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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 1. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Address of Congress to the people of the Confederate States: joint resolution in relation to the war. (search)
kins, Israel Welsh, William G. Swan, F. B. Sexton, T. L. Burnett, George G. Vest, Wm. Porcher Miles, E. Barksdale, Charles F. Collier, P. W. Gray, W. W. Clarke, William W. Boyce, John R. Chambliss, John J. McRae, John Perkins, Jr., Robert Johnson, James Farrow, W. D. Simpson, Lucius J. Gartrell, M. D. Graham, John B. Baldwin, E. M. Bruce, Thomas B. Hanly, W. P. Chilton, O. R. Kenan, C. M. Conrad, H. W. Bruce, David Clopton, W. B. Machen, D. C. DeJarnette, H. C. Chambers, Thomas Menees, S. A. Miller, James M. Baker, Robert W. Barnwell, A. G. Brown, Henry C. Burnett, Allen T. Caperton, John B. Clark, Clement C. Clay, William T. Dortch, Landon C. Haynes, Gustavus A. Henry, Benjamin H. Hill, R. M. T. Hunter, Robert Jemison, Jr.; Herschel V. Johnson, of Georgia; Robert W. Johnson, of Arkansas; Waldo P. Johnson, of Missouri; Augustus E. Maxwell, Charles B. Mitchel, W. S. Oldham, James L. Orr, James Phelan, Edwin G. Reade, T. J. Semmes, William E. Simms, Edward Sparrow, and Louis T. Wigfall.
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 10: Peace movements.--Convention of conspirators at Montgomery. (search)
erated, and that this fort should be taken, and taken by South Carolina alone. By any other course, it appears to us, unless all the positions of the Governor are false, the State must be disgraced. The South Carolinians were pacified by promises, and, as we shall observe, were gratified in their belligerent desires. On the 13th, John Gregg, one of the delegates from Texas. appeared The delegation was composed of Louis T. Wigfall, J. H. Reagan, J. Hemphill, T. N. Waul, John Gregg, W. S. Oldham, and W. B. Ochiltree. and took a seat in the Convention, although the Ordinance of Secession adopted in that State had not been ratified by the people, according to legal requirement. The rest of the delegation were on their way. In this act, as in all others, the conspirators utterly disregarded the will of the people. On the same day, the Convention commenced preparations for war, by instructing the Military and Naval Committees to report plans for the organization of an army and navy
r. Davis and Mr. Dortch. South-Carolina--Mr. Barnwell and Mr. Orr. Tennessee--Mr. Haynes and Mr. Henry. Texas--Mr. Oldham. Virginia--Mr. Hunter and Mr. Preston. Nineteen Senators being present, (a quorum,) the oath to support the Constitnominated Richard Charles Downs, of Louisiana. Mr. Clark, of Missouri, nominated Andrew H. H. Dawson, of Alabama. Mr. Oldham, of Texas, nominated J. Johnson Hooper, of Alabama. Mr. Preston, of Virginia, nominated Jno. L. Eubank, of Virginia.wn, Clark, Haynes, Henry, Hill, Hunter, Orr, Preston, and Simms--11. For Mr. Hooper--Messrs. Davis, Maxwell, Mitchell, Oldham, Peyton, and Sparrow--6. For Mr. Dawson--Messrs. Johnson and Dortch--2. James H. Nash, of South-Carolina, having a Burnett,G. A. Henry, William E. Sims.L. C. Haynes. Louisiana.Texas. Edward Sparrow,Lewis T. Wigfall, T. J. Sommers.W. S. Oldham.* Virginia. R. M. T. Hunter, William B. Preston. House of Representatives.  Alabama. North-Carolina. Dist. 
