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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 11. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Sketch of the Lee Memorial Association. (search)
Bank of Lexington. Secretary—Colonel C. A. Davidson, of Lexington, Virginia. The Association was incorporated by act of Assembly, January 14, 1871, and organized under its charter February 7, 1871. The Executive Committee (to the Lexington members, of which is due the credit for the earnest work and wise management which have resulted so satisfactorily) was composed of the following members: General W. N. Pendleton, chairman, Colonel F. W. M. Holliday, Colonel C. S. Venable, Colonel J. W. Massie (deceased—in his place Colonel Bolivar Christian, May 31, 1873), Colonel Charles A. Davidson (deceased—in his place A. T. Barclay, Esq., June 22, 1882), Judge William McLaughlin, Major J. B. Dorman, Colonel William Allan, Colonel William Preston Johnston, Captain J. C. Boude, Professor J. J. White, Captain A. Graham, General William Terry, Hon. W. A. Anderson, Captain Walter Bowie, General John Echols, Colonel T. S. Flournoy, Rev. J. William Jones, D. D., Colonel J. K. Edmundson. W<
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 19. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.40 (search)
easurer; R. E. Rodes, adjutant; C. B. Williams, quartermaster; J. T. Gibbs, commissary and steward. 1850.-Board of Visitors: General Braxton, president of board; General William H. Richardson, adjutant-general (ex-officio); Philip St. George Cocke, Esq., General P. H. Steenbergen, Charles J. Faulkner, Esq., William W. Crump, Esq., General D. B. Layne, Colonel Harvey George, John S. Carlisle, Esq., E. C. Robertson, Esq. Academic Staff: Colonel Francis H. Smith, Superintendent and Professor of Mathematics; Major J. T. L. Preston, A. M., Professor of Languages and English Literature; Major T. H. Williamson, Professor of Engineering and Drawing; Major William Gilham, Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, and Commandant of Cadets; Captain R. E. Colston, Instructor in French Language; Captain R. E. Rodes, Assistant Instructor of Tactics and Assistant Instructor of Chemistry; Lieutenant J. W. Massie, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Military staff unchanged from 1849.
in voting for the Electors, nine of the Bell Electors and six of the Breckinridge Electors have been chosen to cast the vote of the State. The Electors are to meet at the Capitol, in this city on the 5th of December. BellElectors.BreckinridgeElecters. Thomas Bruce74,524Wm. Lamb.74,306 Marmaduke Johnson74,524J. R. Edmunds.74,245 L. J. Bowden74,524James Lyons74,245 J. J. Jackson, Jr.74,524R. A. Clay brook74,245 F. T. Anderson74,450W. H. Anthony74,245 B. H. Shackelford.74,377J. W. Massie74,155 A. B. Caldwall74,249Isaac B. Dunn73,585 L. H. Chancellor74,020Z. Kidwell73,495 Jos. Christian74,097T. F. Goods73,671 Walter Presson73,927T. T. Tredway72,865 J. T. Thomson73,208B. B. Douglas72,529 T. H. Epes.73,168Eppa Hunton72,464 J. F. Johnson73,102J. G. Newman72,457 W. R. Staples72,747J. L. Kemper71,687 A. E. Kennedy72,466T. M. Isabel71,106 Scattering votes. BellElectors.BreckinridgeElectors. J. H. Chandler332Thomas E Goods1174 L. B. Chandler150T. F. Tredway60
[Special Dispatch to the Richmond Dispatch.] meeting in Charlottesville — speeches by Messrs. Massie and others — Nomination for the Legislature, &c. Charlottesville, Va. Dec. 3 --A0t a large assemblage of men of all parties, held here today. (Court day,) resolutions were unanimously and enthusiastically adopted, against coercion in any event; in favor of the equality of the States above the Federal Union; against the agitation of slavery; demanding a final settlement noning of the African slave trade; calling for a full deliberation among the people of all the States, a conference of all the Southern States recommended, and separate action deprived; also, favoring a National Convention. The resolutions were sustained in able speeches by the leaders of all parties, among the most prominent of whom were Messrs. Massie, Southard, Randolph, Leake, Wood, Gordon, and Watson. Thomas Wood, a States-Rights Whig, was unanimously nominated for the Legislature
gy of war, should trouble come as is now threatened, the educated talent of its graduates, scattered over every county of the State, will prove a bulwark of defence against all the assaults that may be made against our citizens or its institutions. The anniversary celebration at the Barracks was opened this evening with a handsome display of fire-works, and followed up with a number of appropriate addresses. Navigation has been resumed on the North river branch of the James River and Kanawha Canal, the damage by the recent freshet not having been as great as was anticipated. The work of completion to "Jordan's Point" is progressing slowly — so slowly that there is now no hope of making a finish this year. The Law School of Judge Brockenbrough, assisted by Col. J. W. Massie, of the Lexington bar, opened last week with about 30 students. Allow me to correct your statement of the vote of this county. The official vote is, Bell 1,231; Douglas 641; Breckinridge 361. B.
ecline to take our seats in the Electoral College. "Very respectfully, your ob't serv'ts, "John R. Edmonds, "James Lyons, "R. A. Claybrook, "Wm. H. Anthony, "J. W. Massie." The Secretary next read the following letter from Mr. Wm. Lamb, of Norfolk: "Norfolk, Dec. 3, 1860. "Gov. Letcher--Dear Sir: Your letter, infoesex, William Lamb of Norfolk city, John R. Edmonds of Halifax, James Lyons of Richmond city, Richard Claybrook, of Northumberland, W. H. Anthony of Botetourt, J. W. Massie of Rockbridge. On motion, the roll of Electors was called, and six of them being absent, a suggestion was made to fill the vacancies at once. Mr. Marerland; Waller R. Staples, Esq., was nominated to fill the place of Mr. W. H. Anthony, of Botetourt; Travis H. Epps, Esq., was nominated to fill the place of Mr. J. W. Massie; and James. F. Johnson, Esq., of Bedford, was nominated to fill the place of John R. Edmonds, Esq. The vote was taken separately on the several nominat