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Stealing a watch. --Night before last Joshua Owens, of Baltimore, and Capt. Wm. T. Clarkson, being together, and the latter being taken sick, Owens carried him to a boarding-house on Brook avenue, kept by Mrs. Green, to lie down and take a naphim. Clarkson then laid down and fell asleep, and thereupon Owens went to Mrs. Green, and representing that Clarkson had senttch received it from her and made off. When Clarkson awaked Owens and the watch had disappeared. He at once obtained a warrant for the arrest of Owens, and put it into the hands of watchman John E. Brooks. Yesterday morning about eight o'clock, Brooks and Clarkson being on the look out for Owens, saw him enter the "Here's Your Mule" house, on 8th street, near the Spotswood Hotel. Brooks followed Owens and arrested him, and ascertained from him that he had traded the watch off to C. Lumsden, jundred dollars. The watch was recovered from Mr. Lumsden's and Owens locked up for a hearing before the Mayor this morning.
The Daily Dispatch: June 3, 1864., [Electronic resource], The Federal Excursion into Florida. (search)
he property of Moore. Two witnesses, however, positively identified the animal as that gentleman's property, whereupon the Mayor sent the prisoner on for further examination before the Hustings Court. Investigation of the charge against Joshua Owens, of stealing a gold watch and chain, worth $3,000, from Capt. William Clarkson, was postponed till Tuesday next. Owena worked himself into the good graces of Capt, Clarkson a few nights since while on a spree, and after the Captain had fallen asleep he slipped out of the room and, by representation that he had been sent for the watch and chain, obtained it from the lady of the house with whom they had been deposited. Owens afterwards exchanged his booty for alive watch and $100 in money. The gold watch and chain belonging to Capt. Clarkson were subsequently deposited with C. J. Lumsden, Watchmaker, for repairs, from whom it has been obtained. to the absence of material witnesses the case was postponed till Tuesday next. Ro
t he immediately rushed in, and, raising the horrid trap, set the animal at liberty. For this offence he was taken in custody by Mr. Jenkins, but offered so much resistance that officer Adams had to be called on to assist in carrying him to the watch house. The Mayor ordered Sydenham to be whipped. The charge preferred against Alexander, slave of Ann Newton, of stealing a vest from Thomas Boyd, was not sustained, and he was therefore discharged. For reasons satisfactory to His Honor, the following cases were continued: William and John, slaves of Polly Pemberton, and Gideon Johnson, free, charged with stealing bags from the Confederate States; George, slave of John C. Burch, charged with stealing a horse worth $500, the property of the Confederate States; Joshua Owens, stealing a gold watch and chain, valued at $2,000, from William Clarkson, and Dick, slave of Mrs. Alvey, charged with stealing several thousand dollars' worth of groceries from the store of Robert B. Smith.
Remanded back to the Mayor. --A called Court of Hustings was held yesterday in the Clerk's office of the Hustings Court to consider the case of Joshua Owens, charged with stealing a gold watch and chain from Capt. William Clarkson; but upon examination of the certificate of commitment made out by the Mayor's Clerk it was found to be dated the 30th of June, 1864, instead of May, and the Court thereupon remanded him back to the Mayor.
Hustings Court of Magistrates. --This body commenced its August term yesterday. The following business was disposed of: Joshua Owens, charged with stealing a gold watch and chain from William Clarkson, was examined and sent on before Judge Lyons for trial. Andrew, slave of Elizabeth Carver, sent on for examination on the charge of stealing a horse from Henry Debell, was discharged. By consent of the court, a nolle prosequi was entered in the case of Joseph Abrams, charged with felony, and he was discharged. The court then adjourned to meet again at 11 o'clock this morning.
Hustings Court, yesterday. --Judge Lyons presiding.--William S. Isaacs, indicted for stealing a horse from Lieutenant William H. Parker, or the navy, was found guilty by the jury and his punishment assessed at one year in the penitentiary. The cases of Granville Montelle, indicted for horse-stealing, and Alfred Moss, Joshua Owens and William T. Spillers, indicted for larceny, will be disposed of to-day. The cases of James H. Saunders, indicted for stealing ten brass cannon bushings belonging to the Confederate States, and John Ryan, indicted for stealing money and a gold ring, were continued till next term at the instance of counsel, Messrs. J. L. C. Danner and Daniel Ratcliffe. The court then adjourned till 10 o'clock this morning.