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H. Wager Halleck , A. M. , Lieut. of Engineers, U. S. Army ., Elements of Military Art and Science; or, Course of Instruction in Strategy, Fortification, Tactis of Battles &c., Embracing the Duties of Staff, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Engineers. Adapted to the Use of Volunteers and Militia., Chapter 3: Fortifications.Their importance in the defence of States proved by numerous historical examples (search)
Marguerite, St. Tropez, Brigancon, the forts of Point Man, of l'ertissac, and of Langoustier, Toulon, St. Nicholas, Castle of If, Marseilles, Tour de Boue, Aigues-Montes, Fort St. Louis, Fort Brescou, Narbonne, Chateau de Salces, Perpignan, Collioure, Fort St. Elme, and Port Vendre. Toulon is the great naval depot for this frontier, and Marseilles the great commercial port. Both are well secured by strong fortifications. The Atlantic frontier has Bayonne; the forts of Royan, Grave. Medoc, Pate, &c., on the Gironde; Rochefort, with the forts of Chapus, Lapin, Aix, Oleron, &c., to cover the roadstead; La Rochelle, with the forts of the Isle of Re; Sables, with the forts of St. Nicholas, and Des Moulines, Isle Dieu, Belle Isle, Fort du Pilier, Mindin, Ville Martin; Quiberon, with Fort Penthievre; L'Orient, with its harbor defences; Fort Cigogne; Brest, with its harbor defences; St. Malo, with Forts Cezembre, La Canchee, L'Anse du Verger, and Des Rimains; Cherbourg, with its defensive
Richmond, Jan. 16.--The joint resolutions submitted a few days since, in the Virginia Senate, by Mr. Pate, in relation to the reclamation of Western and North-western Virginia, were taken up and unanimously adopted. The resolutions declare that in no event will the State of Virginia submit to, or consent to the loss of a foot of her soil, etc., and are designed to reassure and encourage the loyal people of the invaded sections. On motion of Mr. Finney, of Accomac, the preamble was amended by striking out the specific locality, and made to include all the invaded counties.--Richmond Dispatch.
tillery, or Virginia Home Artillery. Became Twenty-second battalion Virginia Infantry, May 23, 1862): Burwell, W. P., major; Pannill, Joseph, lieutenant-colonel; Tansill, Robert, colonel Second Cavalry battalion (transferred to Fifth Cavalry): Pate, H. Clay, lieutenant-colonel. Second Cavalry regiment (also called Thirtieth regiment): Breckinridge, Cary. major, lieutenant-colonel; Graves, William F., major; Langhorne, John S., major; Munford, Thomas T., lieutenantcol-onel, colonel; Radfo; Mullins, John, major. Fifth Cavalry regiment (consolidated with Fifteenth Cavalry, November 8, 1864): Allen, James H., lieutenant-colonel; Boston, Reuben B., colonel; Douglas, Beverly B., major; Eells, John, major; Harding, Cyrus, Jr., major; Pate, H. Clay, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Fuller, John W., major; Rosser, Thomas L., colonel. Fifth and Fifteenth Virginia Cavalry (consolidated November 8, 1864): Harding, Cyrus, Jr., major. Fifth battalion Reserves: Henry, P. M., lieutenant-c
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The honor roll of the University of Virginia, from the times-dispatch, December 3, 1905. (search)
., Norfolk, Va. 1862. Newton, W. B., Lt., Col., Va., Raccoon Ford, Va. 1863. Newton, J., Capt., Ark., Shiloh, Tenn. 1862. Otey, G. G., Capt., Va., Lynchburg, Va. 1863. Page, Mann, Va., Albemarle county, Va. Paine, H. R., Va., Manassas, Va. Palmer, J. S., Capt., S. C., Atlanta, Ga. 1864. Palmer, S. D., S. C., Charlottesville, Va. 1863. Palmer, J. J., S. C., Manassas, Va. 1862. Parker, W. F., Md., Snow Hill, Md., 1865. Parker, W. H. H., Va., Middleburg, Va., 1863. Pate, H. C., Col., Va., Yellow Tavern, Va., 1864. Patterson, R. B., Capt., Amherst C. H., 1862. Paxton, E. F., Brig. Gen., Va., Chancellorsville, Va., 1862. Peake, W. B., Eng., Va., Cold Harbor, Va., 1862. Peebles, L. J., Va., Seven Pines, Va., 1862. Peek, W. H., Surg., Va., Ft. Delaware, Md. Peebles, P. A., Capt., Miss., Cold Harbor, Va. Pegram, W. J., Col., Five Forks, Va., 1865. Pendleton, A. S., Lt. Col., Va., Woodstock, Va, 1864. Pendleton, P. H., Va., Spotsylvania,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Hanover Grays. (search)
o, William (twice wounded). Mantlo, Cornelius (wounded). Mills, John T. (detailed; dead). Mosby, John S. (dead). Norment, William E. (dead). Nunnally, L. M. (dead). Otey, Thomas (wounded). Otey, William (wounded and dead). Pate, John W. (transferred and dead). Pate, William B. (dead). Richardson, Bowling (dead). Richardson, John (wounded). Richardson, Henry (dead). Richardson, Peter (dead). Short, William Neander. Smith, William H. (wounded and dead)Pate, William B. (dead). Richardson, Bowling (dead). Richardson, John (wounded). Richardson, Henry (dead). Richardson, Peter (dead). Short, William Neander. Smith, William H. (wounded and dead). Smith, William C. (killed near Ashland, Va.). Southard, John (wounded and dead). Snyder, Stephen (discharged; dead). Taliaferro, William (discharged; dead). Talley, George T. (discharged). Talley, John A. J. (killed at Sharpsburg). Talley, Ezekiel S. (killed at Sharpsburg). Talley, Walter (wounded and dead). Talley, Williamson (dead). Talley, Charles A. (dead). Talley, William E. Thacker, Philip (dead). Thomas, Richard A. Thomas, R. H. (dead). Timbe
