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ntemplated. He believed that the only course for the South to pursue was to act with firmness and unanimity. He denounced coercion, which would put an end to all hope of a reconstruction of the Union, and of its preservation as it was framed by our fathers. The necessity of good order in the proceeding was urged, through the influence of which alone the proper weight and dignity could be given to a primary assemblage of the people. On motion of Mr. Brooke, Messrs. John Purcell, Thomas W. McCance, Thomas H. Wynne and James Alfred Jones were elected Vice Presidents. On motion of Mr. Todd, Mr. John Bell Bigger was appointed Secretary. Mr. Wm. F. Watson moved that Messrs. O. J. Wise, Wm. Old, Jr., and Robert Ridgway be also appointed Secretaries; but much noisy opposition being manifested, he withdrew the motion. Mr. John M. Patton said he understood the object of the meeting was to nominate men who were prepared to say on the floor of the Convention that Virginia s
r country, Virginia in time, will surely stand, like South Carolina, a free, sovereign, independent State, ready to unite with her Southern sisters to resist the Northern foes that dare invade Southern soil. In testimony of the high appreciation we entertain for the course pursued by you and your native State, we desire that you should join us at the festive board, on Wednesday evening, the 26th inst., at the Exchange Hotel, in this city. Thomas T. Cropper, Jas. R. Crenshaw, Thos. W. McCance, Frans Huffis, John Purcell, David J. Burr, J. R. Tucker, E. C. Drew, James A. Cowardin, John H. Montague. Washington, Dec. 24, 1860. Gentlemen: --I had the honor to receive your kind invitation to my colleagues and myself to join you at the festive board, on Wednesday evening, the 26th inst., at the Exchange Hotel, in Richmond, and I embrace the earliest opportunity to reply. Gen. Bonham and Col. Ashmore have returned to South Carolina, and I am detain
ens' Meeting.--A large and highly intelligent meeting of the citizens of Richmond was held at the African Church last Thursday night, to take into consideration the present condition of the country. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Thomas W. McCance, on whose motion Capt. Wyatt M. Elliott was called to the chair. Capt. Elliott returned thanks for the honor, and promised to discharge the duty to the best of his ability, relying upon the dignity and character of the citizens prese Howison, Jno. H. Gilmer, W. S. Triplett, Robt. Ridgway, Thos. T. Giles, Wm. Old, R. B. Heath, Gen. T. P. August, Wm. G. Paine, John Purcell, Wm. H. McFarland, David J. Burr, Judge John A. Meredith, A. A. Morson, Thos. W. McCance, Bolling W. Haxall, Jno. Randolph Tucker. the Committee retired, and calls were made for T. T. Cropper. at the invitation of the President, T. T. Cropper, Esq., took the stand, and addressed the meeting at length. He commence
exchange765,395.1600.00 Premiums thereon3,170.2700.00 Deposits, &c.324,629.7000.00 Loan to Directors3,000.0000.00 Dividends, 3 per ct. nett, Jan., 186134,914.7500.00 Aggregate debt due by the Bank713,608.7000.00 Aggregate outstanding debt due to the Bank1,690,150.0000.00 We, the undersigned, Directors of the Bank of the Commonwealth, having examined the foregoing statement of the condition of the Bank, on the 31st December, 1860, believe it to be correct. L. Nunnally, President, Thos. W. McCANCE. Andrew L. Ellett, E. O. Nolting, Ro. A. Paine, Jas. Alfred Jones, A. F. Harvey. City of Richmond, to wit: This day, before me, a Notary Public for the city of Richmond, personally appeared J. B. Morton, Cashier of the Bank of the Commonwealth, and made oath that the foregoing statement, made up from the books of said Bank, is correct the best of his knowledge and belief. Given under my hand, this 7th day of January, 1861. Abel U. Mayo, N. P.
