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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: The Opening Battles. Volume 1., chapter 12.47 (search)
upon either river. Reliable information reached me that while General Pope was on his march on the Missouri side of the Mississippi, to strike at New Madrid, such was the urgency of the danger impending by way of the Tennessee River that it threatened the fatal hindrance of the conjunction of our forces, as already arranged about the 23d of February, in response to my dispatch through my aide-de-camp, Captain Ferguson. Growing profoundly apprehensive, on the 2d of March I dispatched Captain Otey, an assistant adjutant-general on my staff, with a note to General Johnston which contained these words: I send herewith inclosed a slip showing intended movements of the enemy, no doubt against the troops in Western Tennessee. I think you ought to hurry up your troops to Corinth by railroad, as soon as practicable, for [t]here Evidently the word here, as it appears in the original letter as it reached General Johnston, did not refer and could not possibly have referred to Jackson, bu
— he has fallen lifeless, and there goes his horse now riderless. There stand the decimated ranks of the Third; and Mayo, though struck, stands firm with his faithful men, animating them to yet more daring deeds; but Callcott, the Christian soldier, who stood unmoved amid this carnival of death, has fought his last battle; no sound shall awake him to glory again, till the summons of the great Judge, announcing to him the reward of the faithful soldier, who has fought the good fight. Patton, Otey, and Terry, who, but a moment since, stood at their respective regiments, are wounded. The brave Hunton, hero of Leesburgh, most worthy successor of the noble Garnett, Stewart, and Gant, lies wounded. Carrington, his gallant regiment shattered, stands firmly, flaunting defiantly his colors in the very face of the enemy. Allen and Ellis killed. Hodges, too, has fallen, and the modest, chivalrous Edmunds lies numbered with the noble dead; Aylett wounded, and Magruder has gone down in the sh
A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Brigadier-Generals of the Confederate States Army, alphabetically arranged. (search)
1861. Promoted Major-General August 13, 1863; brigade composed of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th and 11th Alabama regiments, the 19th Mississippi and the 38th Virginia regiments, Anderson's division, A. P. Hill's corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 465Williams, John S.KentuckyBrig. Gen. MarshallApril 18, 1862.April 16, 1862. April 18, 1862. Brigade composed of the 22d, 36th and 45th Virginia infantry regiments, the 8th Virginia cavalry, Bailey's and Edgar's battalions and the Light Batteries of Captains Otey and Lowry; brigade afterwards composed of the 1st, 2d and 9th Kentucky, the 2d Kentucky battalion, Allison's squadron and Hamilton's battalion. 466Wilson, Claudius C.GeorgiaGen. B. BraggNov. 18, 1863.Nov. 16, 1863. Feb. 17, 1864. Died November 24, 1863; brigade composed of the 13th, 25th, 29th and 30th Georgia regiments, the 1st battalion Georgia Sharpshooters and the 4th Louisiana battalion, Army of Tennessee. 467Winder, Charles S.MarylandGen. J. E. JohnstonMarch 7, 1862.March 1, 1862
n in the hands of General Heth. In this fight Colonel Patton (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonels Peters and Fitzhugh, and Captains Otey, Chapman and Lowry, of the artillery, won especial distinction. Calling to his aid Colonel Wharton, who was at Rocand: Thirty-sixth Virginia infantry, Sixtieth (?) Virginia infantry. Artillery, Maj. J. Floyd King, chief of artillery: Otey's, Stamps', Bryan's, Lowry's and Chapman's batteries. Cavalry, Gen. A. G. Jenkins: Eighth Virginia regiment and other crenchments and artillery beyond the Elk, from which sharpshooters attempted to keep back the victorious Confederates, but Otey, Bryan and Stamps brought up their guns at a gallop and soon made the Federal infantry abandon their last position. McCauion as skirmishers, McMahon, Rodgers and Patton in line, and his own regiment in reserve, Lowry's battery and a section of Otey's, advanced with some brisk skirmishing into Charleston, and on reaching the Elk found the suspension bridge cut down. Th
rn Tennessee were the Forty-fifth and Fifty-first Virginia infantry, and Thirtieth Virginia sharpshooters, of Wharton's brigade; W. E. Jones' cavalry brigade —Eighth regiment, Lieut.-Col. A. F. Cook; Twenty-first regiment, Capt. W. H. Balthis; Twenty-seventh battalion, Capt. John B. Thompson; Thirty-fourth battalion, Lieut.-Col. V. A. Witcher; Thirty-sixth battalion, Capt. C. T. Smith; Thirty-seventh battalion, Maj. James R. Claiborne-and Floyd King's artillery battalion, the Davidson, Lowry, Otey and Ringgold batteries. February 10th Maj.-Gen. Franz Sigel was assigned to command of the Union department, and he was succeeded May 21st by Maj.-Gen. David Hunter. The organization of his army in May was as follows: Brig.-Gen. J. C. Sullivan's division, 6,500 men, headquarters at Harper's Ferry: First brigade, five regiments, Col. Augustus Moore; Second brigade, Col. Joseph Thoburn, five regiments, including Weddle's and Curtis' West Virginian. Brig.-Gen. George Crook's division,
