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H. 48th Georgia--L H Sconyers, Company H. 44th Georgia--Wm H Peebles, Captain Company A. J R Graham, co H, 14th Ga; Jas Reed. Jno Satterfield, co K, 19th Ga; Jas McAlfrey, co B, 19th Ga; H M Williams, Lt co H, 14th Ga; H B Smith, Beco H, 14th Ga; W P Campbell, F T C Barns, co F, 19th Ga; A C Caldwell, co E, 44th Ga; S G Boon, co F, 1st N C; T J Simmons, Lt. Col, 45th Ga; Jno Rigby, co D, 35th Ga; F M Stovald, Lt. co A, 19th Ga; J J Buckelerd, co H, 44th Ga; M P Sweeney, co E, 44th Ga; S W McMullen. co I, 44th Ga; P W Ward, co F, 44th Ga; J P Morris, co I, 44th Ga; J V Kelley, co B, 44th Ga; D L Hitchcock, co F, 44th Ga; P M Stewart, co C, 44th Ga; J W Lewis, co D, 44th Ga; C L Pitts, co H, 44th Ga; J F McKibben, co D, 44th Ga; J W Brooks, co I, 44th Ga; Saml Millans, co P, 44th Ca; J M Swann, co D, 19th Ga; L Burroughs, co K, 19th Ga; E A Smith, Lt co K, 49th Ga; J W Scott co H, 48th Ga. Third Georgia Hospital. David Denton, 28th Ga; J H Wodley, 44th Ga; J C McGulggun, 38t
os. S. Flournoy, 46. For Lieut.-Governor: H. W. Sheffey, 31; J. D. Imboden, 28; S. R. Price, 14.--For Attorney General J. R. Tucker, 70. For Congress: W. C. Wickham, 30; Jas. Lyons, 43. For House of Delegates: Ira L. Bowles; 28; Isaac H. Christian 30; R. L. Hentey, 10, Wm. A. Meanley, 1. Army vote. 51st Va. Regiment.--For Governor: Flournoy 366; Smith, 34; Munford, 26; Wise, 13. For Lieut-Governor: Price, 57; Imboden, 15. State Senate: Montgomery district, Taylor, 376; Coltraine, 19. Congress: 12th district, Edmondson 301,. Staples 145; 13th district, Pres' on 6, McMullen 1. Senate; Peters 7. 36th Va. Regiment.--Governor: Smith, 390; Flournoy, 36; Munford, 8. Lieut. Governor: Imboden, 245; Price, 78; Echo's, 61. Congress; 14th district, Miller 111, Stration 86, 19, Warren 8; 42nd district, Staples 63, Edmondson 67; 43d Senatorial district, Lawson, 117; Barbee, 17; Pate, 11. House of Delegates for Boone, Logan and Wyoming; Barrett, 52, Neighbert, 28; Ferrell, 20.
The election. The official returns may change in some respects the Congressional delegation as published by us yesterday. In some districts the vote is close, and so widely scattered that it will require the official vote to decide the result. In the Bedford district, where Mr. Goode was supposed to be re-elected, it is now asserted that his defeat is by no means improbable. His competitor, Col. Martin, leads him 274 votes, with but one county to hear from. The army vote will probably finally decide the issue. In the Little Tennessee district, where McMullen was reported to have defeated Preston, there is yet some doubt.--The Norfolk and Montgomery districts are also in doubt, but it is thought that Whitfield is elected in the first and Staples in the latter.
M. McNamara, C, 17th Miss. P Tierman, C, 17th Miss. W Collins, C, 17th Miss. J Pavy, H, 30th Va. Conrad Fleasing, K, 13th La. W. Tippan, 1st Ga. W Ponyman, 1st Ga. W Henny, B, 6th La. W S Pomdexter, McMullen 2d Bal Heavy Art. G Lewis, Cropper's Art. A Gardner, Cropper's Art. M Shaw, A, 12th Ala. J R Woodward, Sands's Battery. R Alley, Johnson's Battery. Samuel Burns, B, Marine Corps. E Ellinger, E, 10th Va Cav. J H Abbott, B, Morris's Art. C Rose, F, 10th La. D Tracy, F, 1st Ga. T Murphy, F, 1st Ga. J Ryan, H, 8th Ala. T D Ackeman, Capt Duke's Texas Vol. M Murphy, Capt Duke's Texas Vol. Sergt M Maghan, Capt Duke's Texas Vol. M McCloskey, G. 8th Ala. J Othiel, Capt Ritter's Bar. J Usean, D, 6th La. J Hogan, 3d Md Art. J Caliahan, D, 14th Ala. C Oaks, Washington Art. W H Howell, H, 2d Ga. W Collins, I. 4th La. S B Harston, F, 21st Ga. J J Driscoll, C, 2d Va Cav. P White, Hamilton Bat. M Sullivan, Morton's Art
From the Kanawha Valley. --There is now but a very small number of Yankees in the Kanawha Valley, Gen. Scammon, the commander, having gone with the larger portion to Tennessee, either to reinforce Burnside or Rosecrans. The force now in the Valley consists of four regiments and one battery — the regiments being the 12th, 23d, and 91st Ohio, and the 5th (bogus) Virginia. The 12th and 91st are at Fayetteville, the county seat of Fayette county, the 23d is at Charleston, and the 5th (bogus) Virginia is scattered at different points along the river. There are no cavalry in the Valley.--Gen. Seammon took with him the 1st and 2d (bogus) Virginia cavalry, the 34th Ohio, (Zouave) recently mounted, the 9th (bogus) Virginia, and McMullen's battalion. A little dash and enterprise on the part of our forces into the Valley would, it is believed, clear it of the enemy.
