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Funeral of Gen. Gladden. --The remains of the lamented Gladden arrived in our city yesterday morning, attended by an escort from his old command, the Louisiana Regulars, commanded by Capt. Stringfellow. The coffin was conveyed to the Government Street Presbyterian Church, where the funeral services took place at 4 o'clock p. m. Rev. Mr. Burgett officiating in a very impressive manner, and pronouncing an eloquent eulogy on the deceased patriot. From the church, a vast procession accompanied the body to the new burying-ground. The military were out en masses, among them Maj. Gen. Jones, of the Confederate States Army, Maj. Gen. McCoy and Brig Gen. Butler. The armed vessels and steamboats in the river displayed their flags at half inst throughout the day, and the same taken of respect was displayed from all the flag staffs in the city, and from two British vessels which have recently arrived from foreign forts--Mobile Register, 1st.
mith, W H Barnum, A Harvey, A M Stone. Wounded: Capt S W Spencer; sergt W H Gillispie and J F Napier; corp'l Barlow; privates S Block, J N Brown, R L Brooks, N Calhoun) N Coleman, J Donley, J Gines, D Hogan, R B Hardesty, F Keysler, W Lucas, R S McCoy, W T McCoy, P Mulverhill, F Mirle, C Numan, J O'Hare, J G Penticost, F M Rollins, S E Roberts, J Shutzer, (T W Rawlings, killed in the battle of Williamsburg.) Company C., Crescent Blues.--Killes: Privates J Baker and N Eager. Wounded: CaptMcCoy, P Mulverhill, F Mirle, C Numan, J O'Hare, J G Penticost, F M Rollins, S E Roberts, J Shutzer, (T W Rawlings, killed in the battle of Williamsburg.) Company C., Crescent Blues.--Killes: Privates J Baker and N Eager. Wounded: Capt M S Goodwyn, Lieut de Lisle; privates G R Cushing, T Donaho, P E Gunther, C Henry, C Mengis, R McHenry, D McCarthy J Norris, J H Robertson, M G Wade and H Zorn. D. P. Gibson, Asst. Surg. Jackson Mississippian will please copy. List of killed and wounded in Capt. M'Neely's Company, K, 4th N. C. State troops. Killed: Corp'l Robt G Kyle, James Bowers, privates A A Lowrance, D C Johnson, F M Mills, L M Rendieman, Samuel. Strayhorn, Jno Carter. Wounded: Capt McNeely, ruptured; Li
ss. Metcall, J A, co K, 11th Miss, leg. Morgan, S N, co I, 11th Miss, shoulder. Morrett, B, co B, 6th S C, leg. Mitchell, R S, co G, 11th Miss, hip. Miller, R J, co A, 1st Tenn, leg. Mouldin, R, Jenkins's S C S S, thigh. Moody,--, co R, 41st Va, side and wrist. Moore, L B, co I, 11th Miss, left arm amputated. Matthews, A P, co B, 11th Miss, shoulder. Murriy, T H, co E, 4th N C, thigh. Myrick, N W, co A, 24th Geo, thigh (slight.) McCenn, J, co K, 14th Va, leg. McCoy, J T, co I, 11th Miss, knee. McDaniel, Wm, co C, 1st Tenn, leg. McDonald, L J, co D, 2d Miss, shoulder. McGhee, Isaac. co E, 6th N C, leg. McKenney, D G, co D, 14th Tenn, knee, slight. McKenney, J M. co G, 6th N C, thigh. McKnight, J E, 6th S C, thigh. McNally, J, co G, 11th Miss, foot. McWilliams, Jno, co K, 9th Ala, hand. Nall, A P, Lieut, co A, 6th S C, leg and body. Newman, T J. co D, 2d Miss, thigh. Nicholson, J R, Lieut, co C, 23d N C, head. Nichols,
gentleman who arrived in this city yesterday, we have some interesting particulars of the movements of the forces under Major General Loring, in Western Virginia. On Saturday week the army broke camp at their former headquarters, (the Narrows of New river. in Giles county.) moving in three columns. These three columns formed a junction on Tuesday morning at Shady Springs, in Raleigh county, and that evening encamped a short distance beyond Raleigh Court- House. On Wednesday they reached McCoy's, in Fayette county, nine miles southeast of the Court House. On Thursday morning they continued their march in fine spirits. The enemy were rapidly retreating before our forces, and left Raleigh Court-House only a few days before the entrance of our forces. They numbered about 2,000. At that place they out port holes in nearly every house, declaring their intention to make a stand against the rebel forces. So suddenly did they leave on bearing of the approach of our troops that a
a List of negroes now Confined the Military Prisons, in Richmond, Va. J A Emery, free, Salem, Mass. E Boyen, free, Maryland. E B Williams, free, Philadelphia, Pa. Geo Washington, free, Baltimore. Daniel Carter, slave of T McCormick, Charke- Va. Andrew Williams, free, New York. Joe Brown, slave of Z Alies, Miss. Alfred Jounes, slave of Newton Ladd Chari- City co. Isaac Webster, free, Washington, D C. Joe James, free, Henrico co, Va. L McCoy, free, New York city. Ben Daingerfield, slave of James Riley, Jefferson co, Va. J Johnson, slave of Wm Crump, New Kent co. Jas Kranty, slave of Wm Kranty, Loudoun co. Nathan, slave of Chas Barley, Loudoun co. Jim Johnson, free, Connecticut. Leana Johnson, woman, of Mrs. M. H- Fairfax co. Wm Norris, slave of Robt A- co. Wm Hensby, tree, Annapoller Robert--, free, Maryland. Charles. L Hawkins, slave of John Milchail Maryland. R. B. Wilson, free, Ohio. Wm Jos Burk, fre
