the Polish brigade. Thomas Katie was tried yesterday for grand larceny, convicted, and awarded five years imprisonment. A motion in arrest of judgment was overruled, and the prisoner sentenced. Time was allowed to apply for a writ of error. Kane was a lieutenant in the Polish brigade, and was Barry's associate in the robbery of Dr. Edwards. George Black, indicted for stealing a gold watch from James Broderick, was found and sentenced to four years imprisonment.
Examination of prisoners. --Col. Adler. who came here in offer his services to the South, representing himself to have been an officer under Gar and was subsequently arrested as a spy, has had a hearing before Commissioner Lyons. Also Ex-Lieut lower of the McC Rangers, who resigned his commission and attempted to go to Philadelphia. when he was arrested. He pleads in justification that he was going to look after an in which his family has an interest. The Commissioner opinion has not been made public in reference to either case.
Hustings Court --Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding.--Opie Staite, indicted for forging the name of James D. Johnson to an order of the Circuit Court of Giles county, was tried yesterday, and convicted on one count in the indictment. The jury ascertained the term of his imprisonment at three years. The prisoner's counsel moved to set aside the verdict and grant a new trial, which will be argued on Monday next. The accused was formerly editor of the Wytheville Telegraph. George Rigley, indicted for stealing a watch and pistol from Frank B. Garnett, was placed on trial, but without concluding, the Court adjourned over to this morning.
Trial of Harvey Wash. --The Court of Appeals having granted a new trial to Harvey Wash, convicted of passing counterfeit gold, the prisoner was yesterday arraigned before Judge Wm. H. Lyons, and pleaded "not guilty." The following jury was sworn John Sarvey, T. F. Ragland, William S. Wood. A. Bodeker, G. W. Harris, T. L. Angus, Riobard S. Valentine, Charles H. Anderson, David Burlington, Thomas Jones, Jefferson Powers, and T. L. Courtney. The Court commenced the examination of witnesses, but without coinciding adjourned over to this morning at ten o'clock.
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