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Rebellion Record: Introduction., Volume 1. (ed. Frank Moore), Introduction. (search)
e famous Virginia resolutions of 1798 were appealed to by Mr. Calhoun and his friends, as affording countenance to that doctrine, it was repeatedly and emphatically declared by Mr. Madison, the author of the resolutions, that they were intended to claim, not for an individual State, but for the United States, by whom the Constitution was ordained and established, the right of remedying its abuses by constitutional ways, such as united protest, repeal, or an amendment of the Constitution. Maguire's Collection, p. 213. Incidentally to the discussion of nullification, he denied over and over again the right of peaceable secession; and this fact was well known to some of the members of the late Convention at Richmond. When the secrets of their assembly are laid open, no doubt it will appear that there were some faithful Abdiels to proclaim the fact. Oh, that the venerable sage, second to none of his patriot compeers in framing the Constitution, the equal associate of Hamilton in reco
50. says Private Maguire. by T. B. Aldrich. I must beg the pardon of Private Maguire of the New-York regPrivate Maguire of the New-York regiment for thus publicly putting his sentiments into verse. The following lyric will assure him that I have notI think's an infernal Predicament surely,” says Private Maguire. “They can go sparkina and playina at billiardt Williard's, While we're on the pickets,” says Private Maguire. “Livina in clover, they think it's a thrifle a villainous rifle Jist ready to pop ye,” says Private Maguire. “Faith, now, it's not that I'm afther complai thrainina, And thrainina, and thrainina,” says Private Maguire. “Oh! now, for a row!--but Maguire be aisy, Maguire be aisy, Keep yourself sweet for the inimy's fire, McClellan's the saplina that shortly will plaze ye, Be the holy St. Pathrick!” says Private Maguire. “And, lad, if you're hit, (Oh! bedad, that infernal Jimmy O'Dowd would make uup to Maria!) Whether ye're captain or major or colonel, Ye'll die with the best, then!” says Pr
Some details of the fight. We are indebted to Mr. Wm. H. Pritchard, the General Telegraphic News Agent of the Southern Press, for the following statement: Messrs. Maguire and Adair gave us the following statement of the killed and wounded of their company (the Atlanta Ga., Grays,) in the fight on Sunday last at Bull's Run, near Manassas. The killed were two men by the name of Hammond, Isaac Frank, Smith Martin, Anderson Orr, James George, James Kershaw, W. W. Brooks, Joel Yarborough, Robert Hamilton, and George Grambling. Wounded. J. B. Martin, hip, slightly. Lieut. Hulsey, severely. Benjamin Watkins, arm. James Adair, flesh wound in left arm. John Grambling, in band, very slightly. Tonsy Henderson, arm, slightly. Mr. Christian was severely bruised by a wagon passing over him. Wm. Harris, in the leg, slightly. Dave Croft, wounded slightly in the body, head and foot. Mr. Holtaclaw, in the arm. Jerry Cannant, slightly hurt. Lieut. Smith, dan
[for the Richmond Dispatch.] Orange C. H., Va., July 25, 1861. To the Editors of the Dispatch:--In Messrs. Maguire's and Adair's report of the killed and wounded of their company, the Atlanta (Georgia) Grays, I see the name of Isaac Frank put down as killed, which is a mistake; he was not killed, but very severely, if not mortally, wounded — the bones of both legs very badly shattered. He is now in the hospital at this place, and is receiving every attention that can be bestowed under the circumstances. Please insert this in your next issue, in order that his friends at home may know that he is in the hands of kind friends here. W. H. C.
