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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 6. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Gettysburg campaign--official reports. (search)
wounded while in the discharge of his duties, and is still a prisoner. My orderly, W. H. Webb, remained with me after being severely wounded. His conduct entitles him to a commission. Fewer wounded from my division were left in the hands of the enemy than from any other division of the army, for which I am indebted to the active exertion of Chief-Surgeon R. T. Coleman. Mr. E. J. Martin, my volunteer Aid-de-Camp, rendered valuable service by his prompt transmission of orders; and Major E. L. Moore faithfully performed his duties as Assistant Inspector-General. The troops are much indebted to Major T. E. Ballard and G. H. Kyle, of the Commissary Department, for supplies during the trying period covered by this report; cattle and flour were frequently procured within the enemy's lines. All of the officers and men of the division who came under my observation during their three days exposure to the enemy's incessant fire of musketry and artillery from the front and artillery
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 7. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Report of General Edward Johnson of capture of Winchester. (search)
sive attempts were made to carry the bridge. Two sets of cannoneers (13 of 16) were killed and disabled. Lieutenant-Colonel Andrews and Lieutenant Contee, whose gallantry calls for special mention at this point, fell wounded here. Lieutenant John A. Morgan, First North Carolina regiment, and Lieutenant Randolph H. McKim, took the place of the disabled cannoneers, rendering valuable assistance and deserving special mention I feel much indebted to Majors B. W. Leigh, H. K. Douglas and E. L. Moore, of my staff, for their gallantry and efficiency on the field and in pursuit of the enemy; to Surgeon R. T. Coleman, for correcting a misapprehension of orders on the part of my engineer officers, thereby expediting the march of General Walker, who found me most opportunely. The total list of casualties in the engaged division during the operations embraced in this report, amounted to fourten killed and seventy-four wounded. I am, sir, very respectfully, Your obedient servant, Ed
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 27. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
lieutenant, 62d North Carolina. Hugh Cobble, private, Company E, 5th Kentucky. J. B. Hardy, captain, 15th Arkansas. Mark Backen, captain, Company D, 60th Tennessee. J. R. H. E. M. Orr, lieutenant, 62d North Carolina. S. W. Henry, captain, 18th Tennessee cavalry. S. R. Graham, first lieutenant, Company J, 3d Texas cavalry. J. A. McBride, lieutenant, Company H, 60th Tennessee. J. Reeves, Company J, 1st Georgia cavalry. J. Ashby, Kentucky. Samuel Fox, colonel. E. L. Moore. Daniel Herrin, Poindexter's Missouri cavalry. J. W. Collier, lieutenant, 18th Kentucky. John M. Kean, captain, 12th Louisiana artillery. W. McWhister, captain, Company H, 3d Missouri. R. Hodges, Memphis, Tenn. E, Gibson, lieutenant, 11th Arkansas. D. Christian, Company E, 128th Virginia. S. W. C. William Johnson, Poindexter's Missouri cavalry. Peter Cole, private, 60th Virginia. J. W. Gregory, captain, 9th Virginia. W. Veasey, lieutenant, 10th Kentucky caval
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.34 (search)
the brigade commanders, I laid down on the floor of the McCool house, in the same room with General Johnson and our division staff—all of us in our clothes—ready to leap to horse at a moment's notice. In the dark, just before dawn, couriers came in from the Stonewall Brigade and others, stating that the enemy were stirring. We rose, and mounted our horses, and before dawn General Johnson and his attendants were out on the lines. General Johnson, Major Kyd Douglas, Capt. V. Dabney, Major E. L. Moore and myself. The men were roused in the trenches, and before day the whole division was on the qui vive. The fog was so dense we could not see in any direction, but soon we could hear the commands of officers to the men, and the buzz and hum of moving troops. The pickets had been driven in, with occasional shots here and there, and there was instant expectation of a coming assault. The first thing we saw was a mass of men—indistinctly visible through the fog—moving in front of ou
J. Turner, N. Keesecker. Co. F. Winchester--Capt. Wm. L. Clark, Jr. --Killed — Serg't E. O. Burgess, Serg't I. N. Glaize, Privates Lloyd Powell, William Young, Charles Mitchell. Wounded--Capt. W. L. Clark, Jr., in the thigh; Privates R. Meade, lost an arm; S. Barton, in the leg, McCarty, head; Kidd, back; Beatty, leg; Hobson, leg; Coontz, ankle; J. Sherrard. slightly wounded; James Rines lost a leg. Missing--Ten men, supposed to be at the Junction. Co. G. Jefferson County--Capt. E. L. Moore Wounded--Lieut Robert M. English, wounded in the arm, leg and breast; Sergeant Middlecough, in forehead; Privates Aisquith, in neck; F. G. Butler, in chest, since dead; Foster, in both legs; W. Manning, in breast and face; L. Page, mortally, in arm and abdomen; Painter, in the thigh; J. Timberlake, neck; S. Timberlake, both legs; C. Wiltshire, in the leg; T. Briscoe in the side. Co. H., Jefferson County, (near Daffield's)--Capt. J. H. L. Hunter.--Killed--Private Hendricks. Wounde
