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Hon. J. L. M. Curry , LL.D., William Robertson Garrett , A. M. , Ph.D., Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 1.1, Legal Justification of the South in secession, The South as a factor in the territorial expansion of the United States (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), The civil history of the Confederate States (search)
war, had said that the flag should float over the Capitol at Washington. The expression was thought at the time to be unwise and that we should have used peaceful words while preparing for the war that might come. But the war should now be prosecuted with vigor. There was decided opposition expressed from many quarters to the resolution. Mr. Jenkins, of Virginia, led, declaring that the change of policy proposed would necessitate the increase of an army to double its present strength. Mr. Machen, of Kentucky, said: I come from a land which is now resonant with the fife and drum from Yankeedom. Still I am not in favor of adopting a new policy, or having Congress dictate what shall be the disposition of our forces with regard to the enemy. Congress should not usurp the military power. The resolution was laid on the table. Four days later Congress came readily to unanimous agreement upon another proposition concerning the unaltered purpose of the Confederates to effect a politi
housands, and such a one so much, say the war papers. The fact is the banks are only investing in stocks of the State of New York. A dispatch from Frankfort, Ky., May 11, gives the following proceedings of the Kentucky Legislature: Mr. Machen, from the House Committee on Military Affairs, yesterday reported in the Kentucky Legislature a bill appropriating something near six millions of dollars for military purposes, and the organization of a standing army of 10,000 men, with proper unition, and also to provide for the organization of a Home Guard. In each county arming the muskets to be purchased shall be distributed. The Union men will support Mr. Under wood's proposition, while the Secessionists will adhere to that of Mr. Machen. In the news telegraphed North from Washington, May 12, is the following: The preparations having been completed for an effective blockade of Virginia waters, Capt. Pendergrast has given the precautionary notice of fifteen days for
that a dispatch had been received with the gratifying news that General Price had gained another great and signal victory over the Federal forces in Missouri, killing and wounding seven hundred, with a loss of but one hundred on our side. Mr. Machen, of Kentucky, replied to the remarks of Mr. Boyce. He thought the discussion had taken a wide range. When the House undertook to act upon the conduct of those who had the management of our campaigns, he thought they should be arraigned beforeNapoleon, but Napoleon never permitted the dictation of a council to influence him in his military campaigns. Mr. Foote asked if it was usurpation to express an honest conviction on the conduct of the war; if so, he wanted to go home. Mr. Machen continued, and asked if those who contended for the aggressive policy intended to trammel our military leaders by resolutions from this body. He had no prejudice against, or undue partiality for, the President or any member of his Cabinet. If
other Departments of the Government in everything that will tend to promote the public welfare. Mr. Speaker Bocock announced the appointment of committees, a list of which we subjoin: Committee en Elections--Messrs. Smith of N. C., Vest of Mo., Staples of Va., Crockett of Ky, Gardenhire of Tenn., Curry of Ala., Clapp of Miss., Dawkins of Fla., and Tripp of Ga. Ways and Moons.--Messrs. Kenner of La., Jones of Tenn., Bonham of S. C., Garnett of Va., McRae of Miss., Lyon of Ala., Machen of Ky., Holt of Ga., and Graham of Texas. Military Affairs.--Messrs. Miles of S. C., Kenan of Ga., Pugh of Ala., Davis of Miss., Harris of Mo., Swann of Tenn., Bridges of N. G., and Batson of Ark. Foreign Affairs.--Messrs. Foote of Tenn., Perkins of La., Smith of Ala., Dejarnette of Va., Barksdale of Miss, McQueen of S. C., Breckinridge of Ky., Preston of Va., and McLean of N. C. Naval Affairs.--Messrs. Conrad of La., Boyce of S. C., Wright of Geo., Clopton of Ala., Currin of
nd by inserting the word "daily," instead of "quarterly in advance." This motion was agreed to — ayes 35, noes 27. The bill fixes the salary of the Clerk of the House at $-,000, and allows him three clerks, with a salary of $1,500 each; the salary of the Doorke per, $1,500; Assistant Doorkeeper, $1,200; and the pages $2 per day. Mr. Crockett, of Ky., moved to amend by striking out $1,500 as the salary of the Doorkeeper, and inserting $2,000 instead thereof. Amendment agreed to. Mr. Machen, of Ky., moved to amend by striking out $1,500 as the compensation of the assistant clerks, and inserting in lieu there of $2,000. Mr. Royston, of Ark., moved to lay the amendment on the table, and the motion was agreed to. The bill was then read as amended, and being put upon its passage, was adopted. The House then resumed the consideration of the unfinished business of yesterday, being the bill reported from the Committee on Military Affairs, declaring what persons shall
