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Chapter 10: private letters, [Oct. 1, 1861, to March 12, 1862.] Oct.--, 1861.--Yesterday rode to Chain Bridge, thence to Upton's Hill, and did not get back until after dark. . . . I can't tell you how disgusted I am becoming with these wretched politicians. Oct. .--. . . The enemy made some demonstrations up the river this morning, which prevented me from crossing the river until 1.30; then I rode to Munson's Hill, etc., and found everything going on well. We shall be ready by to-I returned yesterday, after a long ride, I was obliged to attend a meeting of the cabinet at eight P. M. and was bored and annoyed. There are some of the greatest geese in the cabinet I have ever seen — enough to tax the patience of Job. . . . Oct. (11?)-. . .I rode all over our new positions yesterday to make some little changes and correct errors, as well as to learn the ground more thoroughly myself. It rained most of the day, which did not add to the pleasure of the trip. Secesh keeps
. From Sept. 1 to Oct. 610,7004,0006,2004,1903,0006,0006,2006,0004,2004,20011,100 From Oct. 6 to Oct. 1517,00011,00022,025 50010,22118,32512,9891,0006,0003,000 From Oct. 15 to Oct. 2540,00019,50065,200 1,2509,00018,8765,0002,5003,6009,000 From Oct 25 to Oct. 3130,000 30,000 1,5003,0082,2009,9005,00020,040  Total97,70034,500123,4254,1906,25028,22945,60133,88912,70033,84023,100 Received at the depots.Camp-kettles.Mess-pans.Overcoats (foot).Artillery-jackets.Blankets.Overcoats (mounted).Feltleave to ask whether the President desires me to march on the enemy at once or to await the reception of the new horses, every possible step having been taken to insure their prompt arrival. On the same day Gen. Halleck replied as follows: Oct. 21.--Your telegram of twelve M. has been submitted to the President. He directs me to say that he has no change to make in his order of the 6th instant. If you have not been, and are not now, in condition to obey it, you will be able to show
opinion that it is my duty to submit to the President's proclamation and quietly continue doing my duty as a soldier. I presume he is right, and am at least sure that he is honest in his opinion. I shall surely give his views full consideration. He is of the opinion that the nation cannot stand the burdens of the war much longer, and that a speedy solution is necessary. In this he is no doubt correct, and I hope sincerely that another successful battle may conclude my part of the work. Oct.--, 1862, Pleasant Valley--I received to-day a very handsome series of resolutions from the councils of Philadelphia, thanking me for the last campaign. The councils pitch into the government for not thanking me, most beautifully. The phrase about my having organized victory is a cut at Stanton, who last winter issued an order scouting the idea of organizing victory, and rested on the sword of Gideon and Donnybrook Fair. I believe I will try to acknowledge them now, so I can send you the r
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