would probably be laid on the table on the 24th or 25th inst., and would contain a statement of the number of vessels which had broken the blockade, and perhaps their tonnage and he hoped the information would satisfy. The O'Donoghue. The Solicitor General explained the misapprehension of the O'Donoghue, and said that private vessels might carry contraband of war, but at their own risk, and if detected they must abide the consequences. In the House of Commons, on the 20th ult., Mr. Maguire called the attention of the House to the serious distress at present existing in Ireland. Sir Robert Peal, in reply, refuted his assertions, and, in the course of his remarks, said that no more remarkable proof of the absence of grievances existed than that which occurred the other day, when there was danger of a rupture with America. Ireland was full of American emissaries trying to raise up a spirit of disloyalty, and meetings, were held in Dublin, at which a few mannikin traitors
ceased came there on Friday night, and was, at 11 o'clock, sitting in the public parlor conversing with some of the inmates in an affable manner, when a man named Maguire entered the room unannounced, and seeing Cook, hastily advanced towards him, exclaiming "What is this you have been saying about met" and without giving him the be good his escape. It is conjectured that there had been a previous misunderstanding between the parties, but of its precise nature but little could be gleaned. Maguire, who was known t be stopping at a house on Broad street was sought after on Saturday ineffectually, but no doubt will be caught and brought to justice. The motives that induced the murder, so far as could be ascertained from the testimony of the witnesses, was malice and a desire on the part of Maguire to avenge himself for some supposed insult. This is the first deed of blood we have had to record for some weeks. The Coroner's jury were adjourned after hearing all the evidence available
ery; John Moore, H C Watts, Horace Windsor, J D Strickland, 2d Ga; Peter David, 15th Ga; James W Dye, 15th Ga; J B Watkins, 2d Ga; Lieut Wm Jones, 18th Ga; J A McCrery, 2d Ga; Jos Allman, 6th N C; W M Tidd, 2d Ga; S J Pitts, do do; J T Jones, do do; W A Brown, 7th Ga; W J Davis, 2d Ga; W H Nelms, do do; H P Shultze, 1st Tex; H P Freeman, 2d Ga; J W Edwards, 8th Ga; C G Gray, 6th Ga; L R Regsdale, 8th Ga; Jesse E J Leigh, do do; C C Bear, 15th Ala; J A Hill, 7th Ga; J J Patterson, 2d Ga; J E Maguire, 8th Ga; D W Croft, do do; E A Crew, 2d Ga; E A Shepherd, do do; S E Goss, 17th Ga; J D Hale, 9th Ga; L C P Jones, 8th Ga; F E Scarborough, 15th Ga; J B Hopkins, 2d Ga; Lieut W W Williamson, 8th Ga; W D Lewis, 2d Ga; Jacob A Allbright, do do; J L Burks, W Roby, do do; Lieut J B McCollum, do do; J McMasters, do do; J R Manning, 8th Ga; J B Reese, 8th Ga; Jas Lyle, 17th Ga; E P Pearson, 2d Ga; A H Smith, 8th Ga; J T Lewis, do do; R A Gentry, do do, Jas M O Shields, 2d Tenn; P H McDowell, Orr'
at tin o'clock, Mem; but I undtherstood ye to say ye wanted the first train, and that's the accomydashin that's a goin' out beyant now.' 'Then I'll go by express. I'll put on my bunnit right away, and take my things, and go and set in the depott till it comes along, so I'll be sure next time.' 'And I'll come afther I get the dishes done, about tin o'clock, an' see ye safe in, said Bridget, muttering as she retreated, 'she rale plisant ould lady, and as like to me as Annt Honour Maguire — the heavens he bad this day!--as one pay is like to another the pod; and it's more nor likely she'll me the complimint of a quarther for being tintive!' Mrs. Dodd paid for her board at the a great hotel, and gladly left Mrs. Dond smiling from under her be ribboned cap at the meek mexperience of the old lady. After a few inquiries she found her way to the and seated herself in the gentlemen's waiting room, as if the spirit of all blunders possessed her! She was somewhat chagri
neighborhood. The police hearing of the difficulties, hastened to the spot. As soon as they were recognized they were fired upon, but none of the officers were injured, we believe. A provost guard, under Lieut. Brannin, was then sent by Captain Johnson, who succeeded in quelling the riot and arresting the following; Patrick Henney, Thomas O'Connell, Thomas Dorsey, M Henney, Patrick Russell, M Kenney, M McDonough, John Smith, Thomas Mann, Michael Smith, John Flaherty, Felix O'Bryan, P Maguire, Squire Loder, James Ryan. They were committed to the Central guard house. During the night some 200 other arrests were made of parties charged with sympathizing with and aiding the rioters. The success of the French in Mexico. The news from Mexico by the steamer Constitution at San Francisco, with dates from Puebla to the 18th ultimo, leave no room for doubt that the report of the capture of Phebla by the French and the surrender of General Ortega's army is true. But the fa
attempt to resist such a force, although it was reported last night that over two hundred ship carpenters from St. Roch had gone down to cut the Montmorency bridge and prevent the troops from proceeding to Chateau Richer. The greatest excitement prevails in the city. The volunteer force is not expected to return to town before evening, after the draft is completed, unless they meet with determined resistance. The four companies are under command of Lieutenant Colonel De Salaberry, Mr. Justice Maguire accompanying the force in his official capacity. We will have news from the volunteer force this afternoon, which will be communicated to our readers by extra. The resistance to the draft in the rural districts was not unexpected, and has, therefore, not taken the authorities unawares; but that a force such as left the city last night should have been deemed necessary has taken our citizens by surprise. Additional. The Journal of last evening says:--"We have just been infor
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