ver, when it was ascertained that he was a prisoner, but unhurt. He is a true-hearted Southerner and will not conceal his sentiments even to procure his release; but I hope that after examining his case, and finding him a non-combatant, they will have the magnanimity to release him without insulting him by requiring him to take the oath of allegiance. There is one who was engaged in this fight and was desperately wounded, who deserves special mention. John. T. Beale, a member of Captain E. L. Moore's company, from this place, has been faithfully serving his country ever since the beginning of the war, and had returned the evening before on a visit to his home for the purpose of recruiting his health; but hearing of the movement contemplated, he unhesitatingly offered his services, and was, by one of those mysterious acts of Providence, cut down in the midst of his usefulness. We sincerely trust that his wound will not prove fatal. Too much praise cannot be bestowed upon ou
Petersburg items. --The Express furnishes us with the following items of a local character to that city: Loss Tobacco Statement.--The amount of loose tobacco inspected in Petersburg for the year just ended was as follows: 1860. 1861. Centre Warehouse. 1,177,059 1bs. 1,099,720 1bs. West Hill Warehouse. 795,323 Caks Warehouse. 1,080,561 lbs. 670,868 lbs. Moore's Warehouse. 676,956 lbs. 414,556 lbs. Promotions in the Petersburg City Guard.--The resignation of Lieutenant F. M. Wright, of the Petersburg City Guard, left a vacancy in this corps, which has been filled by the promotion of Charles Waddell to the office of First Lieutenant. Peter McEnery has been promoted to senior First Lieutenant, and Orderly sergeant Thomas Shanks to junior First Lieutenant. E. B. Bain is promoted to the office of Orderly Sergeant. Severely Bitten by a Dog.--A young man from the country was attacked by a fierce bull dog while passing Mr. Spicer's factory in
ongress, from the Winchester district, the vote at the City Court-House is close between A. R. Boteler and F. W. M. Holliday. For Board, of Public Works for the Third District most of the votes cast were for B. F. Beall. From other Congressional districts the vote is small. From the 2d or Norfolk district it is believed that Col. D J. Godwin leads the poll in this city, over Messrs. Parham, Hume and Mahone. For the State Senate from Jefferson and Berkeley there is a close vote between E. L. Moore and A. C. Hammond. For the House of Delegates from Jefferson county most of the votes cast were for J. Y. Beall and Wm. Burnett, and from Berkeley county for Israel Robinson and Ro. W. Hunter. By Telegraph Lynchburg, May 28. --The vote in the city proper resulted as follows: Flournoy, 424; Smith, 165; Munford, 14. Price, 459; Imboder, 100. No opposition to Rives for Congress. Petersburg, May 28. --The election is progressing quietly. Kelley probably elec
Senate yesterday, there was but little business to transact. A joint resolution from the House in regard to the accounts of the Public Printer, was referred to the Finance Committee. The Committee on Privileges and Elections reported that the following gentlemen had been duly elected to fill vacancies at late special elections: J. J. Graham, vice Lt. Col. Peters, resigned; E. T. Taylor, vice John Seddon, deceased; Wm. Mahone, vice W. E. Taylor, resigned; Andrew Hunter, vice E. L. Moore, resigned. Laid on the table. The joint Committee of Conference, on the disagreement of the two Houses on the bill for the relief of soldiers' families residing within the lines or under the control of the enemy, reported a recommendation that the House recede from its amendment. A bill in regard to compensation to the pages and porters, clerk of Salt Committee, &c., communicated from the House, was passed. Adjourned. In the House, the bill to provide compensation to the pag
Gen Joe Johnston's Staff. --The following is a list of the officers of the General Staff of the Army of Tennessee, commanded by Gen Jos E Johnston. J B Washington and Wade Hampton, 1st Lieuts Aids-de Camp; W W Mackall, Brig Gen, Chief of Staff; Colonels B S Ewell, Geo Wm Brent, Major Kinloch Falconer and Capt G A Williams, Assistants Adjutant General; J D Eustis, Major and A A G, on Court Martial Duty; D Leadbetter, Brig-Gen, Chief of Engineers; E J Harvie, Colonel, Inspector General; H Oladowski, Lieut-Col Chief of Ordnance; J H Hallonguist, Lieut-Col Chief of Artillery; M B McMicken, Lt-Col Chief Quartermaster, W E Moore, Major, Chief Subsistence; E A Flewellen, Surgeon. Medical Director; and Wm C Preston, Major, Inspector of Artillery.