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vol. 6, pp. 289, 534. — Gen. Hartsuff and Dr. Child, cook of Co. I, 13th Regt. M. V. I. Bivouac, vol. 1, p. 93. — Hero in spite of himself; story; New Berne under Gen. Butler. Bivouac, vol. 1, p. 3. — Left wounded on the field; Gettysburg. Col. Theo. Ayrault Dodge. Putnam's Mag, new ser., vol. 4, p. 317. — Letter across picket lines; illustrating intercourse of privates on opposing sides. Army and Navy Journal, vol. 2, p. 382. — Life in the army of northern Virginia. Carlton McCarthy, rev. of. N. Y. Nation, vol. 36, p. 89. — Military Jeremy Diddler obtains goods without payment. Boston Evening Journal, Nov. 5, 1863, p. 4, col. 4. — Mustard into the army; practical joke. Boston Evening Journal, March 19, 1863, p. 4, col. 4. — Of the 12th Regt. M. V. I. hurrahs vociferously when the orchestra plays something from Mozart's Twelfth Mass. Army and Navy Journal, vol. 27, p. 14. — Officer concerned in illicit trade, March, 1863. Boston Evening Jou
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 11. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Annual Reunion of the Virginia division Army of Northern Virginia Association. (search)
urs in Virginia, and whose splendid brigade did much to make the glorious history of the Army of Northern Virginia, and win the imperishable fame of the soldiers of the old North State, whose blood enriched every battle-field in Virginia, and whose bodies sleep in every vale and on every hill-side. We regret that we are unable to publish in full General Scales's address on The Battle of Fredericksburg, but the committee of the Association having accorded that privilege to our friends Carlton McCarthy & Co., Richmond, (from whom copies in pamphlet form can be had), we content ourselves now with saying that it was an able and eloquent description of one of the greatest victories of the war. We shall hereafter make copious extracts from it. Nor can we now speak of the splendid banquet, at which admirable speeches were made by Colonel William Allan, of Maryland, Captain John Milledge, of Georgia, Rev. H. Melville Jackson, of Richmond, General Early, Judge Theo. S. Garnett, of Norfolk
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 11. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Literary notices. (search)
ecember 13th, 1878. 3. The Battle of Bethel. By Rev. E. C. Gordon, of Third Company, December 13th, 1882. 4. All Official Reports (Confederate States and United States), Battle of Bethel. This pamphlet of eighty-four pages (compiled by Carlton McCarthy, and printed by our own printer, W. Ellis Jones), is one of the most beautiful specimens of the printers' art we have ever seen. Its table of contents indicates its rare interest and value. This is to be followed by a number of other pamphnd so paged that the whole will make a beautiful volume. We warmly commend this style of making up records to other organizations, and would advise all interested in securing these very valuable papers, to write at once to the publishers, Carlton McCarthy & Co., Richmond, Va., to whose courtesy we are indebted for our copy. ceremonies connected with the inauguration of the Mausoleum and the unveiling of the Recumbent figure of General Robert Edward Lee, at washing-Ton and Lee University, L
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 12. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Editorial paragraph. (search)
s not come in time for this issue. Literary Notices. secret service of the Confederate. States in Eu-rope. By Captain James D. Bullock. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Two volumes. Price $6. We have received this book (through Carlton McCarthy & Co., Richmond) and have only space to say now that it is of thrilling interest, and great historic value, and as the edition is limited we would advise all desiring a copy to procure it at once. We propose hereafter a full review. We ale of the book-maker's art, with beautiful engravings, fine binding, etc. contributions to A history of the Richmond how-Itzers. Pamphlet No. 2, is a worthy successor to No. 1, which we would advise all to secure by ordering at once from Carlton McCarthy & Co., Richmond, Va. We have not room to say more now. The military operations of General Beauregard in the war between the States, 1861 to 1865, including A brief personal sketch and A narrative of his services in the war with Mexico, 18
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 12. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Reunion of the Virginia division army of Northern Virginia Association (search)
d died since the last meeting, and presented some graceful and appropriate resolutions to his memory, which were heartily adopted. Election of officers. The officers were elected by acclamation, as follows: General William H. F. Lee, President. General Bradley T. Johnson, First Vice-President. Executive Committee: Major W. K. Martin, Colonel William H. Palmer, Major Robert Stiles, Sergeant George L. Christian, and Major Thomas Brander. Treasurer, Robert S. Bosher. Secretary, Carlton McCarthy. Chaplain, Rev. Dr. J. Wm. Jones. The banquet. After the exercises in the hall were over, the Association repaired to Sanger Hall, where Zimmerman had spread an elegant banquet. After the good things had been fully discussed, General Lee called the company to order, and the Toast-Master (Judge George L. Christian), read the following toasts, which were responded to by those whose names are annexed: 1. The Army of Northern Virginia: That noble body of men, with unconquer
