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George A. McCall Brigadier GeneralApr. 4, 1862, to June 12, 1862. 2d Division, Department of the Rappahannock Brigadier GeneralJune 18, 1862, to June 30, 1862. 3d Division, Fifth Army Corps, Army of the Potomac Brigadier GeneralMarch 13, 1862, to April 4, 1862. 2d Division, First Army Corps, Army of the Potomac Brigadier GeneralOct. 3, 1861, to March 13, 1862. McCall's Division, Army of the Potomac George A. McCall Brigadier GeneralApr. 4, 1862, to June 12, 1862. 2d Division, Department of the Rappahannock Brigadier GeneralJune 18, 1862, to June 30, 1862. 3d Division, Fifth Army Corps, Army of the Potomac Brigadier GeneralMarch 13, 1862, to April 4, 1862. 2d Division, First Army Corps, Army of the Potomac Brigadier GeneralOct. 3, 1861, to March 13, 1862. McCall's Division, Army of the P
421, 422, 425, 427, 434, 435, 458, 463, 466, 470, 477, 492. Loomis, I. L., I, 80, 81, 84, 87. Loring, William W., I, 574, 578, 579, 616. Lothrop, Warren, I, 23, 24, 50, 51. Lott, Chief, II, 483, 484. Lovejoy, Owen, II, 321. Lovejoy Station, Battle of, II, 41-51. Ludlow, Nicholl, II, 506, 507, 509. Ludwig, Karl Friedrick Wilhelm, II, 534. Luke, William C., II, 386. Lynde, D. B., I, 82, 87. McAllister, Fort, II, 86-100. McArthur, Arthur, I, 27, 28. McCall, George A., I, 172, 174. McCandless, William, I, 439. McCarty, Ellen, I, 63. McCauley, J. A., II, 318. McCleery, James, II, 384-386. McClellan, George B., I, 83, 162, 166-172, 174, 177, 179, 182, 186-189, 192-197, 199-207, 209-211, 216, 217, 219, 220, 222, 225, 227, 228, 231, 234, 237, 244, 255-257, 260, 271-274, 277, 278, 288, 289, 291, 294, 298, 302-305, 308, 310-315, 327, 347, 370, 381, 393, 394; II, 169, 581. McClintock, J. M., II, 90. McCook, A. Mc D., I, 105,106,138,588
d Lieut. M. J. T. Harper at Chancellorsville. Among the other field officers were Col. John H. Caldwell, Lieut.-Col. William T. Smith and Majs. James D. Truss, Lewis W. Johnston and Paul Bradford. Lieut.-Col. Arthur S. Cunningham, of the regular Confederate army, was in temporary command of the regiment in 1863. Extracts from official war Records. Vol. Ii—(974) Jefferson Davis in letter July 10, 1861, to Gen. Jos. E. Johnston, mentions Colonel Forney's regiment. Vol. V—(475) General McCall (Union) says: Tenth regiment, Forney, 900 strong at Dranesville. (480) Mentioned by General Ord (Union). (490-493) Gen. J. E. B. Stuart in his report of the battle of Dranesville, December 20, 1861, says: The Tenth Alabama rushed with a shout, in a shower of bullets, under the gallant lead of Colonel Forney and Lieutenant-Colonel Martin, the latter falling in the charge. A part of this regiment took position along a fence from which the enemy felt the trueness of their aim at short
Col. O. M. Roberts, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 12.1, Alabama (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Battles of the armies in Virginia in which Alabama troops were engaged. (search)
cludes prisoners, and accounts for the large numbers frequently given under that head.-editor.] 1861. Blackburn's Ford, Va., July 18. Gen. Ewell, 1 brigade.—Federal, loss 19 k, 38 w, 26 m. Alabama troops, 5th Inf. Bull Run, Va., July 21. Gen. G. T. Beauregard, 18,053; loss 387 k, 1582 w, 13 m.—Federal, Gen. I. McDowell, 18,572; loss 460 k, 1124 w, 1312 m. Alabama troops, 4th, 5th, 6th Inf. Dranesville, Va., Dec. 20. Gen. Stuart, 1200; loss 43 k, 143 w, 8 m. —Federal, Gen. Geo. A. McCall, 3,100; loss 7 k, 61 w, 3 m. Alabama troops, 10th Inf. 1862. Siege of Yorktown, Va., Apr. 5 to May 3. Gen. Jos. Johnston.— Federal, Gen. G. B. McClellan, 42,000. Alabama troops, 3d, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 26th Inf. Williamsburg, Va., May 5. Gen. James Longstreet, 13,816; loss 288 k, 975 w, 297 m.—--Federal, Gen. G. B. McClellan, 42,000; loss 468 k, 1442 w, 373 m. Alabama troops, 4th, 5th, 6tb, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 26th Inf. Lewisburg, W. Va., May 23
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Donaldsonville artillery at the battle of Fredericksburg. (search)
e going to die before that sun would set. Our six guns had been posted in extended order. One was placed on Marye's Hill, immediately on the left of the plank road leading to Fredericksburg. Immediately on the right of that road stood our old friends, the Washington Artillery. About four hundred yards to the left was our Gun No. 4. This gun was a United States three-inch rifle, captured in one of the battles around Richmond. It still bore, written on its stock, the name of General George A. McCall, who was made prisoner in the same battle, together with many of his men. The pit in which this gun had been placed was on the crest of a hill projecting considerably in advance of a straight continuation of our line. Between this hill and the town the ground was boggy, and there was no infantry nor artillery in our immediate front—nothing but Mrs. Washington's tomb offering food for meditation, which few, if any, indulged in at that time. As the heavy fog of that morning di
