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A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Additional delegates to the Provisional Congress, upon its assembling in Richmond, Virginia, in July, 1861. (search)
eeAfterwards member of Confederate Congress. Hon. W. H. DeWittTennessee  Hon. John F. HouseTennessee  Hon. George W. JonesTennesseeAfterwards member of Confederate Congress. Hon. James H. ThomasTennessee  Hon. Thomas S. BocockVirginiaAfterwards member of Congress and speaker of the house. Hon. J. W. BrockenboroughVirginia Hon. R. M. T. HunterVirginiaAfterwards Confederate Senator from Virginia; Secretary of State, &c. Hon. Robert JohnsonVirginiaAfterwards member of Congress. Hon. Wm. H. McFarlandVirginia  Hon. James M. MasonVirginiaAfterwards commissioner to Europe. Hon. Walter PrestonVirginiaAfterwards member of Congress. Hon. Wm. Ballard PrestonVirginiaAfterwards Confederate Senator from Virginia. Hon. Roger A. PryorVirginiaAfterwards member of Congress; Brigadier-General in the Confederate army, &c. Hon. William C. RivesVirginiaAfterwards member of Congress. Hon. Charles W. RussellVirginiaAfterwards member of Congress. Hon. Robert E. ScottVirginia  Hon. James A. Se
Bank Directors. --We append a list of the Directors of the Farmers' Bank and Bank of Virginia, recently elected by the stockholders of the two institutions, and those appointed by the Executive: Farmers' Bank of Virginia.Richmond. By the Stockholders. Wm. H. McFarland, W. C. Allen, James Dunlop, John E. Wadsworth, Edwin Wortham. By the Executive. R. O. Haskins, J. J. Wagoner, S. C. Robinson, N. C. Read. Norfolk. J. M. Smith, Kader Biggs, John James, W. B. Rogers. D. S. Cherry, W. H. C. Ellis, W. D. Reynolds. Petersburg. John Kevan. Chas. Corling, Andrew Dunn, John McGill. T. O. Hinton, R. R. Collier, T. C. Elder. Fredericksburg. J. H. Wallace, John Coakley. Samuel Gordon, Joseph Alsop. W. S. Barton, John J. Chew, W. Roy Mason, Jr. Farmville. Clem. C. Read. Chas. D. Anderson, John T. Thornton, Jas. McNutt. J. J. Walker, N. H. Cobbs, Jas. B. Hilliard. Danville. Wm. L. Green
wenty-five, to prepare and report business for the action of the meeting. the Chairman thereupon appointed the following gentlemen: Geo. W. Randolph, A. L. Holladay, Nathaniel Tyler, Judge Wm. H. Lyons, Judge John Robertson, Samuel. J. Harrison, P. R. Grattan, Wyndham Robertson, R. T. Daniel, R. R. Howison, Jno. H. Gilmer, W. S. Triplett, Robt. Ridgway, Thos. T. Giles, Wm. Old, R. B. Heath, Gen. T. P. August, Wm. G. Paine, John Purcell, Wm. H. McFarland, David J. Burr, Judge John A. Meredith, A. A. Morson, Thos. W. McCance, Bolling W. Haxall, Jno. Randolph Tucker. the Committee retired, and calls were made for T. T. Cropper. at the invitation of the President, T. T. Cropper, Esq., took the stand, and addressed the meeting at length. He commenced by denouncing party lines in times like these, and declared that any man who could raise party above his country, was a traitor, and deserved a traitor's doom. He then
The Army hospitals in Richmond. The following report was made to Congress by Mr. McFarland, chairman of the committee charged with visiting the soldiers' hospitals in this city and reporting the condition of them: The committee instructed to inquire into the condition and management of the army hospitals of this city respectfully report, that they proceeded, without delay, to visit many of the hospitals, wherein were confined the sick and wounded of our army, and sought interviews widifferent religious denominations among us. It is due also to the city of Richmond to state that the citizens have been liberal and considerate in their contributions as well as in their kindness and civilities, evincing a generous solicitude to welcome as friends all those of the army by whom their sympathy in misfortune would be accepted. It does not seem to the Committee that any specific legislation is now necessary, and they had to be discharged. Wm. H. McFarland, Chairman,
Election day. --An election will be held to day to supply the vacancy in the Congressional representation from this district, caused by the death of Hon. John Tyler. Messrs. James Lyons, John Robertson, Robt. Saunders, Wm. H. McFarland, John B. Young, George W. Randolph, and Martin Meredith Lipscomb, are the candidates. Polls open at sunrise.
eath of Hon. John Tyler Jefferson Word--James Lyons, 263; Wm. H. McFarland 172; Geo. W. Randolph, 34; Jno, B. Young, 13; John Robertson, in Meredith Lipscomb, 2. Madison Ward.--James Lyons, 325; Wm. H. McFarland, 292; Geo. W. Randolph, 29; Jno. Robertson, 12; Robert Saunders, 11; John B. Young. 9. Monroe Ward--James Lyons, 265; Wm. H. McFarland, 240; George W. Randolph, 27; John B. Young, 6: John Robertson, mb, 6. The contest in the city was between Messrs. Lyons and McFarland, and the result may be thus summed up: Lyons.McFarlandMcFarland. Jefferson Ward263172 Madison Ward321292 Monroe Ward265240 849704 Showing a plurality of 145 for Mr. Lyons. We append a few reived from the counties: Henrico.--Court-House — Lyons, 224; McFarland, 216; Young, 79, Randolph, 3; Robertson, 5; Saunders, 2; Lipscomband, 216; Young, 79, Randolph, 3; Robertson, 5; Saunders, 2; Lipscomb, 5. Hanover.--Coal Harbor — Lyons, 26; McFarland, 18; Young, 3
the road, a short distance from this city Mr. Whitcomb asked the permission of the Council to lay down a temporary track from the Virginia Central road to the depot of the Richmond and Fredericksburg road, on Broad street, promising that it should be made as temporary as possible, and offer no serious objections to the crossings. The permission asked for was granted. A petition was presented from Messrs. R. G. Morriss, Jos. L. Carrington & Co., James Caskie, Goddin & Apperson, and Wm. H. McFarland, owners of property on Bank Square, asking that A. Snyder & Co. be prohibited from erecting a foundry on said square, and representing the same to be a great nuisance, and liable seriously to injure the property of complainants and other inhabitants of that section of the city. The petition was referred to the Committee on Police. The Council went into the consideration of the question of burning or otherwise destroying the tobacco now stored in the different warehouses, in case t