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Misdemeanor. --The charge against Allen Nunnally, of keeping a disorderly house, and allowing negroes to assemble on his premises, was not disposed of by the Mayor until yesterday. The accused paid the fine of $20, and gave security for his appearance before the Hustings Court to answer an indictment for misdemeanor.
Hustings Court. --This body commenced its November term yesterday morning, at 11 o'clock, and disposed of a large amount of business.--A free negro, called Peter Scott, charged with stealing a watch and chain from Dr. John N. Broocks, was called; but owing to the absence of witnesses, the trial was postponed until the December term. The Grand Jury met at 12 o'clock, and after being sworn, and charged by the Attorney for the Commonwealth, retired to their room, and found true bills against the following persons, indicted for misdemeanors: Wm. F. Simms, for assaulting Alois Reck with a stone; Chas. Ripley, for selling goods without a license, in violation of the revenue laws; Allen Nunnally, for keeping a disorderly and ill-governed house; Jackson Crouch, Allen McGregor and Alfred Wright, for assaulting Justice George E Sadler, while in the discharge of his duty. The Grand Jury then adjourned to meet again on Wednesday next.
lth's Attorney joining in the demurrer. Joseph Woof, convicted of a misdemeanor in August last, and sentenced to three months imprisonment and to pay the costs of prosecution, was discharged from jail yesterday, the Court being satisfied of his insolvency. Joseph Calvin Henry, held in jail to be indicted for a misdemeanor, was discharged from jail yesterday, the Grand Jury having failed to indict him. Charles Colgate, charged with feloniously assaulting and beating Elizabeth Talley with intent to maim, disable and disfigure her, on the 13th of October, was examined before the Court yesterday for the offence, and sent on to be tried before Judge Lyons. Richard, slave to Thomas W. Wooldridge, was convicted before the Hustings Court yesterday, of stealing $600 from Pleasant Hill, a free negro, and ordered to receive nine and thirty lashes. The trial of Allen Nunnally, indicted for keeping a disorderly house, was commenced yesterday, and will be concluded to-day.
Hustings Court. --Yesterday the trial of Allen Nunnally, indicted for keeping a disorderly house, was concluded. The jury found a verdict of guilty, and he was fined $100 and cost.
to them the house at which he had delivered the barrel. He took them down the north side of Main street till getting between 21st and 22d, when he stopped at Allen Nunnally's door, but afterwards said it was the next tenement. Mr. Brown procured a search warrant and searched the premises named by the negro, without finding anything. By the persuasion of the officers, Mr. B. then got a warrant for Nunnally's place, and at half-past 9 o'clock searched it. In the yard, on a pile of wood, they discovered the staves and headings of a liquor barrel, then redolent with the rums of "apple-jack," and on two of which were private marks, by which Mr. Brown recognized them. They next entered Nunnally's kitchen, and there found a barrel just filled with apple brandy, containing 32½ gallons, and a runlet consulting about one gallon more, making the exact quantity for which they were in search. Satisfied that they had found the stolen liquor, they next took steps for the arrest of Nunnelly,
Hustings Court. --The Grand Jury sworn at this term returned presentments yesterday against fifteen individuals for felony. Their names are as follows: Wm. Hardymar, Jno. Doyle, George Turner. Aug. Synco, Allen Nunnally, Jacob Elzenhower, Thomas W. Farquhar, Don Juan Williamson, Sarah S. Sunderland, Wm. Riley, Thomas H. Wilkinson, Wm. Pitts, Michael Galvin, James Jennings, and Richard N. Bluns, and were then adjourned over till next Wednesday week. James Clarke, indicted for felony, was then set to the bar, Mr. Danner appearing as his counsel. Upon a full hearing of the arguments of the attorneys, as well for the Commonwealth as the prisoner, and also the evidence of the witnesses, the jury were unal le to agree, and were placed in charge to be kept together. The cases of John Doyle, William Riley, and Richard N. Binns were set for trial to-day.
Hustings Court. --Judge Lyons was engaged yesterday in the trial of Allen Nunnally, charged with receiving a barrel of brandy valued at $1,200, stolen from Wm. B. Jones & Co., on the 21st of October, knowing the same to have been stolen. The Commonwealth introduced a number of witnesses, who proved that the liquor was stolen from Jones & Co.'s store in the day time, that it was carried away in a small wagon driven by a negro; that a house owned by Nunnally was searched; that the staveNunnally was searched; that the staves, heading, and hoops of the stolen barrel of brandy were found in the yard, and that the exact amount of brandy lost was found in the prisoner's house, the floor of the room giving unmistakable evidence that the liquor had been transferred from its original barrel to another. It was also proved that the prisoner was at the house where the liquor was found but a short time before its discovery. At three o'clock, the Commonwealth having closed its evidence, the Judge took a recess until hal