ry regiment: Clement, Adam, major (appointment canceled); Funsten, David,. lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Garland, Samuel, Jr., colonel; Hutter, J. Risque, major; Harrison, Carter H., major; Langhorne, Maurice S., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Otey, Kirkwood, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel Twelfth Artillery battalion: Boggs, Francis J., major. Twelfth Cavalry regiment: Burks, Richard H., lieutenant-colonel; Harman, Asher Waterman, colonel; Knott, John L., major; Massie, Thomas B., eutenant-colonel; Moore, Alfred C., colonel; Smith, Edwin R., major, lieutenant-colonel; White, Isaac, major. Thirtieth Cavalry regiment. (See Second Cavalry regiment.) Thirtieth battalion Sharpshooters: Clarke, J. Lyle, lieutenantcol-onel; Otey, Peter, major. Thirtieth Infantry regiment: Barton, William S., major; Cary, R. Milton, colonel; Chew, Robert S., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Gouldin, John Milton, major, lieutenant-colonel; Harrison, Archibald T., lieutenant-colonel, colonel;
Col. J. Stoddard Johnston, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 9.1, Kentucky (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Biographical (search)
taineers from eastern Kentucky, as splendid material for soldiers as could be found in any country. From the blue grass region of Kentucky he also enrolled a body of mounted riflemen, consisting of young men of fortune and education, the very class that helped to make the fame of John H. Morgan. To this force were added the Twentysec-ond, Thirty-sixth and Forty-fifth Virginia infantry, the Eighth Virginia cavalry, Bailey's and Edgar's battalions and the light batteries of artillery of Captains Otey and Lowry. On April 16, 1862, he was commissioned as brigadier-general. He served under Humphrey Marshall in eastern Kentucky and southwest Virginia. After the removal of General Marshall to another field of operations General Williams remained in east Tennessee, and in September, 1863, took command of the department, opposing the advance of Burnside to the best of his ability. In November, at his own request, General Williams was relieved of his command and Col. Henry L. Giltner too
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Biographical sketch of Major-General Patrick. R. Cleburne. (search)
h, Cleburne halted at this point, and in one of the gentle moods of the man that sometimes softened the mien of the soldier, gazed a moment in silence upon the scene, and turning to some members of his staff, said: It is almost worth dying to rest in so sweet a spot. It was in remembrance of these words that their suggestion was carried out in the choice of his burial place. In this cemetery is set apart a division called the Bishop's Corner. Here were buried the remains of the late Bishop Otey, of Tennessee—here are to be placed the ashes of the heroic Bishop-General Leonidas Polk, and here it is purposed that the tombs of the future bishops of Tennessee shall be ranged beside these illustrious names. In this spot where nature has lavished her wealth of grace and beauty in ground consecrated by the dust of illustrious patriots, churchmen and warriors — in the bosom of the State he did so much to defend, within whose borders he first guided his charging lines to victory, and to
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
onary Ridge, Battle of, 155. Mitchell, Geo. E., 124. Montague, Gov. A. J., 253. Morgan, General John H., killing of, 125. Murfreesboro, Battle of, 154. Napier on war, Lord, 318. Naval Brigade, 137. Negroes in the C. S. Army, 215, 365. New Market Battle of, commemorated at the V. M. I., 173; race-field, 20. North Carolina and Virginia in the War, 340; troops furnished by each, 343. Northern Va., Army of, its accomplish-ments, 280. O'Brien, Captain, wounded, 142. Otey, Bishop James H., 163. Palfrey, Gen F. W., 36. Parke, Gen. John G., 31. Parker, Captain W. H., 331. Pearce, Major S. A., 78. Pemberton. Charles, killed, 279. Perry, Lt., Thos. 39. Peters, Colonel W. E., noble conduct of, 270. Petersburg, Battles around. 284. Pettigrew at Gettysburg 345. Pickens, Douschka, 79. Pickett's Charge, 228; he, in the front, 229, 345. Polk, General L., 163; Gen. L. E., 156. Powell, Lt. Hugh P., killed. 26. Pratt, Captain, Julian, 15. P
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The honor roll of the University of Virginia, from the times-dispatch, December 3, 1905. (search)
862. McMurry, A. G., Ga., Sharpsburg, Md. 1862. McPherson, S., Ass't Surg., Va., Richmond, Va. 1863. Nelson, H. M., Maj., Va., Albemarle county, Va. 1862. Nelson, J. A., Surg., Va., Culpepper county, Va. 1863. Nelson, H., Capt., Va. Newman, W. S., Lt., Va., Winchester, Va. 1862. Newman, T. H., Va., Middleburg, Va. 1863. Newton, T., Surg., Va., Norfolk, Va. 1862. Newton, W. B., Lt., Col., Va., Raccoon Ford, Va. 1863. Newton, J., Capt., Ark., Shiloh, Tenn. 1862. Otey, G. G., Capt., Va., Lynchburg, Va. 1863. Page, Mann, Va., Albemarle county, Va. Paine, H. R., Va., Manassas, Va. Palmer, J. S., Capt., S. C., Atlanta, Ga. 1864. Palmer, S. D., S. C., Charlottesville, Va. 1863. Palmer, J. J., S. C., Manassas, Va. 1862. Parker, W. F., Md., Snow Hill, Md., 1865. Parker, W. H. H., Va., Middleburg, Va., 1863. Pate, H. C., Col., Va., Yellow Tavern, Va., 1864. Patterson, R. B., Capt., Amherst C. H., 1862. Paxton, E. F., Brig. Gen., Va., C
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