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Mayor's Court. --The following cases occupied the Mayor's attention yesterday: Richard, slave of Delia Mack, was ordered to be whipped for stealing a pint of brandy and assaulting Caroline Mack, a white woman. A charge was preferred against Wm. Clayton of stealing two hundred and fifty dollars in State bank notes from Mrs. Crowder; but the evidence being insufficient to convict him of the offence, he was discharged. John and Andrew, negroes, charged with stealing a piece of calico from Chiles & Chenery. The value of the goods being assessed under twenty dollars, it was decided that their offence was that of petit larceny, and the accused were punished accordingly. Ella, slave of James A. Patterson, charged with setting fire to the dwelling-house of J. C. Courtney, was again before the court. The Mayor decided that, as the amount of property destroyed did not reach twenty dollars, her offence was a misdemeanor, and thereupon ordered her to be whipped to the e
Mrs. Elizabeth Jeter, against whom a charge was instituted by Ellen Mitchell that the accused had threatened to assault and beat her, and to poison her son, was discharged upon the promise given by her that she will not further molest said Ellen Mitchell. Owing to the fact that the Mayor has partially heard the following cases, and that the Recorder does not desire to dispose of them during his absence, they were continued till such time as His Honor may be able to attend court: Delia Mack, and Richard, her slave, charged with trespassing upon the promises of Caroline Mack and breaking into her house; Jim, slave of William Allen, charged with murder; and Mary, slave of James M. Talbott; Henrietta, slave of James M. Talbott, and Richard, slave of Mary Redmond, charged with burglary and felony by breaking into and entering the house of James M. Talbott in the night time and stealing therefrom a large amount of gold and silver coin, wearing apparel, etc. Doctor, slave of W
obtained. Subsequently, through counsel, an appeal was taken from the Recorder's decision to the Hustings Court. Delia Mack, charged with breaking into and entering the house of Caroline Mack, for the purpose of taking there-from certain articas held to security in the sum of one thousand dollars for her future good behavior. The case of Richard, slave of Delia Mack, charged with trespassing on the premises of Caroline Mack, and aiding Delia Mack, his reputed mistress and intimate coDelia Mack, his reputed mistress and intimate companion, in breaking into and entering the house of Caroline Mack, which had been pending and continued for the past two weeks, was disposed of. The accused was ordered thirty-nine lashes for the trespass and thirty- nine lashes more for being on too intimate terms with his owner, Mrs. Delia Mack. A continued faro-bank case, involving two citizens of Richmond as proprietors, was called, and again postponed till the 4th instant, the parties implicated giving security, in the meantime, in th
Hustings Court, yesterday. --In this court, yesterday, Christian Burging, F. W. Hagerman and Henry Beckman, charged with selling liquor without a license, were each fined sixty dollars, with costs. Richard, a slave, for associating and cohabiting with Delia Mack, a white woman, and trespassing on the premises of Caroline Mack, was ordered thirty-nine lashes yesterday, thirty- nine lashes next Saturday, and thirty-nine lashes next Wednesday--an aggregate of one hundred and seventeen in all. William S. Austin, charged with the theft of two hundred dollars in Confederate money from Dr. George W. Bagby, was acquitted, and the money returned, Austin not claiming it. Moses Harris, a slave, for breaking and entering the house of Dr. Charles D. Foote and stealing therefrom one valuable trunk and clothing, was ordered thirty-nine lashes yesterday and thirty- nine lashes next Saturday. Court adjourned until this morning at 11 o'clock.