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General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 18: battle of Sharpsburg, or Antietam. (search)
e of the guns of that battalion were sent for ammunition. Miller's battery of four Napoleon guns came. As Jackson withd the sunken road. Some of Ripley's men came together near Miller's guns at the Hagerstown pike. General R. H. Anderson and e's battery, well out in the corn-field, facing the march; Miller's section of Napoleons in the centre, and a single batteryw swung to his right and came against our fragments about Miller's guns, standing near his flank. Miller had two guns, theMiller had two guns, the others off for a supply of ammunition. Cooke's Twenty-seventh North Carolina Regiment was well organized, but short of amm of Ripley's brigade and some others were on the turnpike; Miller was short of hands and ammunition, even for two guns; McLabut unflinching resolve to stand to the last gun. Captain Miller charged and double-charged with spherical case and canistehonor of the last shot with the section of Napoleons under Miller. Orders were given General Pleasonton, at the second b
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 19: battle of Sharpsburg, or Antietam (continued). (search)
o rise. General Toombs and Colonel Benning performed very clever work at the Burnside Bridge. Of Colonel Cooke, the Twenty-seventh North Carolina Regiment, Captain Miller, Sergeant Ellis, and their men of .the Washington Artillery, General Lee said, They were heroic. General McClellan's plan of the battle was not strong, the Art., Capt. R. Boyce. Artillery :--Washington (La.) Artillery, Col. J. B. Walton; 1st Co., Capt. C. W. Squires; 2d Co., Capt. J. B. Richardson; 3d Co., Capt. M. B. Miller; 4th Co., Capt. B. F. Eshleman. Lee's Battalion, Col. S. D. Lee; Ashland (Va.) Art., Capt. P. Woolfolk, Jr.; Bedford (Va.) Art., Capt. T. C. Jordan; Brooks . Harman; 58th Va. Trimble's Brigade, Col. James A. Walker; 15th Ala., Capt. I. B. Feagin; 12th Ga., Capt. Rogers; 21st Ga., Maj. Thomas C. Glover; 21st N. C., Capt. Miller; 1st N. C. Battn. Attached to Twenty-first North Carolina Regiment. Hays's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Harry T. Hays; 5th La., 6th La., Col. H. B. Strong; 7th, 8th, a
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 23: battle of Fredericksburg (continued). (search)
ert Ransom, Jr.; 24th, 25th (Lieut.-Col. Samuel C. Bryson), 35th, and 49th N. C.; Branch's (Va.) battery. Cooke's Brigade, (1) Brig.-Gen. J. R. Cooke, (2) Col. E. D. Hall; 15th N. C.; 27th N. C., Col. John A. Gilmer, Jr.; 46th N. C., Col. E. D. Hall; 48th N. C., Lieut.-Col. Samuel H. Walkup; Cooper's (Va.) battery. First Corps artillery : Not assigned to divisions.-Washington (La.) Artillery, Col. J. B. Walton; 1st Co., Capt. C. W. Squires; 2d Co., Capt. J. B. Richardson 3d Co., Capt. M. B. Miller; 4th Co., Capt. B. F. Eshleman. Alexander's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. E. Porter Alexander; Bedford (Va.) Art., Capt. Tyler C. Jordan; Eubank's (Va.) battery, Capt. J. L. Eubank; Madison Light Art. (La.), Capt. Geo. V. Moody; Parker's (Va.) battery, Capt. William W. Parker; Rhett's (S. C.) battery, Capt. A. B. Rhett; Woolfolk's (Va.) battery, Capt. P. Woolfolk, Jr. Second Corps, Lieutenant-General Thomas J. Jackson. D. H. Hill's division, Maj.-Gen. Daniel H. Hill:--First Brigade, Bri
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter28: Gettysburg-Third day. (search)
enes of such awful responsibility; but the storm to be met left no time to think of one's self. The battery officers were prepared to meet the crisis,no move had been made for leaving the field. My old acquaintance of Sharpsburg experience, Captain Miller, was walking up and down behind his guns, smoking his pipe, directing his fire over the heads of our men as fast as they were inside of the danger-line; the other officers equally firm and ready to defend to the last. A body of skirmishers p Madison (La.) Light Art., Capt. George V. Moody; Va. Batt., Capt. W. W. Parker; Va. Batt., Capt. 0. B. Taylor. Washington (La.) Artillery, Maj. B. F. Eshleman ; First Co., Capt. C. W. Squires; Second Co., Capt. J. B. Richardson; Third Co., Capt. M. B. Miller; Fourth Co., Capt. Joe Norcom, Lieut. H. A. Battles. Second Army Corps, Lieutenant-General Richard S. Ewell. Escort, Randolpl's Company Virginia Cavalry, Capt. William F. Randolph. Early's division, Maj.-Gen. Jubal A. Early:--Ha
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 44: post-bellum Pendant. (search)
ve very high authority for that, but you can't have amnesty. During a subsequent session of Congress, General Pope sent in a list of names from Georgia for whom he asked relief from their political disabilities. General Grant, after approving it, made request to one of his friends in Congress to have my name put on the list, and I was extended relief soon after it was given to General R. E. Lee. In January, 1866, I engaged in business in New Orleans with the Owen brothers,--William, Miller, and Edward, old soldiers of the Washington Artillery,--as cotton factors, and speedily found fair prosperity. Before the year was out I was asked to take position in an insurance company, but declined, and repeated applications were refused under plea of limited business experience, but, under promise of ample and competent assistance, I accepted the place with a salary of five thousand dollars, and my affairs were more than prosperous until I was asked an opinion upon the political crisis