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A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Brigadier-Generals of the Confederate States Army, alphabetically arranged. (search)
the Potomac, composed of the 2d and 11th Mississippi, the 6th North Carolina and the 4th Alabama regiments. 37Bee, Barnard E.S. CarolinaGen. J. E. JohnstonJune 17, 1861.June 17, 1861. March 6, 1862. Brigade composed of DeBray's, Buchell's, Wood's, Terrell's, Gould's and Likin's Texas regiments. 38Bee, Hamilton P.TexasGen. P. O. HebertMarch 6, 1862.March 4, 1862.   Commanding 12th Tennessee regiment and acting Brigadier-General; brigade composed of the regiments of Colonels Russell, Greer, Newsom, Wilson and Barteau; afterwards promoted Brigadier-General, and assigned to command of a brigade in Jackson's division, Forrest's cavalry corps. 39Bell, Tyree H.TennesseeMaj. Gen. ForrestNov., 1863.Nov., 1863. April 23, 1863. Brigade composed of the 2d, 15th, 17th and 20th Georgia regiments, Hood's division, Longstreet's corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 40Benning, Henry L.GeorgiaGen. R. E. LeeApril 23, 1863.Jan. 17, 1863.   Died of wounds, received in action at Atlanta, Georgia, July 28, <
4. No. 99—(1150) Mentioned by Maj. John Devereux as having been originally in Hannon's command. Julian's Battalion, Alabama Cavalry: Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(961) In Roddey's brigade, General Wheeler's corps, August 10, 1863. No. 53—(501) Same. Newsom's company. Vol. XVI, Part 1—(828) Mentioned and commended by Brig.-Gen. T. C. Armstrong in report of skirmish near Courtland, July 25, 1862. No. 58—(614) In Bell's brigade, Forrest's cavalry, January 25, 1864. The Fifth Alabama cavalry. Th part of Roddey's force at Montevallo, in front of Wilson, and took part in the defense of Selma, laying down its arms at Decatur. Extracts from official war Records. J. E. Forrest's Regiment, Alabama cavalry: Four companies transferred to Newsom's Eighteenth Tennessee. No. 52—(811) Mentioned at the main ford of Bear creek, by General Carr, Corinth, September 24, 1863. No. 56—(179) Gone with Lee to north Mississippi, via Okolona, November 7, 1863. (645) Report o
le, the left was being heavily pressed. I sent a staff officer to General Buford to move Lyon's and Johnson's brigades forward and press the enemy on the right. Newsom's regiment was suffering severely and had given way. Colonel Duff and my escort, dismounted, were ordered to charge the enemy's position in front of Newsom's regiNewsom's regiment, and succeeded in driving the enemy to his second line, enabling the regiment to rally, re-form and move forward to a less exposed position. Fearing my order to General Buford had miscarried I moved forward rapidly along the lines, encouraging my men, until I reached Buford on the Blackland road, and finding but two pieces ssippi. The death of the brave Sherrill, of the Seventh Kentucky, was deeply mourned. Colonel Crossland, commanding brigade, Faulkner, Russell, Wilson, Barteau, Newsom, Lieutenant-Colonels Stockdale and Wisdom, and Majors Hale and Parham were among the wounded. General Forrest reported his entire loss at 210 killed and 1,116 wo
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.43 (search)
Avery, Private John W. Brewer, Private Jesse. Butler, Private I. A. Crump, Sergeant George R. Delbridge, Private Joseph. Delbridge, Private William. Edwards, Private Joseph. Finn, Private D. B. Ferguson, Lieutenant Erastus. Hall, Private Jesse. Harrison, Private N. L.; wounded. Howard, Private A. W. Jean, Private J. L. Jones, Private John J. Johnson, Private Samuel. Lee, Private George W. Manson, Lieutenant J. R. Moore, Private Joseph. Newsom, Private George W. Phillips, Private Deb. M. Phillips, Private James W. Pollard, Private George W. Pepper, Sergeant Joseph H. Rook, Private B. S. Rose, Private Rook, Private James M. Talley, Private William T. Welton, Private James L. Williams, Private Woodruff, Sergeant Marcellus G. Company K —Petersburg Archer Rifles. Burton, Private William. Fuqua, Private Robert; killed. Huddleston, Private R. F. Litchford, Sergeant; mortally wounded. Mann
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 36. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.44 (search)
Milton Cayce, George W. Chappell, Robert G. Chase, Henry Cocke, W. F. Coldwell, H. T. Coldwell, J. E. Cooke, John E. Cooke, John S. Cooke, William Cox, H. E. Crowder, W. M. Crowdis, W. S. Cunningham, J. E. Davis, John A. Maclin, Joseph J. Madry, A. J. Madry, John W. Martin, John Martin, Samuel McCann, Alex. M. McCrackin, David Mathias, C. P. Miles, Alex. M. Miles, George W. Minatree, Jr., John Mingea, John F. Newsom, E. S. Noble, Charles G. Nolner, S. B. Northern, Robt. N. Oliver, M. E. Page, J. F. Pannill, Charles Panill, Walter Peaman, Charles J. Penman, John Pettet, Thomas T. Poarch, E. J. Poarch, E. N. Pool, Stephen Pool, S. D. P. Rae, J. E. Reade, G. W. Reade, J. T. Davis, W. H. Dean, Leonidas H. Derring, James Dunlop, James R. Folks, Joseph Farley, George W. Farley, Peter F. Farley, Thomas A. Gibson, Jeb Gregory, T
Burned to death. --The Abbeville (Ala.) South states that on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr. Newsom, residing in the lower part of Henry county, near the Florida line, while drying her dress before the fire, it caught, and she was so burned before the fire could be extinguished that she died in a few hours.