Hon. J. L. M. Curry , LL.D., William Robertson Garrett , A. M. , Ph.D., Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 1.1, Legal Justification of the South in secession, The South as a factor in the territorial expansion of the United States (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), The civil history of the Confederate States (search)
kson Morton, James Powers, J. P. Anderson. Texas.—L. T. Wigfall, J. H. Reagan, J. Hemphill, T. N. Waul, John Gregg, W. S. Oldham, W. H. Ochiltree. Under the adopted Provisional Constitution the Congress proceeded at noon, February 9th, to electnce always has been exploded. Citizenship is made up of the consent of the individual as well as of the government. Mr. Oldham entering into the discussion expressed the view that every citizen of a political community owes allegiance to the soveutes his State. He owes similar allegiance to this sovereign power that English people owe to the English government. Mr. Oldham's idea was that obedience was due to the Confederate government by the citizens of the State, but that his allegiance wi; Clark from Missouri; Davis from North Carolina; Barnwell and Orr from South Carolina; Haynes and Henry from Tennessee; Oldham and Wigfall from Texas; Hunter and Caperton from Virginia. In the House the members were distinguished for conservatism
he hands of the Federal officers in the State, and selected the officers to perform that duty, on motion a sub-committee of three, to-wit, Gen. W. P. Rogers, Hon. W. S. Oldham, and Hon. T. J. Devine, were appointed to confer with Gen. Sam Houston, the executive of the State. The committee proceeded at once to perform that duty. O undersigned committee appointed to wait upon his Excellency, Sam Houston, respectfully report that on the day the convention adjourned Messrs. Rogers, Devine and Oldham were appointed a sub-committee by the committee of public safety to wait on and confer with Governor Houston in regard to the duties of the committee, and to assuder to get arms to turn against the State convention; that it was untrue, and he never would be instrumental in the shedding of fraternal blood. W. P. Rogers, W. S. Oldham, Thos. J. Devine. On the reception of this report the committee were very much relieved from the apprehension which existed that the State authorities m
ppointed to prepare an address to the people of Texas, as follows: John Henry Brown, George Flournoy, Prior Lea, Malcolm D. Gresham of Rusk, A. P. Wiley and J. A. Wilcox. The address was prepared, signed by the members of the convention and published. On February 4th a resolution was passed for the election by the convention of seven delegates to the convention of Southern States at Montgomery. Those chosen were John H. Reagan, Louis T. Wigfall, John Hemphill, T. N. Waul, John Gregg, W. S. Oldham and Wm. B. Ochiltree. An ordinance was passed to secure the friendship and co-operation of Arizona and New Mexico, also of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole and Cherokee Indians. Simeon Hart and P. T. Herbert were sent to the two territories, and James Bourland and Chas. A. Hamilton to the Indian tribes, as commissioners. At the request of the president a vice-president was ordered to be appointed, and John D. Steele, of Leon county, was thus honored. On February 5th the conven
g its service there were Majors R. L. Foard, S. L. Perry and L. C. Rountree. Reference will be further made of the officers when any action at the different ports of Texas shall have occurred. This must suffice for a description of the disposition of the Texas forces during the year 1861, so far as the records and other reliable information show. The legislature of Texas met in November, 1861, and elected to the Confederate Senate, under the permanent government, Louis T. Wigfall and W. S. Oldham. The representatives elected to Congress at the general election in August of that year were John A. Wilcox, C. C. Herbert, Peter W. Gray, B. F. Sexton, M. D. Graham and Wm. B. Wright. Governor Clark, in his retiring message, November 1st, stated that he had failed to borrow money, and that his plan of raising troops met with very limited success, partly for the want of adequate means, and partly from the reluctance of the people to enter the camps of instruction to prepare for the infa
Distressing and fatal accident. --A very interesting little daughter of C. T. Ninn ingerholz, Esq., near Beard's Depot, Oldham, county, Ky. aged seven years, was kicked by a horse a few days since, by which her nose was broken and suck injury sustained that lockjaw was produced, causing her death Saturday morning.
issippi. J. A. Orr,--, Mississippi. A. M. Clayton, Holly Springs, Mississippi. W. S. Barry, Columbus, Mississippi. J. T. Harrison, Columbus, Mississippi. J. A. P. Campbell, Kosciusko, Mississippi. South Carolina. R. B. Rhett, Sr., Charleston, South Carolina. R. W. Barnwell, Beaufort, South Carolina. L. M. Keitt, Orangeburg C. H. South Carolina. J. Chesnut, Jr., Camden, South Carolina. C. G. Memminger, Charleston, South Carolina. W. P. Miles, Charleston, South Carolina. T. J. Withers, Camden, South Carolina. W. W. Boyce, Winnsboro, Fairfield District, South Carolina. Texas. J. Hemphill, Austin, Texas. W. B. Ochiltree, Jefferson, Texas. W. S. Oldham, Brenham, Texas. T. N. Waul, Gonzales, Texas. J. Gregg, Fairfield, Texas. L. T. Wigfall, Marshall, Texas. Virginia. Wm. C. Rives, Cobham, Virginia. J. W. Brockenbrough, Lexington, Virginia. R. M. T. Hunter, Lloya's, Virginia. W. R. Staples, Christiansburg, Virginia.