n Case Station and Kingston. Both armies were within two miles of each other Thursday and it was reported were advancing. The reported capture of twenty two hundred Yankees by General Cleburne turns out to be untrue. There was no fighting during Thursday. The Federal soldiers have insulted and outraged the residents of the section of the country they have marched through. In the charge of Stewart's division on Sunday evening beyond Resaca a Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Mr. McMullen, Missionary to Raker's brigade, an old gentleman upwards of sixty-five years of age, gallantly went in front of the whole line, amid a perfect tornado of bullets and shells. The patriotic veteran, with his white hair streaming in the wind waved the boys forward with his hat, until a fatal bullet entered his brave heart. His son, a private in the same brigades, was killed in the same charge, the bullet striking his in the forehead. The Arkansas troops have been engaged in nearl
ce the currency, and to authorize a new issue of Treasury notes and bonds. The bill was further debated and postponed. Mr. Lyon, of Ala, from the Committee on Ways and Means, reported back, with amendments, Senate bill to authorize the issue of certificates of indebtedness to be given for property purchased or impressed, and for transportation, and to provide for payment of the interest on said certificates in specie. After debate, the bill and amendments were, on motion of Mr. McMullen, laid upon the table — ayes 47, noes 39. Mr. Swan moved a reconsideration.--Lost. The consideration of the bill to amend the act to reduce the currency, &c., was resumed. The bill had thus far been amended by striking out the first section, and the House having refused to reconsider. Mr. Lyon said the whole value of the bill had been destroyed, and he moved to lay it upon the table. The motion was agreed to. Mr. Smith, of N. C., moved a reconsideration of the vot
with the advice and consent of the Senate, are still discharging the duties of the offices to which they were originally appointed; and that he also be respectfully requested to furnish the names of any such persons. The special order, the House bill, with Senate Finance Committee, to amend the tax laws, was then taken up. The bill was discussed and considered until the hour of recess. House of Representatives.--Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Read, of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. McMullen, of Va., moved that when the House adjourns to-day it will adjourn to meet to- morrow at 10 o'clock. Agreed to. Senate amendments to the bill to regulate the pay of general officers were read and concurred in. Senate amendments to the House bill to increase the pay of non commissioned officers, musicians, and privates in the army, were read and concurred in. Senate amendment to the House bill amending the act to establish a Nitre and Mining Bureau was concurred in. Mr.
port some measure to remedy the evils named in said correspondence. Mr. Montague, of Va., offered a resolution, which was agreed to, inquiring into the expediency of increasing the pay of clerks in the civil and military departments. Mr. McMullen, of Va., offered a resolution, requesting the Committee on the subject of the distribution of the mail to make an arrangement with the Post Office Department to have the mail from this House received on the train from the Doorkeeper, and distributed and forwarded promptly, and instructing the Doorkeeper to deliver the same to the mail agent on the train. Mr. McMullen moved to rescind the resolution providing for a recess daily at 3 o'clock, which, on motion of Mr. Read, of Ky, was laid on the table. Mr. Russell, of Va., offered a resolution, which was agreed to, instructing the Committee on Ways and Means to inquire into the expediency of authorizing the States to exchange their Confederate Treasury notes of the old issue f
ithout success, and asked that they be discharged from the further consideration of the subject. The bill relating to certificates of indebtedness was again taken up, and the question being called on Mr. Foster's amendment, it was rejected — ayes 23, noes 44. An amendment offered by Mr. Foote was lost. Mr. Swan moved to lay the bill and amendments on the table. Not agreed to — ayes 27, noes 40. Mr. Smith's amendment was then adopted — ayes 36, noes 31. Mr. Conrad, of Louisiana, moved to lay the whole subject on the table. The effect of the bill so amended would be to create a new species, of Treasury notes. The motion was agreed to — ayes 41, noes 24. Mr. Foster moved a reconsideration. Lost. On motion of Mr. McMullen, it was ordered that when the House adjourns to-day it will adjourn to meet at 10 o'clock on Friday morning. Mr. Miles moved an adjournment. Lost. After some unimportant business the House took a recess until 8 o'clock
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