intelligent, delicate, and rather effeminate-looking lad, who gave his name as Newsom, made application and obtained employment at the Crescent office as a sub-newsped the reputation of being the best carrier in the office of that journal. Newsom (a good name for a carrier) became well known to all his fellow-carriers, and fut a murmur, and ever looking bright and cheerful. In the latter part of 1858, Newsom suddenly disappeared, much to the regret of his fellows, and more especially tofter to follow. Time's dark sullen shadow or departing years stole by, and Newsom became forgotten in the busy whirlpool of this world's affairs. Some days ago d smiling face was of itself a picture of happiness. Seated near her was — not Newsom, but somebody else, for Newsom was the identical lady herself! And thus is expom, but somebody else, for Newsom was the identical lady herself! And thus is explained the true, but romantic history of the mysterious newsboy.-- N. O. Crescent.
T A Wilson, commanding — Killed: 3d Lieut A L Butts; Privates T J Carter, J L Collier, D Mulvehill, G Mullen. Wounded: Thos Bradley, S House, M Higgins, C Marsh, T S Redd, Geo Underwood, Wm Conner, M Haley, T J V Lieaud, Thos Powell, W H Hite, 1st Lieut T Q Munce, Corp'l W H H Wilson, Corpl Ed Scadamore. Missing: George Mariner. Company H, "Charile Clarke Rifles," Capt R R Applewhite — Killed: Lieut D F McComick; Privates A J Davis, B F Headwick, Paron Glover. Wounded: E Douglas, W W Newsom; John Turner, Dennis Brown, Samuel King, R B Thidford Corpl Applewhite, B Robertson, L Q Fairman, F Krauss, H Eweing, Frank McQueen. Company I, "Durant Rifles," Capt Vawter. Killed: Sergt P O Wallace; Corpl R S Sproles, Privates Z Blackman, R M Robinson, W E Cheatham, Thos McDaugling W M Harlin, Wounded: S W Ellis, B F Roseman, J D Glasgow, J H Lomax, John T Fowlkes, W R Swain, J P McLilsann, M Tubos, J H Frizell, W R Moore, J A Montgomery, W W McLean. Company K, "Claiborne Guards
1 formerly commanded by Gen. Bee. Casualties in the 7th Tennessee regiment. Adjutant G A Howard, wounded in arm slightly. Company A.--Killed: Corp'l G W Deiver, Privates James Vernatts. John Garrison, P J Mason, Jno Nix Wounded: Capt J S Dawell, in arm, severely; Corp'l Isaac Nan in both arms, slightly; Privates Thos Davis, in thigh, severely; T J eed, Jr, in shoulder, slightly; John Johnson, in thigh in arm, slightly; H slightly; slightly; Theodore Moore, in foot; J R Newsom. Missing, D W Sewell, J J Martin, W C Grima--three last supposed to be killed. Company B.--Killed: Private John Dawson. Wounded: Capt John Allen, in neck and thigh — not dangerous; Lieut F A Timberlake, in head and back — not dangerous. Privates Henry W Beasley, in hand, severely; Henry A Mitchell, slightly; John D Boulton, do; Samuel J Duke, do; Fren Gibbs, do. Company C.--Killed: Lieut C V Ingram, Corp'l J C Habbard, Privates W W Walker. Madison Buck, Joseph Lovell. Wounded
-Wounded: Corporal Wm T Harrison, in arm, slightly; E B Peebles. Missing: W B Echols, L H Powell, W A Showacre. Company D--Capt Tyler.--Killed: Alex Chandler. Wounded: Serg't Jas Blankenship, John Bryant, Wm Smith, Geo Smith, Corp'l Wesley Crowder, in left hand. Missing: Capt Edward Tyler. Company E--Capt Banks.--Killed: Serg't Cary D Batts. Wounded: Capt R E Banks, through the body above the hips and slightly in left log; Lieut N M Martin, slightly in right foot, by shell; Edward R Newsom, in forehead. Missing: Marcellus W Harrison, Wm Dudley, Austin Maclin, Jas E Nash, Henry Robinson, John Scott, Patnam with. Company F--Capt Field--Killed: Robert Fraster. Wounded: Sydney Boss, Jas D Collier, R T Gordon, R H Seward. Missing: Corp'l A T Allen, John M Barnes, Cornelian Feriny. R H King, J L Ivery, R D Mitchell, John Myrick, W A Sodier, E L Seninback, Heackinh W Smith. Company G--Capt. Branch.--Wounded: Corp'l M M Bowers, Jas P Figg, Thos Grame, Jas T Hawkins, John Ka