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Joseph Jones, M. D., Ll.D. (search)
of, 337. Lee rangers. Roster and service of, 290. Lee, General R. E. His kindness and gentleness, 206; appearance in 1861, 297; birth-day observed, 205. Lincoln's Estimate of General Meade, 249. Linebarger, Lieut., killed, 68. Linossier, Claudius, killed, 201. Longstreet, General, James, at Gettysburg, 215, 230; reviewed by Colonel J. S. Mosby, 239; provoked controversy, 342. Lytle, Captain G. W., killed, 69. Lytle, General W. H., sketch and death of, 82. McCall, General G. A., Capture of, 198. McCausland, General, John, 99. McDowell, battle of, 137. McQueen, Lieut. J A, U. S. A., his chivalry, 26. Malvern Hill, battle of, 60 Manassas, First battle of, 111. Manassas, cavalry pursuit after, 259, 299. Marshall, Colonel, Charles, 205. Martin, General J. G., gallantry of, 192; His brigade in 1863-1863, 189. Meade, General George G.; His temper, 247. Miller, Rev., John, Captain Artillery, 99. Minor, Captain R. D., C. S. Navy, 283. Mi
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The battle of Dranesville, Va. (search)
ory south of the Potomac. Secretary of War Simon Cameron wrote General McCall a few days after the battle: It (the battle of Dranesville) is and men will be proud to say that at Dranesville they served under McCall and Ord. Small was the victory—if victory it was at all—yet the sted of the First Pennsylvania Reserves, commanded by Brigadier-General George A. McCall, a West Pointer, who had seen active service in the M seemed to bear some degree of probability, reached the ears of General McCall at Camp Pierpoint (Langley, the right of the Federal line) thatibby Prison. Stirred to action by this rumor, on December 19th General McCall issued an order to General Ord, commander of the Third Brigade his expedition. The object of this demonstration as indicated in McCall's order, was two-fold—to drive back the enemy's pickets from their distance should Ord need assistance. A touch of humor attaches to McCall's serious caution to Ord that he should bring his troops back to ca<
more formidable movement. The following is the official dispatch from General McCall to General Marcy, recounting the facts: Official report from General M I have collected the dead and wounded, and am about to move back to camp. Geo. A. McCall, Brigadier-General Commanding. Details of the battle. Since the They proceeded on a foraging expedition in the direction of Drainsville. General McCall, anticipating they might be attached, ordered First and Second brigades to ook a position on Difficult Creek to await further orders.--Two hours later General McCall, with his staff and escort of cavalry, followed by the same route. MeaThis was the signal of battle, and a brisk engagement promptly ensued. General McCall, who arrived a few minutes previously, took command. In a moment's time Eavely under the sharp volleys of the rebels. Their steadiness was praised by Gen. McCall and his officers. The rebels took the direction of Fairfax Court-House,
y have given themselves to this labor of affection, and the tender care and gentle kindness of these angels of mercy contribute materially to the relief of those who have fallen by the hands of the foe. The ladies of this city will ever be gratefully remembered by the gallant spirits from every State who have had occasion to occupy the hospitals of Richmond. Yankee prisoners. About four hundred captured Yankees were brought into this city yesterday. Among the number was Major General George A. McCall, U. S. A. the next in command to McClellan. This officer on his arrival, was conducted before General Winder, and paroled to stay within the limits embraced in the area covered by the Spotswood House. It is understood that he will continue there till the quarters now being prepared on 18th street are ready for the reception of all the abolition officers. We are not specially advised as to the circumstances attending his capture, but it is understood that he rode unconsciously
Thomas A. Biddle, of Philadelphia, has received the following letter from Gen. McCall: Richmond, Va. Tobacco House Prison, July 9, 1862. My Dear Sir: Virginia, drawn up under some trees, and so ended the chapter. (Signed,) "Geo. A. McCall." The enclosure in the above letter was as follows: "Henry J. Biddle, Assistant Adjutant-General, McCall's division, U. S. A., is wounded and a prisoner, now at Chimborazo Hospital, No. 3; he wishes to be reported to our authoerlined in the original, in Capt. Biddle's own handwriting. His own note to Gen. McCall is as follows: Captain Biddle's note. "General McCall--Seneca SimmGeneral McCall--Seneca Simmons, Colonel 5th Pennsylvania infantry, commanding brigade, died in hospital in woods by my side; is buried here. I laid out in field, mud holes house, and woods tilusk on 2d, and reached here at midnight. (Signed) "H. J. Biddle. "General McCall." Letter from a Union prisoner. The following letter is from a Uni
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