t that on the 9th Inst., in compliance with instructions from the Commanding General Army Northern Virginia. I proceeded on an expedition into Pennsylvania with a cavalry force of 1,800 and four pieces of horse artillery, under command of Brigadier- General Hampton and Cols. W. H. F. Lee and Jones. This force rendezvoused at Darkavills at 12 M., and marched thence to the vicinity of Hedgesville, where it comped for the night. At daylight next morning October. 10th I crossed the Potomac at McCoy's, (between Williamsport and Hancock) with some little opposition, capturing two or three horses of enemy's pickets. We were told here by citizens the that a large force had camped the night before at Clear Spring, and were supposed to be en route to Cumberland. We proceeded northward until we reached the turnpike leading from Hagerstown to Hancock, (known as the National road.) Here was a signal station on the mountain, and most of the party with their flags and apparatus, were surprised
ould not take the responsibility of deciding on the value of his testimony further than to commit the accused for trial before the Hustings Court. Elizabeth Keating, arrested as a woman of evil fame, and for obtaining money under the name of McCoy, was examined. It appeared that she had been residing with a baker named McCoy, who died rather suddenly not long since, and that immediately on the happening of that event she had put in a claim for a small sum of money deposited with an outsidMcCoy, who died rather suddenly not long since, and that immediately on the happening of that event she had put in a claim for a small sum of money deposited with an outside party, as deceased's wife, and received it. She, however, gave it up to Coroner Sanxay, who handed it over to the administrator, by whom the above complaint was entered. The accused was discharged. The case of Royall H. Brown, Bob Custolo, and Wm. Wright, charged with feloniously stealing $42 from Thos S. Burr, was called, but the witness not answering to his name, was continued until Monday. Thomas Tealing, charged with getting drunk and trespassing on the American Hotel, was requ
lled: None. Wounded: C M Corne — Missing: None. Co F — Killed: None. Wounded: G F Andrews. Missing: None. Co G — Killed: None. Wounded: A B Chapman Missing: None. Co K — Killed: None. Wounded: Corp'l W H Barnes, mortally, since dead, A C Lepper, J Walker. Recapitulation — Killed: 1 Wounded: 6. Total: 7. Second Regiment Virginia Cavalry--Major Carey Breckenridge missing, (prisoner) Co C — Killed: None. Wounded: None. Missing: Sergt John a Biggs, Corp'l M Dinkenhoker, privates D McCoy, M Stanley, R pek, J. T Young, E Kale N Bishop Co D — Killed: Wm Buroughs. Wounded: Capt Holland, in elbow; privates Ed Sackey, hand shot off; Wat Sinclair, right thigh fractured, flesh wound in left thigh and breast; S Edwards, in hand. Missing: None. Co E — Killed: None. Wounded: Lt Blank, in head; privates R L Davis, do; Wm Pete, flesh wound by shell; W Chalet slightly; J King, severely from the fall of his horse; Missing: Private J Blank. Co F — Killed: None. Wounded: No
er Jno. Massie j. P. Macon j w. 2 Manning Jno. Moore j. L. Mitchell w. w. Mudrow Jas. Mennk agg j. w. Mayo j. b. May j.b. Mastel Munford n. F. Manning dr. h. J. Marrison h. Mangsbit gen. A. m. Mason A. G. Miller w. & tro Maclere dr. Meches D. R. Manning R. McCall cpt. h. V. McMulten cpt. L. b. McWhorter it R. P. McLandon Jas. McKay A. c Meintire T. h. w. McDonall Jas. McNiell Cpt. w. L. Mc Wallan R. T. McNiel T. j. Mr. Ginals Jas. McCoy w. McLaws. w. McCart hon w. McJaskell A. McParland it. B. Mcterey b. McCarkle it D. P. McDowall Nj, McCray C. McWilnna it. F. h. McCarty h. McKay Capt. G. w. McKensis T. McCabe T. McDonal R. McGlyther T. McNance F. G. McCoker F. McGiffin S. McChency cpt. S. D. McDun mr. McLenden agt. S. K. McEachern E2. Mch dame Ed. McCary w. b. McMay w. w. McCook j. Mc Jas McNenly J. McGee j. w. Mclatire Jno. McGrath Jno. MchPherson J. McGane
21st Arkansas, A Tyler, captain, 82 men. 20th Arkansas, D W Jones, colonel, 93 men. 1st Missouri, A C Riley, colonel, 344 men. 2d Missouri, T M Carter, major, 356 men. 3d Missouri, J K McDowell, major, 258 men. 5th Missouri, J McCowan, colonel, 276 men. 6th Missouri, S Cooper, major, 216 men. 7th Mississippi Battery, A. M Dozier, Capt. 36th Mississippi, W W Witherspoon, col., 300 men. 37th Mississippi, O S Holland, colonel, 353 men. 38th Mississippi, Robert C McCoy, major, 240 men. 43d Mississippi, Richard Harrison, colonel, 531 men. 40th Mississippi, W B Colbert, colonel, 295 men. 35th Mississippi, W S Barry, colonel, 530 men. 3d Mississippi, T A Burgin, lieut colonel, 257 men. 4th Mississippi, S P Nelson, captain, 410 men. 46th Mississippi, C W Scars, colonel, 450 men. 37th Alabama, J F Dowdell, colonel, 342 men. 32d Alabama, John W Portis, colonel, 442 men. 40th Alabama, John H Higley, colonel, 452 men. 54th Alabama, de
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