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take action in Convention and send their Commissioners. Serenade to Senator Pugh. Senator Pugh was serenaded at Washington Saturday night. While thanking his friends for the honor conferred, he said the peace of the country could not be restored by the sword. The shedding of a single drop of blood would make dissolution inevitable and the reconstruction of the Union impossible.--It was only by concession that peace could be produced. Messrs. Crittenden, Vallandigham, Pendleton, Mallory, Woodson and Segar also made speeches, sustaining the views of Mr. Pugh, whose senatorial speech has been much commended. The National fast day. Gov. Banks, of Massachusetts, has issued a proclamation in response to that of the President for a fast day, from which we extract the following: Under the shadow of impending national calamity, let us follow the Christian custom of our fathers and implore the blessings of heaven upon our beloved country: That the priceless privileges
The Daily Dispatch: January 10, 1861., [Electronic resource], Chronology of the day--battle of New Orleans. (search)
on of the Old Dominion all that moral weight which had always attended her counsels, when calmly and dispassionately given. At all events, he hoped for one day's delay, for the reason stated. Dr. Rives said the only amendment necessary to the bill, in his opinion, was to shorten the time within which it was proposed to hold the Convention. He said the country was disrupted, and that the signs of the times impressed on them the necessity of speedy action. Delays are dangerous. Mr. Mallory, of Brunswick, said he had been unanimously instructed by his constituents to vote for a Convention. The time fixed in the bill for its assembling was February 7th. Any shorter time lessened the period within which the people would have to canvass the merits of candidates. Mr. Dickinson was waiting for instructions from his constituents. He wished the action of the House to be deliberate, not hasty. He wanted time. Mr. Segar withdrew his motion to lay on the table, with the
Robertson, Rivers, Saunders, Scott, Setar, Sherrard Sibert, James K. Smith, Isaac N. Smith, Staples, Walker, A. Watson, Watts, Welch, Wood and Yercy--77. Nays.--Messrs. Allen, Anderson, Barley, Ballard. Barbour, Baskerville. Bass. Bassell, Bell, Boisseau, Burks, Caperton, Carpenter, Carter, Chapman Childs, Claiborne, Duckwall, Edwards, Evans, Friend Garrett. J. T. Gibson, J. Gilmer, Graham, Gratten, Dunter James, C. H. Jones, Warner T. Jones. Kantman, Kemper, Kincheloe, Lundy, Lina, Mallory, McDowell, McGehee, Meddey, Miles, J. R. Miller, Mong, Montague, Montgomery, Morgan, Nelson, Newton, Orlain, R. K. Robinson, Rutherford, Seddon, Shannon, H Smith Thomas Temlis, Tyler, Ward, Wilson, Wingfield, Witten, Woolfolk and Mr. Speaker--62. After being debated pro and con, it was withdrawn by the mover. Mr. Collier offered and advocated a motion to recommit the whole bill to the committee, but withdrew the same prior to a vote. Mr. Haymond moved to reconsider the vote a
eau, Burkes; Caperton, Carpenter, Carter, Chapman, Childs, Claiborne, Duckwall, Edwards, Evans, Friend, Garrett, J. T. Gibson, J. Gilmer, Graham, Grattan, Haymond, Hunter, James, C. H. Jones, W. T. Jones, Kaufman, Kemper, Kincheloe, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, J. G. McDowell, McGehee, Medley, Mong, Montague, Montgomery, Morrison, Nelson, Newton, Orgain, S. K. Robinson, Rutherford, H. Smith, Thomas, Tomlin, Tyler, Wallace, Ward, E. Watson, Wilson, Witten, Wood, Woolfolk--61. Nays--Messrs. Aldersycoontz, Graham, Grattan, Hanly, Harrison, Haymond, Hoffman, Hopkins, Hunt, James, Jett, Johnson, Crawford H. Jones, Warner T. Jones, Kaufman, Keen, Kee, Kember, Kincheloe, Knotts, Kyle, Leftwich, Locke, Lockbridge, Lucas, Lundy, Linn, Magruder, Mallory, J. G. Martin, Thomas Martin, Wm. Martin, Massie, Matthews, McDowed, McGehee, McGruder, McKinney, McKenzie, Medley, Miles, David, Miller, Mong, Montague, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Myers, Nelson, Newton, Orgain, Patterson, Phelps, Porter, Prest
er at 12 o'clock M, by Speaker Crutchfield. Prayer by Rev. C. H. Read, of the United Presbyterian Church. Gen. Henry Lee.--The Speaker announced the Special Committee appointed under the motion of Mr. Robertson, of R, to take into consideration the petition of cavalry and other volunteer corps of Virginia asking an appropriation for the removal to this State, from Georgia, of the remains of Gen. Harry Lee, of revolutionary memory, as follows: Messrs. Robertson, McCamant, McGruder, Mallory and Gibson. Bills Reported.--The following bills were reported, viz: Amending the 1st section of an act to prevent trespasses, depredations, &c., along the borders of the Potomac and other tide-waters in the counties of Fairfax, Stafford and King George; incorporating the Virginia Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Company; granting the Commonwealth's right to the real estate of John Kelly, deceased, to Owen Shee; to defray the expenses of a pedestal, setting up and transporting the statue of
