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The Meteorological Congress. --The departure of Lt. Maury for England, has been announced. M. Quetelet, the perpetual secretary of the French Academy, says that the enterprise proposed by the United States, under the direction of Lieut. Maury, of a Meteorological Congress, will be accomplished on a large scale. Very distinguished men are disposed to attend. He is about to visit England on account of it. The general Congress of Vienna has charged him with the duty of making up a generalLieut. Maury, of a Meteorological Congress, will be accomplished on a large scale. Very distinguished men are disposed to attend. He is about to visit England on account of it. The general Congress of Vienna has charged him with the duty of making up a general programme for meteorological observations all over the globe. Unity of views is necessary in these observations. Thirty nations have assented to it, and several are already at work. Science has thus accomplished a confederation of nations which politics has attempted in vain.
r. McGehee, of authorizing the negroes manumitted by the last will and testament of Isaac N. Robertson, dec'd, of the county of Appomattox, to select masters for themselves without compensation. Bills Reported--To amend the 14th section of an act providing additional protection for the slave property of citizens of this Commonwealth; authorizing the payment of $92.49 to Thos. L. Jones, of Caroline co.; to regulate the prayer for and effect of answers in Courts of Equity; refunding to R. H. Maury and others a sum of money paid on an erroneous assessment of land in the county of Nicholas; for refunding to James J. Spaulding a license tax; to repeal an act passed 19th March, 1860, concerning the mode of catching fish in certain waters; exempting certain lands of Jas. Caldwell, lying in the city of Wheeling, from city taxes; amending the charter of the town of Charleston, in the county of Kanawha. Petitions--Mr. Crump presented the petition of J. M. Hunt and others, members of t
s own certificate, and upon like certificate pass his men and baggage. All officers, civil and military, will respect him and give him such facilities as he may require, in their power to afford. By order, S. Bassett French. Aid-de-Camp to Governor of Va. Approved: (Signed) John Letcher. He also had with him a letter of credit on a Baltimore house for the sum of one thousand dollars, declaring that the check of Col. Zaroona to that amount would be duly honored by Messrs. R. H. Maury & Co., of Richmond. Seizure of steamers by the Government. Gen. Banks, acting under the direction of the authorities at Washington, yesterday seized the steamers Mary Washington and George W. Weems, both owned and commanded by the Weems Brothers. These steamers have been running for a number of years between Baltimore and the ports of the Patuxent river, and it is said carried down a number of passengers who joined the Confederate army. Both captains are well known in this
urnished sixty-one. It has been the same in regard to ambassadors. "To the South belongs Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Madison, Patrick Henry, Clay, Marshall — men not less distinguished for their exalted character and noble qualities of heart than for their talents and intelligence. These men are not only an honor to their country and to their century, but the glory of humanity. To these are joined others as remarkable, but less known in Europe — Calhoun, Jackson, Randolph, Cabell, Maury, Pinckney, Lowndes, and Taney. "To the eyes of whoever has examined it closely, the South has nothing to envy in any nation in respect to civilization, right-mindedness, and elevation of sentiments. "The women of the South are tender mothers and devoted wives. The Creoles are equal to the French ladies in exquisite grace, distinction, sensibility, generosity, warmth of heart and ideas, with intelligence of all that is noble, beautiful, and good. In the epidemics that have ravaged
Office R. H. Maury& Co., Richmond, Va., Oct, 29. for sale. N. C. Sixes. Va. State Sixes, registered. Confederate States Bonds and stock, Checks on the Southern and Western cities. Gold Coin, Silver, &c. oc 30--ta