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 13. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Reunion of the Virginia division Army of Northern Virginia Association. (search)
d N. V. Randolph reported the following who were unanimously elected: For President: Major-General William B. Taliaferro. Vice-Presidents: Major-General William Smith, Colonel Charles Marshall, Colonel James H. Skinner, Captain P. W. McKinney, Brigadier-General Thomas T. Munford. Executive Committee: Colonel William H. Palmer, Colonel Archer Anderson, Sergeant George L. Christian, Major T. A. Brander, Sergeant John S. Ellett. Treasurer: Private R. S. Bosher. Secretary: Private Carlton McCarthy. General W. H. F. Lee, the retiring president, was heartily thanked for the ability with which he had presided and the energy he had displayed in the management of the affairs of the Association. On motion of General Early, Misses Mary and Mildred Lee, Mrs. Thomas J. Jackson and her daughter, and Mrs. J. E. B. Stuart and her daughter were unanimously and enthusiastically elected honorary members of the Association, and the Secretary was directed to send them badges. The ban
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 14. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Annual reunion of Pegram Battalion Association in the Hall of House of Delegates, Richmond, Va., May 21st, 1886. (search)
st degree, this special attribute, coming as they did from the young men who were the flowers of the land, and representing in its highest degree the noble manhood of the Sunny South. I am thankful it was my good fortune to have served in this arm of the service, and I glory in their many and noble deeds in the Lost Cause, commanded as they were by that great, grand cavalry chieftain, General J. E. B. Stuart. 5. the artillery—A Little more Grape from the Bottle. Responded to by Carlton McCarthy. 6. the infantry—They Stood like a Stone Wall. Responded to by Major C. S. Stringfellow as follows: Mr. President and gentlemen of the Pegram Battalion Association: In rising to address you at this late hour, I find myself very much in the unhappy situation of one of the brave boys in blue, a young and raw recruit, who was captured before the good city of Petersburg and carried to the Provost Marshall, a kind-hearted but stern-visaged old gentleman, who looking him full in t
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 14. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Address before the Virginia division of Army of Northern Virginia, at their reunion on the evening of October 21, 1886. (search)
cises with prayer. On motion of Judge George L. Christian, the president appointed a committee (Judge George L. Christian, Colonel Archer Anderson and Captain Carlton McCarthy) to wait on Governor and Mrs. Lee, and Miss Winnie Davis, and invite them to seats in the hall. The committee soon appeared with the distinguished gueon, Sergeant George L. Christian, Major T. A. Brander, Sergeant John S. Ellett, and Major Lewis Ginter; Treasurer, Sergeant Robert S. Bosher; Secretary, Private Carlton McCarthy. Colonel Archer Anderson presented a fit and touching tribute to Captain Walter K. Martin. General Taliaferro, in a few eloquent words, appropriateeral Early, Colonel F. R. Farrar, Colonel Edward McCrady, Jr., Colonel Archer Anderson, Dr. J. William Jones, Major J. N. Stubbs, Judge Theo. S. Garnett, Captain Carlton McCarthy, and others. There was a general and strong expression of a desire that these reunions shall be more largely attended by our comrades—that the Associa
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
. Chapman, J. T. Ellyson, N. Fitzgerald, Jas. A. Grigg, Wm. D. Hudson, W. N. Hall, Jas. M. Jessee, Jno. T. Jones, Peter L. Jones, Wm. R. Johnson, S. R. Lawrence, T. R. Leftwich, Wm. Lemon, Theo. Lewis, Wm. J. Mann, J. McCarthy, C. McCarthy, C. M. Miller, J. B. Mordecai, Wm. Neighbors, C. T. Palmer. H. H. Puryear, G. W. Semple, J. C. Taliaferro, D. O. Justice, J. D. Winston, L. W. Worsham, John Waldrop, W. G. Worsham, Wm. J. Wingo. [45] Report of arms-bearing mApril, 1865, viz: three commanding officers, twenty-two enlisted men; total, 25. L. F. Jones, Capt. 2d Co. Richmond Howitzers. The following note is taken from Contributions to a history of the Richmond Howitzer Battalion, no. 3, edited by Carlton McCarthy, p. 64, where it is appended to the preceding parole: The report above shows only twenty-two men in battle the 9th of April (arms-bearing), while the names counted show forty-five. The explanation is simply that twenty-three men had no a
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
Capt. T. B., 421. Lyon, Surg. A. A., 326. Lyon, Capt. A. M., 73. Lyon, C. S. Navy, G. C., 450. Lyons, Capt. J. L., 231, Lyons, Surg., Peter, 450. Maben, Capt. J. C., 69. Maben, Lt. J. D., 348. McAden, Surg. J. H., 382, 458. McAfee, Lt. J. M., 394. McAfee, Chaplain W. H., 333. McAlpine, Surg. J. N., 70. McArley, Capt. W., 123. McArthur, Lt. J. F., 384. McBrayer, Lt. E. W., 274. McCaine, Ass't Surg. W. W., 144. McCallum, Lt. J. W., 394. McCallum, Adj't W. M., 394. McCarthy, Carlton, 23. McCarty, Lt. T. R., 213. McCarty, Lt. W. S., 15. McCary, Lt. J. B., 195. McClagent, Lt. P. J. G., 146. McClellan, Capt. B. F., 326. McClendon, Lt. W. A., 145. McClevy, Lt. J. O. R., 348. McCluskey, Lt. John W., 75. McComb, Ass't Surg. J. P., 295. McComb, Gen., Wm., Brigade of, 285. McConnell, Lt. J. D., 122. McCord, Lt. A. P., 108. McCormick, Lt., Geo. C., 413. McCreler, Capt., John, 413. McCrew, Lt. J. A., 334. McCrimmont, Lt. D. W., 109. McCullough, Adj't
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