ers from Alabama and elsewhere, who are engaged in the secession scheme. The command at Fort Pickens, which is still in possession of the Government, Gen. Scott thinks may hold out until relief is obtained.--The other two forts are in possession of the Revolutionists. There are no troops at Tortugas. Captain Meigs and a few laborers are in charge. A company was recently ordered there from Boston, and it is hoped reached it before the intended descent of the Floridans was made Senator Mallory lately obtained from the proper bureau a detailed statement of the condition of this work, without the object for which it was intended being suspected at the time. Governor Ellis, of North Carolina, has written to the President, informing him that the forts which were recently seized without authority will be promptly restored to the custody of the Government, accompanied by a becoming expression of his condemnation of the lawless act. This conduct stands out in marked contrast w
rpenter, Carter, Childs, Claiborne, Friend, Garrett, D. Gibson, John T. Gibson, Grattan, Hunter, Crawford H. Jones, Warner T, Jones, Kaufman, Kemper, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, McCamant, McDowell, McGehee Mong, Newton, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Rutherfoord, Seddon, Henry Smith. Thomas. Tomlin, Tyler, Edwin Watson, Wilson, and Witten--33 , Childs, Claiborne, Duckwall, Edwards, Evans, Friend, Garrett, John T. Gibson, Huntt, Hunter, C. H. Jones, W. T. Jones, Kaulman, Kemper, Kincheloe, Locke, Lynn, Mallory, T. Martin, McCan apt, McDowell, McGehee, McKinney, J. R. Miller, Mong. Montague, Montgomery, Nelson, Newton. R. K. Robinson, Rives, Rutherfoord, Seddon, H. SmiFriend, Garrett, Jno. T. Gibson, John Gilmer, C. H. Gilmer. Huntt, Hunter, Jett, Crawford H. Jones, Warner T. Jones, Kaufman Kemper, Kinchelce. Leftwich, Lynn. Mallory, Thomas Martin, McCamant, McDowell, McGehee, McKinney, Mong, Montague. Nelson, Newton, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Rutherfoord, Saunders, Seddon, Henry Smith, Thomas
Northern Congress. Washington, July 9 --The Speaker of the House of Representatives has appointed the committees. The chairman of the Committee on Elections is Mr. Davis; on Claims, Mr. Fenton; on Commerce, Mr. Washburne, of Illinois; on Public Lands, Mr. Potter; on Postal Affairs, Mr. Morrill, of Maryland; on the District of Columbia, Mr. Conkling; on the Judiciary, Mr. Hickman; on Revolutionary Claims, Mr. Duet; on Public Expenditures, Mr. Covode; on the Militia, Mr. Var Valkenburg; and on the Navy, Mr. Sedgwick The Committee on Ways and Means are Messrs. Stephens, Morrill of Vermont, Phelps, Spalding, Appleton, Corning, Horton, McClelland and Stratton. The Committee on Foreign Affairs are Messrs. Crittenden, Gooch, Cox, White of Indiana, McKnight, Burnham, Thomas of Maryland, Pomeroy and Fisher. The Chairman of the Committee on Pensions is Mr. Van Wyck, and on Roads and Canals is Mr. Mallory.
The Washington Artillery, of New Orleans, did great execution. The fight extended along Bull's Run about a mile. Duncan. [Second Dispatch.] Manassas, July 18 --Evening.--In the 1st Va. Regiment, (Col. Moore's) the following casualties occurred: James K Lee, mortally wounded — not expected to live. Private Rilley, Company E, and Private Whittaker, of Company C, also mortally wounded and not expected to live. Private Discounte, Company K; Private Wilkinson, Company G; Private Mallory, Company C, were killed instantly. Thirteen of the Regiment are missing. Col. Moore's Regiment suffered most, and bore the brunt of the battle. The command after the wounding of Col. Moore, devolved upon Lieut. Col. Fry, aided by Major Skinner and Adjutant Mitchell, who say that the enemies bullets flew like hail. The latter saw eleven of his men wounded at one volley.--The enemy fought well. Major Harrison of the 17th Va. Regiment was mortally wounded. It is reported that
unded. While I write, he is still in life, but not expected to survive the morning. The following are all members of Colonel Moore's Regiment: Lieut. H. H. Miles was mortally wounded. Lieut. W. W. Harris, slightly wounded. Capt. W. J. Allen, slightly wounded. Private Reilly, Company E, mortally wounded. Private Whitaker, Company C, mortally wounded. Private Diaconte, Company K, instantly killed. Private Wilkinson, Company G, instantly killed. Private Mallory, Company C, instantly killed. Private Allen, Company B, probably killed Sergeant Lumpkins, Company B, hand not off Lieut. English, Company C, slightly wounded. I have not yet been able to learn the killed and wounded in other Regiments. The enemy is variously reported to have lost from five to fifteen hundred--the former probably being nearest the truth. Not having been on the field. I am unable to describe the ground, but am informed the enemy were strongly posted wit
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