R. H. Maury & Co., Richmond, Va. Dealers in Stocks, Bonds. Exchanges,) Foreign and Domestic, Coin, &c., &c. Collections made on all points in the Sou and West. Checks on Charleston, Savannah, New leans, Memphis, Nashville, &c., bought and sold. Wanted — Mobile and New Orleans 81GH Funds. an 6--tm
of December at 67f. 20 for the rates. Berlin, Dec. 29.--The Government of Prussia has addressed a dispatch to the Minister of Prussia, at Washington, in reference to the arrest of Messrs. Mason and Slidell, condemning the proceedings of the commander of the San Jacinto. All the London journals of Tuesday, December 24, publish M. Thouvenel's dispatch, on the late breach of international law, addressed to the representative of France at Washington. The London Times says: Mr. Maury, who is so well known to all navigators and to all scientific men, has addressed a long letter to Admiral Roy, containing an apology for the step he has taken of resigning his post at the Washington Observatory, and devoting himself to the cause of his compatriots of the South. The Duke of Devonshire has allowed himself to be nominated for the vacant Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge. The London Times leading article of Monday, Dec. 23, says: The French circul
The Daily Dispatch: January 14, 1862., [Electronic resource], Contributions for the Alexandria Volunteers. (search)
unteers, of the 17th Va., Regiment. I desire to acknowledge through your paper, if you please, these, and one or two others, previously received; and, in behalf of the Alexandrians, to sincerely thank the donors: Richmond--$312.00. Second Baptist Church, (Rev. Dr. Seeley,) as follows: P. T. White, $5; Mr. Barnes, $2; Mrs. Adams. $5; Mr. Winston $5; O. H. Chalkley, $5; H. K. Ellyson, $30; Mr. Moore, $5; Mr. Armistead, $10; Mr. Butler, $2; Ed. Wortham, $5; C. T. Wortham & Co., $10; R. H. Maury & Co. $10; Ed. W. Wade, $5; Lewis Webb, $5; Mr. Adams, $10; Mr. Atkinson, $2; L. L. Montague $2; J. T. Gray, $2; Thos. Jones, $10; Alfred King $10; J. B Wood, $5; Jno. Wemble, $10; J. F. Tanner $25. Total $185.00. E. B. Spence, $5.00; West & Johnston, 5.00; Starke & Cardozo, 5.00; J. E. Burluss, 1.00; E. B. Cook, 5.00; Van-Lew, Taylor & Co., 5.00; T. R. Price, 5.00; Mr. Richardson, 2.00; Tardy & Williams, 3.00; David Currie, 1.00; S. S. Cottrell, 5.00; Wm. Ira Smith, 10.00; Mr. Darra
ollowing special committee: In reference to the treatment of Confederate prisoners in the Federal prisons at Columbus, Ohio: Messrs. Anderson, of Botetourt, Woodhouse, and Coleman of Fayette and Raleigh. To ascertain what judicial officers of the Commonwealth should not receive their salaries in consequence of disloyalty to the South: Messrs, Evans, McKinney, Green, Prince, Robinson of Berkeley, Dunn, Wooten, Laidley, Spady, McDonald of Logan, and Dabney. The bill to refund R. H. Maury $139.07, for taxes erroneously assessed in Nicholas county, was passed. The bill to reduce into slavery such emancipated slaves as shall have remained in the Commonwealth twelve months after such emancipation was passed. The bill to amend the act incorporating the Atlantic Steam Ferry Company, so as to extend the time which requires the company to run a vessel to Europe, was passed. The bill to authorize Hugh Dillard to erect a dam half across Smith river, in Henry county,
D. J. Saunders, 5; A. Pleasants, 3; G. V. Miles, 10; Isaac W. Walker, 5; Judge W. W. Crump, 10; Ginter, Alvey & Arents, 10; Cash, 5; E. B. Spence, 5; W. Ira Smith, 20; Cash, 2; W. H. richardson, 5; W. B. Isaacs, 5; A. Morris, 10; Samuel J. Harrison, 5; Major McClelland, 5; W. G. Ferguson 5; Johnson & Otey, 30; J. R. Winston, 2; Cash, 50 cts.; W. S. Triplett, 10; Lee & Dunham, 5; Cash, 5; W. B. Jones & Co., 5; S. M. Price & Co., 5; E. Worthan & Co., 10; W. Brent, 10; Franklin Stearns, 50; R. H. Maury & Co., 20; W. Palmer, 10; R. J. Christian, 3; H. M. Smith, 5; Thomas Jones, 10; Wm. Taylor, 5; Cash, 1; A. Craig, 5; Moses Mortimer, 4; C. Crew & Son, 5; Knowles & Walford, 2; S. Sutherland, 5; John Enders, 10; T. W. Doswell, 10; James Ellett, 5; Ritchie & Dunnivant, 10; Cash, 1.50; J. P. Jones, 5; A. Antoni, 5; Cash, 2; H. K. Ellyson, 10; B. Wood, 5; Moses Ellyson, 2; C. A. Purcell, 10; Ellett & Drewry, 25; W. H. Powers, 10; Cash, 5; W. Byrne, 50; C. Cranz, 10; H. & P. 5; E. T. Robinson,
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