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hings as may be necessary to carry into full effect the foregoing resolution Resolved, That three of said Executive Committee be requested to remain in this city, and that the fourth shall be appointed in the State of Georgia to raise the means for defraying the expenses of such hospital, and otherwise promoting the efficiency, conveniences and comforts of such an institution. The chair appointed the following gentlemen as the Executive Committee: Professor Henry F. Campbell, Dr. J. T. Patterson, William H. Pritchard; and, for the State of Georgia, Hon. Ebenezer Starnes. On motion of Hon. A. R. Wright, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: Resolved, That the Hon. A. H. Stephens, while he remains in Richmond, he requested to co-operate with the Executive Committee in promoting the objects of their appointment. On motion, the meeting adjourned until Monday, August 26th, at 12 o'clock. Howell Cobb, Chairman, Martin J. Creseford, Secretary.
lvania Regiment, Col Birney, arrived at the President street depot in a train from Philadelphia, and proceeded to Washington. They numbered between 500 and 600 men, many of whom have already served out a term of three months enlistment under Gen. Patterson, in Col. Dare's Regiment, in Western Virginia and other points. The men were uniformed after the regular army style, and were well supplied with camp equipage, &c. About noon 800 men, attached to Cols. Chantry's and Williams' Pennsylvania Reifornia. The Marysville Express announces that John R. McConnell, the Secession candidate for Governor, will speak in this city to-night. Speaking of a report that was said to have been started by Secessionists from Sacramento that General Patterson was defeated, the San Francisco Herald, of the 31st ult., adds: The exulting language of the Secessionists who linger in our midst will not fail to show to our people what has long been entertained as a suspicion, that there are men a
Where is Gen. Banks? Philadelphia, Aug. 23 --Private advices received here state that Gen. Banks is at Winchester. [Perhaps! Patterson would no doubt be glad to see the Massachusetts politician falling into the same trap in which he was caught.]
Counterfeit $100 bills. --A gentleman in Mobile has shown the editor of the Tribune a new counterfeit Confederate note. It is of the denomination of $100, and one of the two cents a day Interest bearing notes, "J. T. Patterson, Columbia," engraver. The date is July 4, 1862. It is pretty well got up, but the signatures are all lithographed so neatly, however, that their fraudulent character can only be discovered by inspection. The ragged nature of the lines expose the fraud. We suppose, from this last fact, that this is Yankee work, and that the stuff is sold so cheaply that the rascals who vend it could not afford to sign the names in ink. One account says that the Yankees at Vicksburg were loaded with spurious Confederate bills. This one probably came from them.
een briefly stated that Robert and James Saul, deserters, were shot by the citizens of Franklin county, Va., on Saturday last. They had been burning barns in the county. The Danville Register says: Robert Saul, Jas Saul, and a man named Patterson, were brought forward for trial before a jury of the citizens who had taken the matter in hand, and., the evidence being deemed conclusive of their guilt, they were without any regular process of law condemned to be shot. On Saturday evening tot. On Saturday evening the two Sauls were conducted by a large body of citizens into an old field and executed in military style; Patterson having turned evidence against them, was sent to jail, and now awaits further consideration. Fifty one guns were fired at the two criminals who were shot, but no person belonging to the army took a band in the execution, the affair being managed and conducted wholly by citizens of the county. The men confessed their guilt previous to their execution.
ting the fortifications about Charleston. He had among his papers a record of his oath of allegiance to the United States Government, and a passport giving him permission to go out of Memphis with a wagon and team. After his arrest Matthew Norton confessed that he had passed about $3,000 of these counterfeits in the city of Charleston, S. C. We append below such a description of them as will insure their recognition: $100, 2 Cents Per Day.--This counterfeit is of the issue of J. T. Patterson, Columbia, S. C., duty July 4, 1862. In the genuine but one of the masts of the ship run up to the telegraph wire; in the counterfeit both masts run up to that wire; in the genuine the woman's hand is flat on the pail, she is carrying, in the counterfeit, she holds a knob or handle of the pail; in the genuine the signature of J. F. Grayson is in a round hand, in the counterfeit the same signature is in a running hand; in the genuine the numbers rest on a line made for the purpose, in th