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th of August. In conversation with him, Commissioner Ould asked if he had any reply to make to theke any. So deep was the solicitude which Commissioner Ould felt in the fate of the captives in Nort the Southern Confederacy. The offer of Commissioner Ould was on the extreme of generosity. He prh the proposition referred to as made by Commissioner Ould to exchange man for man, and leave the s or extended partial system of exchange, Commissioner Ould, in August, 1864, offered to the Federalrpose of taking them away. The offer of Commissioner Ould included all the sick and wounded at Andy in August, 1864. Gen. Mulford informed Commissioner Ould it was directly communicated to his Goveaccusing blood. It was the purpose of Commissioner Ould to keep open the offer he had made, and bject, to that of Gen. Grant, offered to Commissioner Ould another opportunity to essay an effort o a special and deeply interesting topic, Commissioner Ould urged and succeeded in raising a joint C
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Medical assistance to prisoners. We copied a paragraph from a Northern paper relative to a proposition of Commissioner Ould for allowing the surgeons of both countries to attend their respective prisoners. The following is the letter of Mr. Ould: War Department C. S. A., Richmond, Va., Jan. 24, 1864. Mayor Gen. E. A.Mr. Ould: War Department C. S. A., Richmond, Va., Jan. 24, 1864. Mayor Gen. E. A. Hitchcock, Agent of Exchange: Sir --In view of the present difficulties attending the exchange and release of prisoners, I propose that all such on each side shall be attended by a proper number of their own surgeons, who, undertake to be established, shall be permitted to take charge of their health and comfort. I also propose that these surgeons shall be selected by their own Government, and that they shall have full liberty, at any and all times, through the Agents of Exchange, to make reports not only of their own acts but of any matters relating to the welfare of the prisoners. Respectfully, your obed't sv't, R. Ould, Agent of Exchange.
to-day requesting answer, &c., to your communication of the 10th instant on question of exchange of prisoners. To which, in reply, I would say I have no communication on the subject from our authorities, nor am I yet authorized to make answer. "I am, sir, very respectfully, "Your obedient servant, "Jno E. Mulford, "Major and Assistant Agent for Exchange." I have thus fully set before you the action of the Confederate authorities in relation to a matter which lays so near your hearts, and how it has been received by the enemy. The fortunes of your fathers, husbands, sons, brothers and friends are as dear to those authorities as their persons are precious to you, and I have made this publication, not only as an illustration of Federal bad faith, but also that you might see that your Government has spared no effort to secure the release of the gallant men who have so often fronted death in the defence of our sacred cause. Ro, Ould, August 31, 1864. Agent of Exchange,