eson (of Marion), R. E. Cowan (of Preston), D. J. Saunders, Thomas Boldeman, G. W. Thomas, V. Bargamin, John Knute (of Wheeling), H. K. Ellyson, D. J. Burr, Thomas U. Dudley, W. Fleischmanns, H. A. Dudley, Andrew Jenkins, M. Downey, W. W. Snead, Geo. W. Gretter, Thomas L. Johnson, Paulus Powell (of Amherst). This committee will proceed to Manassas in the early train this morning. Committee to Procure Accommodations.--B. W. Haxall, John D. Harvey, James Blair, A. S. Lee, H. Hancock, Thos. W. McCance, Thos. W. Doswell, W. J. Riddick, P. B. Price, Geo. Watt, Emanuel Straus, M. Downey, Edwin A. Smith, John Gibson. Geo. S. Lownes, Wm. H. Lyons, John H. Knowles, Samuel J. Rutherfoord, C. Crew, H. Spotts, Thos. Vaiden, (Manchester,) John Enders, John L. Tate, F. W. Redford. C. Burnett, R. A. Mayo, Thos. G. Bell, C. Bates, Jos. Allen, John Hatcher, (Manchester,) Geo. S. Palmer, Caleb Jacobs, Thomas Jones, R. O. Haskins, L. Libby, M. Milhiser, Lewis H. Frayser, C. R. Barksdale, Chas. Camp
Vote of the refugees. --A poll was opened at the Clerk's office in the City Hall, on Thursday, for the election of a member of the State Convention, to supply a vacancy occasioned by the expulsion of Ephraim B. Hall, the member from Marion county, now identified with the bogus government at Wheeling. The election was superintended by Messrs. R. R. Howison, Thos. R. Price, and Thos. W. McCance, and Wm. James Epps officiated as clerk. The whole number of votes polled was 15, and James Neeson, the State Senator from the Marion district, was declared the choice of the Marion refugees for a seat in the Convention. The election passed off without excitement.
ccomplishment, and as the company will commence operations with ample capital and with every essential element within its reach, the result will contribute materially towards the achievement of Southern independence. The works will be established in or near Richmond, and will go into operation without unnecessary delay. We append a copy of the act of incorporation, which has passed both branches of the General Assembly: Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That Wm. H. Haxall, Thos. W. McCance, Samuel J. Harrison, John Purcell, W. G. Paine, Lewis, Ginter, J. L. Apperson, and David J. Burr together with such other persons and firms as shall be hereafter associated with them under the provisions of this act, shall be, and they are hereby, incorporated and made a body politic and corporate, under the name and style of "The Virginia Chemical Works," for the purpose of mining for copper and other mineral ores; smelting and preparing the same for manufacture; manufacturing the prod
n for the compensation of the members of the Board, under the conviction that for services of this character, at this stage of affairs, suitable men can easily be found to perform the duties required without compensation. "Your committee recommend no appropriation at this meeting, because the Council can meet at any moment when the Board of Supplies, or their agent, is prepared to purchase, and the amount of appropriation can be better ascertained." On motion of Mr. Scott, the report was adopted. On motion, the following gentlemen were appointed a committee, as provided for by the above report: Messrs. L. W. Glazebrook, R. O. Haskins, James A. Scott, David J. Burr, David J. Saunders, Thomas W. McCance, Richard G. Morriss, and Wm. J. Yarborough--five members of the Council and three citizens. On motion, an appropriation of $50,000 was made, to be applied to the relief of the poor of the city. After some other unimportant business, the Council adjourned.
Postponed. --The charge against John W. Cariton, of stealing a horse from Mr. George Miles, Lancaster county, some time since, was postponed for examination by the Mayor till Thursday. James Denay, charged with robbing a man named John Garzo, some time since, did not undergo an examination yesterday. The Mayor adjourned it to a future day, and intimated to his officers the necessity of having present all the witnesses in the case. Billy, a well known whitewasher, belonging to James M. Taylor, made his appearance to answer the charge of stealing three turkeys from Thomas W. McCance. For the purpose of obtaining additional testimony. His Honor postponed an examination till this morning.
, one sugar bowl, six cups and saucers, one china teapot, three salt stands, one dozen plated spoons, six forks, and one table-cloth, valued at $1,000, the property of Mrs. Mary C. Van Lew; but there being no testimony sustaining the accusation, the girl was discharged. Willie Ann Smith was fined $10 for permitting her servant woman, Jane, to seek employment about the city upon the face of an improper pass. A Snyder, proprietor of a stove foundry at the corner of Cary and 10th streets, was yesterday before His Honor to answer the complaint of creating a smoke-stack upon his premises, which greatly endangered the safety of the property in the surrounding neighborhood. Messrs. Thos. W. McCance and J. Adams Smith, the complainants, testified positively that the smoke-stack was a nuisance, and they felt uneasy all the time lest their property would take fire therefrom. The matter was adjourned over till to-morrow, in order to allow Mr. Snyder time to offer rebutting evidence.
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