communication was received from the House announcing the passage of sundry bills, and requesting the concurrence of the Senate. Reports of Committees.--A bill to amend the charter of the Bank of Phillippi; a bill to amend the charter of the Bank of the Commonwealth; a bill amending an act incorporating the Princess Anne Savings Bank, in Princess Anne county, passed Feb. 27, 1860. Resolutions of Inquiry, &c.--The following resolutions of inquiry, &c., were adopted and referred: By Mr. Pate, of reporting a bill incorporating the Ambler Oil and Coal Company; by the same, of reporting a bill incorporating the Hughes Creek Oil and Coal Company; by the same, of reporting a bill incorporating the Fayette Oil and Coal Company; by Mr. Gatewood, petition of Fanny Mathews, for leave to enslave herself and child to Gabriel Jordan, of Page county; by Mr. Nash, of amending the 47th section of chapter 58 of the Code of Virginia; by Mr. Douglass, of compensating John Critcher for services i
Phillippi; a bill to amend the charter of the Bank of the Commonwealth. Mr. H. W. Thomas offered the following resolution: Resolved, That when the Senate adjourns on Wednesday, it will (with the consent of the House of Delegates) take a recess until the 6th day of February. Mr. Lynch moved to lay the resolution on the table, and called the yeas and nays, with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs. August, Brannon, Bruce, Carson, Day, French, Greever, Isbell, Lynch, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Richmond, Smith, Thompson,Townes--16. -Nays.--Messrs. Caldwell, Carraway, Jr., Christian, Dickenson of Grayson, Gatewood, Massie, Neal, Newton, Rives, Thomas of Fairfax, Thomas of Henry, Urquhart, Wickham--13. On motion of Mr.Paxton, Resolved, That a joint committee, consisting of three members of the House of Delegates and two members of the Senate, be appointed to provide a hall for the accommodation of the State Convention. The rules were suspended, the resolut
ell, from the Committee on Banks, to whom the House bill for the relief of the Banks of the Commonwealth was committed yesterday, reported the bill with an amendment. Resolutions of Inquiry.--The following resolutions of inquiry were adopted and appropriately referred: By Mr. Newman, of relieving the securities of Joshua H. Staats, dec'd, late Sheriff of Jackson county; by Mr French, of incorporating a Joint Stock Company to build a bridge across Walker's Creek, near Staffordsville; by Mr. Pate, of giving the securities of Ro. Chambers until 1st May, 1861, to pay the balance due the State; by Mr. French, of changing the times of holding the Courts in the 13th, 16th and 17th Circuits. Executions Stayed.--The bill staying the proceedings on executions, trust deeds, and other demands, in cases of refusal to receive Bank notes, was taken up on its passage. The bill was discussed by Messrs. Day, Coghill, Christian, Thomas of Henry, and finally passed by the following vote:
r. Brannon, to have the Minnesota resolutions sent back, was then adopted by the following vote: Yeas.--Messrs. Brannon, Carson, Christian, Claiborne, Coghill, Day, Early, Finney, French, Gatewood, Greever, Isbell, Logan, Lynch, Nash, Newlon, Pate, Paxton, Richmond, Smith, and Taliaferro.--21. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Marshall, Neeson, Stuart, H. W. Thomas, C. Y. Thomas and Townes.--7. Resolutions, &c.--By Mr. Brannon, for incorporating a company to construct a railroad from somes, and it resulted as follows: Yeas.--Messrs. Brannon, Carson, Claiborne, Coghill, Early, Finney, Gatewood, Lynch, Nash, and Paxton.--10. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Christian, Day, French, Greever, Isbell, Logan, Marshall, Neeson, Newlon, Pate, Richmond, Stuart, Thomas of Fairfax, Townes.--15. The preamble and resolutions were then adopted. Sundry bills were advanced a stage. Adjourned. House of Delegates. Monday,, Feb. 04, 1861. The House was called to orde
Seven Deaths in a family --A family named Pate, residing in Spotsylvania county, Va., near the Orange county line, have lost seven children by diphtheria within the last three weeks. The father and mother have thus been bereft of their entire offspring, the youngest, an infant, dying last.
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