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veral States, and that the Governor be requested, without delay, to inform the Commissioners of their appointment. The report having been completed, the yeas and nays were called on its adoption, with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs, Armstrong, Brannon, Bence, Carson, Carraway, Carter, Christian, Claiborne, Coghill, Critcher, Day, John Dickenson, Asa D. Dickinson, Douglas, French, Gatewood, Greever, Hubbard, Isbell, Johnson, Layne, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, McKenney, Nash, Neal, Neeson, Newlon, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Quesenberry, Richmond, Rives, Stuart, Henry W. Thomas, Christopher Y. Thomas, Townes and Wickham--40. Nays.--Messrs, August, Early, Finney, Pennybacker and Thompson--5. Mr. August and others, in voting against the resolutions, explained their reasons for so doing. Bills Reported.--A bill to incorporate the Valley Railroad Company; a bill allowing the Northwestern Bank of Virginia, and any of its branches, to establish an agency in the city of Ric
ing resolutions of inquiry were adopted and referred to the appropriate committees: By Mr. Coghill, of temporarily relieving the Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company from the payment of the amount now due the State for taxes and accrued interest on the loan heretofore made by the Commonwealth to said company; by Mr. Townes, for amending the first section of the act passed on 17th February, 1860, to provide more efficient police regulations for the watering places in this Commonwealth; by Mr. Neeson, for reporting bill 194 of the last session for the relief of C. B. Hall; by Mr. Johnson, for establishing a branch Bank in the town of Liberty, in the county of Bedford; by Mr. Lynch, for incorporating a company for the manufacture of all kinds of fire-arms, to be located in or near the city of Lynchburg; by Mr. Taliaferro, for incorporating the Mount Vernon Insurance Company; by Mr. August, for making an appropriation to the Penitentiary; by Mr. Wickham, for appointing a committee to rep
om the further consideration of the following subjects: For paying the officers and soldiers of the 89th brigade for services rendered during the John Brown raid; to compensate the Hallsboro' Guard for services rendered on the same occasion; to pay the North Fork Rifle Company for like services; and the petition of J. O. Cox, to be refunded a certain amount of fees paid to the Register of the Land Office. Resolutions of Inquiry.--The following resolutions were adopted and referred: By Mr. Neeson, for furnishing a copy of Mayo's Guide to each Coroner of the State; by Mr. Penny-backer, of amending the 4th section of chapter 14 of the Code, so as to allow the first clerk in the Treasurer's office $1,300; by H. W. Thomas, for allowing the Banks of the Commonwealth to issue, to a limited amount, notes of a less denomination than five dollars during the period of suspension of specie payments by the Banks. The unfinished business of Friday, the bill to amend the charter of the Winc
e printed. Mr. H. W. Thomas's motion was then lost, by the following vote: Yeas.--Messrs. Armstrong, Carson, Christian French, Greever, Logan, Marshall, Neeson, Newlon, Richmond, Stuart, Thomas of Fairfax, and Townes.--13. Nays.--Messrs. Brannon, Claiborne, Coghill, Day, Early, Finney, Gatewood, Isbell, Lynch, Nash,inney, French, Gatewood, Greever, Isbell, Logan, Lynch, Nash, Newlon, Pate, Paxton, Richmond, Smith, and Taliaferro.--21. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Marshall, Neeson, Stuart, H. W. Thomas, C. Y. Thomas and Townes.--7. Resolutions, &c.--By Mr. Brannon, for incorporating a company to construct a railroad from some point on laiborne, Coghill, Early, Finney, Gatewood, Lynch, Nash, and Paxton.--10. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Christian, Day, French, Greever, Isbell, Logan, Marshall, Neeson, Newlon, Pate, Richmond, Stuart, Thomas of Fairfax, Townes.--15. The preamble and resolutions were then adopted. Sundry bills were advanced a stage.
