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The Daily Dispatch: November 7, 1860., [Electronic resource], Land and Slaves in the county of Amelia, for sale privately. (search)
For Hire and for sale. --For hire, two good Drivers — prefer hiring them to drive coal carts. For sale, a new Spring Dray, never been used; a Coal Cart and Harness, good as new, and a large, young dray Horse. A bargain may be had, either in the Dray. Cart or Horse, as I have no use for them. Apply at my office, No. 42 Main street. Chas. Y. Morriss. no 6--ts
The Daily Dispatch: February 19, 1861., [Electronic resource], The oil discoveries in Western Virginia. (search)
New volunteer Companies. --Two new volunteer companies have been formed recently on the western suburbs of the city. One of the companies (the Oregon Hill and Sidney Home Guard,) numbers seventy-five active members. Charles Y. Morriss, Esq., is Captain, and Edward McConnell — a graduate of the Lexington Military Institute--is 1st Sergeant. It has adopted grey jackets and caps as part of its uniform. The other company, which is equally strong in numbers, has not yet been named. Its commander is Lawson H. Dance, Esq., formerly, we believe, commandant of the Henrico Dragoons. John Crosby is 1st Sergeant. No uniform has been yet adopted by the company, so far as we have heard. The officers of both have been commissioned. The people residing in the western portion of the city propose to raise a battalion of uniformed men, and they certainly can do it if they set to work under the leadership of capable officers.
The Members of the Richmond Light Infantry Blues, active and honorary, Capt. O. J. Wise, paraded yesterday, in undress uniform, to attend the funeral of Charles E. Hewitt, late a member of said corps. The body was then escorted to the Danville Depot by Company "I," Capt. Morriss, of which deceased was an active member. It left for Bedford county this morning for interment, under the command of Lieut W. O. Taylor and a detachment of the latter corps.
City Council. --The regular monthly meeting of this body was held at 4 o'clock yesterday evening. Present, Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Glazebrook, Hill, Burr, Crutchfield, Scott, Richardson, Talbott, Haskins, Denoon, Greanor, Griffin. The usual reports from police officers were returned. The Committee on Police say they find nothing in them requiring a special report. They say they also have had under consideration the petition of Charles Y. Morriss and others, asking that they would designate some other place than their wharves for landing powder, and recommend the Council to reject the prayer of the petition. The Committee of Finance reported that they had had under consideration the petition of Wm. C. Allen, executor of O. Slaughter, to have refunded to him the sum of $232.55, paid as tax on money, and report that they allow $140.52 on account of taxes on property erroneously given in to the Assessor by him. The following resolution was adopted: Resolved.
Painful accident. --We regret to learn that Charles Y. Morriss, Esq., lost his right hand at his residence in Sidney on Monday night, by the accidental discharge of a Sharp's rifle, which he was examining in presence of a number of his friends. The ball carried off nearly the whole hand, and it was found necessary to amputate it above the wrist. Dr. Gibson performed the operation. It was feared yesterday that lockjaw would ensue. The mutilation of Mr. M., who is a public, spirited, enterprising, benevolent and patriotic citizen, is a source of general regret. The weapon which produced the casualty was one of a number with which he proposed to arm a company of volunteers recently raised and equipped by himself for service against the common enemy.
The Daily Dispatch: November 8, 1860., [Electronic resource], Servants' Clothing--Servants' Clothing. (search)
For Hire and for sale. --For hire, two good Drivers — prefer hiring them to drive coal carts. For sale, a new Spring Dray, never been used; a Coal Cart and Harness, good as new, and a large, young dray Horse. A bargain may be had, either in the Dray. Cart or Horse, as I have no use for them. Apply at my office. No. 42 Main street. Chas. Y. Morriss. no 6--ts
Richmond enterprises. Within the past year some very remarkable enterprises have been undertaken in this city, which have been from time to time noticed in this paper. One which has very recently gone into operation is the Sugar Refinery, built by Capt. Chas. Y. Morriss, one of our most public spirited as well as enterprising citizens. The project is his own in every respect, and has been completed and put into active and, we doubt not, successful operation by his own means and active energies. The establishment is planned on a large scale, and with a view to yet further extension, as the demands of trade may require. The refined sugars already turned out by it give the most perfect satisfaction, and are surpassed in quality by none in the market. We consider the owner of this manufactory a real public benefactor. If a few more of our men of means would emulate his good example, this city would grow much more rapidly in wealth and power. We commend the Richmond refined sug
The Daily Dispatch: October 1, 1861., [Electronic resource], Gen. Washington on Arrests for treason. (search)
James, slave to Charles Y. Morriss, was arrested by officer Branch, yesterday, charged with stealing sugar from his master. Jacob Fergis, a free negro, for having an unlawful weapon in his possession. Simon, a negro, charged with being a runaway; and a drunken soldier for disorderly conduct.
Refined Sugars. --We were shown, on Saturday last, a loaf of beautiful white sugar, made at the refinery, in this city, of Mr. Chas. Y. Morriss, which was certainly equal, if not superior, to any article of the kind we have ever seen produced in Yankee land. Mr. M. will no doubt be able to supply this market on fair terms.
Wanted. --to Sell my Teams, Formerly used at the Refinery. Also, a fine riding Mare, and a good buggy Horse, Spring-Drays;a alone-horse Spring Wagon, nearly new, and eight Carts. Ten negro men for Hire--one of them a No. 1 Blacksmith. Apply at my office, under St. Charles Hotel, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock A. M. Chas. Y. Morriss. mh 5--ts
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