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ord another destructive fire at Baconville of the factories there. They were burned Sunday evening, April 8, 1855. Mr. Bacon brought his machinery from Boston to Medford in 1824, and manufactured hat-bodies, feltings, &c., employing eighteen or twenty men. Once only he counted; and in that year he formed 83,000 hat-bodies. This work was done by the use of Silas Mason's patent, and T. F. Mayhew's improved machine. He also planked many thousands yearly; which operation was by the use of Macomber's patent, and his own improvement. He also blowed the hair from fur, by the use of Arnold Buffom's patent blowing-machine. This process was truly ingenious. It was accomplished by placing the fur on the apron, which was drawn upon a cylindrical picker, revolving at the rate of five thousand times a minute; thence it was thrown to a fan revolving at nearly the same speed; this sent it through a trunk sixty feet long into a closet. The bottom of the trunk was lined with coarse cloth; the
ce Credited to. Loring, John H.,24Charlestown, Ma.Jan. 4, 1864,Aug. 11, 1865, expiration of service. Lovejoy, Alvin G.,31Somerville, Ma.July 31, 1861Died Aug. 3, 1863, Baton Rouge, La. Lufkin, Russell S.,40Charlestown, Ma.Sept. 8, 1862Aug. 16, 1864, expiration of service. Lunt, Charles H.,28Charlestown, Ma.Jan. 2, 1864Aug. 11, 1865, expiration of service. Lyman, Benjamin M.,34Orange, Ma.Feb. 8, 1864Feb. 21, 1864, disability. Lynch, Charles,24Boston, Ma.July 31, 18611862, disability. Macomber, Alexander,21Boston, Ma.Sept. 1, 1864June 11, 1865, expiration of service. Maphin, James,22Chelsea, Ma.Jan. 8, 1864Transferred Feb. 2, 1864, to 28th Regt. Marble, Carlos,22Boston, Ma.July 31, 1861Aug. 16, 1864, expiration of service. Marsh, Lewis H.,23Boston, Ma.July 31, 1861Jan. 5, 1864, re-enlistment. Marsh, Lewis H.,25Belmont, Ma.Jan. 6, 1864Died May 15, 1864, New Orleans, La. Marsh, Rufus D.,18Hadley, Ma.Jan. 4, 1864Mar. 17, 1865, disability. Marshall, W. Henry,32Chelsea, Ma.Jan.
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