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xtending the corporate limits of the town of Fredericksburg. Mr. Wickham presented the petition of officers of cavalry for an appropriation to meet the expenses of a camp of instruction for cavalry officers. Resolutions.--On motion of Mr. Neeson, it was resolved to inquire into the expediency of legalizing certain irregularities in the sales of land delinquent for taxes, made in the year 1855, in the county of Tyler. Adjournment Proposed.--Mr. Smith offered the following joint rest. Indefinitely Postponed.--A bill concerning the voluntary enslavement of free negroes was taken up and considered at some length, when, on motion of Mr. Coghill, the subject was indefinitely postponed. Treasury Note Bill.--The bill to authorize the issue of treasury notes was taken up and made the order of the day for Wednesday next, at 11 o'clock. Bill Passed.--Senate bill to legalize proceedings on Sunday in certain cases. On motion or Mr. Neeson, the Senate adjourned.
Bills Passed.--Senate bill for the relief of the securities of Joshua H. Staats, deceased, late Sheriff of Jackson county; House bill changing the time of holding the Circuit Court in the town of Danville; House bill to incorporate the Staunton Arms and Ordinance Company. Bank Relief Bill Passed.--The bill for the relief of the Banks, as reported from the House, was taken up, when Mr.Thomas, of F., moved that the Senate recede from its amendment striking out the 4th section of the bill. Mr.August opposed the proposition, and moved to lay on the table. The motion of Mr.Thomas was then agreed to. All the other amendments proposed by the House were agreed to — thus adopting the whole bill as it came from the House. Order of the Day.--The bill releasing the schooner Pauline from the payment of the fine of $500 for an alleged violation of the inspection laws, was made the order of the day for Tuesday next. On motion of Mr. Neeson, the Senate adjourned.
f the inspection laws. The bill was passed. Bills Passed.--Senate bill to authorize an issue of arms to Titus V. Williams, of the county of Tazewell, for the use of an Academy; House bill to amend an act passed 31st March, 1860, entitled "an act to restrict the catching of oysters in certain months;" House bill to incorporate the Berkeley Border Guard Armory Company; Senate bill to refund to the Preston Coal and Iron Company money improperly paid by it into the Treasury. Military Academy.--The bill appropriating $100,000 for the establishment of a Military Academy at some eligible point in the Trans-Alleghany portion of the State, having been taken up, was discussed by Messrs, Neeson and Paxton, and rejected for want of a constitutional majority. On motion of Mr. Townes, the vote by which the bill was lost, was reconsidered, and the bill laid on the table in order to enable its friends to modify it. On motion Mr. Dickinson, of Prince Edward, the Senate adjourned.
ed the Senate in an able argument against the postponement, and in favor of the passage of the bill. He was followed by Mr. H. W. Thomas in opposition. At the conclusion of Mr. Thomas remarks, Mr. Carson spoke briefly in support of the measure. The vote was then taken on the indefinite postponement of the bill, with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs. Carter, Coghill, Critcher, Day, J. Dickenson, Douglass, Greever, Hubbard, Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, Massie, Nash, Neeson, Newlon, Pate, Quesenberry, Rives, Smith, Stuart, Taliaferro, H. W. Thomas, Townes, Urquhart and Wickham--26. Nays.--Messrs. Brannon, Bruce, Caldwell, Carson, Claiborne, A. D. Dickinson, Early, French, Gatewood, Isbell, Neal, Paxton and Thompson-- 13. Bills Passed.--Senate bill to provide for the voluntary enslavement of Thomas Garland and Mary Anderson, persons of color, in the county of Hanover; Senate bill to amend the third and fourth sections of an act passed March 15, 1850, t
es 24. The bill, with but a few slight verbal amendments, was passed by the following vote: Ayes.--Messrs. Armstrong, August, Bruce, Carson, Carraway, Claiborne, Coghill, Day, John Dickenson, Asa B. Dickinson, Douglass, Early, French, Gatewood, Greever, Hubbard, Isbell. Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, Massie, McKenney, Nash, Newlon, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Pennybacker, Quesenberry, Tallaferro, Thompson, and Urquhast--32. Nays.--Messrs. Brannon, Caldwell, Carter, Critcher, Neal, Neeson, Rives, Stuart, Henry W. Thomas, Townes, and Wickham--11. Bills Passed.--Senate bill organizing a volunteer company of cavalry in Albemarle county; Senate bill amending the charter of the Black Lick and Plaster Bank Turnpike Company; Senate bill to incorporate the Cove Creek Lead, Copper and Iron Manufacturing Company in the county of Tazewell; Senate bill authorizing the Loch Leven Rangers, in the county of Lunenburg, to be organized with a less number than now required by law; Senate
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