ation be indefinitely postponed. Not agreed to, and the House proceeded to the consideration of the bill. The question being called, the Speaker decided that the question was first upon the highest figures proposed to be inserted in lien of $3,000 in the Senate bill, which was stricken out by vote of the House on Saturday. Under this ruling of the Chair. Mr. Ellictt's motion to fill the blank with $2,920 was first voted upon, and was defeated by a vote of ayes 54, noes 40. Mr. Machen's motion to insert $2,500 was the next considered, and was adopted by a vote of 36 to 38. The vote was then taken on the substitute of Mr. Gartrell, and it was rejected — ayes 38; noes 43. A message was received from the Senate, announcing that body had passed a bill to encourage the enlistment of marines, in which the concurrence of the House was asked. The substitution of the amendment of Mr. Ellicott was the only material change of the bill as it came from the Senate, and
f a committee of five to investigate the management of the hospitals in the Department of Henrico. Agreed to. Mr. Bruce, of Ky., offered a resolution, that the Committee on Naval Affairs be instructed to report, at the earliest day practicable, as to the propriety and expediency of amending all laws relative to privateering. Mr. Chrisman, of Ky., offered a resolution tendering the thanks of Congress to Col. John Morgan and his command for distinguished services. Agreed to. Mr. Machen, of Ky., offered a resolution that the Secretary of War furnish this House with the number of Confederate troops of every description now in the field and in camps of instruction, designating, as nearly as may be, the number in each arm of the service; that he also inform this House of the number of soldiers enrolled under the Conscription act, and from what States they have been drawn, and whether the enrollment under said act has been completed in any or all the Confederate States. Agre
2, 1862. The House met at its usual hour, and was opened with prayer by Bishop Early. Journal of yesterday read. Mr. Currin, of Tenn., offered a joint resolution tendering thanks to Col. N. Bedford Forrest, and the officers and soldiers under his command, for gallant services. Passed unanimously. Mr. Foster offered a resolution requesting the Secretary of War to furnish this House with a copy of the report of Gen. Crittenden of the battle of Fishing Creek. Agreed to. Mr. Machen offered a resolution that the President be requested to furnish the House with a copy of the report of Gen. Simon B. Buckner of the battle of Fort Donelson. This resolution was withdrawn without action upon it. Mr. Jones, of Tenn., moved that the House resolve itself into Committee of the Whole on the President's message, and Mr. Curry, of Ala., took the chair. The Committee was called to order, and the Chairman announced that the gentleman from Tennessee (Mr. Foote) was entitled to
ssippi District. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Also, letters from the Secretary of War and Quartermaster General in relation to the payment of troops. Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs and ordered to be printed. The House then took up the order for the morning hour, being the bill to provide for the further issue of Treasury Notes, reported by Mr. Kenner from the Committee of Ways and Means. After some discussion, in which Messrs Johnson of Va., Kenner and Machen of Ky., participated, the bill was passed substantially as it came from the Committee. We give the bill as it passed: A Bill. to be entitled An Act to provide for the further issue of Treasury Notes. Section 1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact. That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby authorized, from time to time, to issue in addition to the Bonds, Certificates of Stock, and Treasury Notes already authorized by law, such additional amount
e of the bill the vote was taken by ayes and noes, as follows: Ayes.--Messrs. Ashe, Atkins, Ayer, Baldwin, Batson, Bell, Bonham, Boyee, Bridges, H. W. Bruce, E. M. Bruce, Chambliss, Chisman, Clapp, Clopton, Collier, Cook, Crockett, Curvin, Curry, Dargan, Davis, Dawkins, Dejarnett, Ewing, Farrow, Foote, Foater, Freeman, Gardenheir, Gartrell, Gentry, Graham, Gray, Hanly, Hartridge, Heiskell, Herbert, Hilton, Hoge, Holcomb, Holt, Johnson, Kenan of Ga., Kenan of N. C., Kenner, Lander, Lyon, Machen, Marshall, McDowell, McLean, Menees, Miles, Moore, Perkins, Pugh, Royston, Russell, Sexton, Smith of Ala., Smith of N. C., Strickland, Swann. Tibbs, Trippe, Vest, Villere, Welch, Wilcox, Wright of Texas, Wright of Tenn, and Mr. Speaker.--74. Noes.--Messrs. Breckinridge, Conrad, Conroe, Dupre, Harris, and Lyons.--6. Absent, or not voting.--Messrs. Arrington, Barksdale, Boteler, Burnett, Chambers, Chilton, Clarke, Davidson, Elliott, Gaither. Garland, Garnett, Goode, Hyer, Jones, Lew
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